“And hold fast, all of you together, to the chord of Allah, and do not become disunited. And remember Allah’s bounty bestowed upon when you were enemies (of each other), and He united your hearts together so that you become brothers by His grace”:

(Imran-3: 103)


Stressed, perplexed, disturbed, struggling floating between an inborn faith and prevailing earthly facade. This is how one may describe the mental state of an educated individual capable of maintaining professional and monetary worthiness along the career path!

Not enough?

Still lacking in spiritual peace of mind and tranquility offering regular prayers and fulfilling a part of the other faith requirements.

Not adequate?

Gaining a partial retrieve and satisfaction only. Major and minor contradictions with respect to ‘Interfaith’ and ‘Inter-sectarian’ issues along with the prevailing insignificance of ‘Muslims’, as a whole, continuing to be the stumbling block. The written and electronic media material, vastly spread-out, difficult to track, and lacking in objectivity, not being much of help.

For a genuine honest seeker, no shortcuts to satisfy his thirst being available! The collective impact of factors such as those identified above provided the needed motivation for undertaking this endeavor. The main objective is easy to access to essentials, all in one place, based on a single undisputed source which is none other than the holy ‘Quran’. It is hoped that this portal will be of use to many looking for the desired information. The write-ups here may also become a springboard for the initiation of further work of similar nature.


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An Engineer, Ph.D. (Engineering, UK, the late 60s): Decades of industrial experience at top executive levels in multinational establishments across the world: International teaching (University Faculty Level): Applied Research (background & expertise): Work in Pakistan, USA, UK, Italy, Iran with stints in Germany, France, Canada, Nigeria, and Kenya. Prolonged research work on the Holy The Quran commencing retirement.
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