Quranic Essays

The Motivation:

The initial motivation to enter into this exercise was based on the innocent-looking inquiries from the children being brought up in western society. They wanted to have brief, to the point, specific, clear, easy-to-understand answers concerning the faith and the religion. The questions such as ‘ What is Allah’, the essence of each Quranic
Separa/Surahs (Chapters), etc.
Recourse to the internet was confusing: loaded with vast details, relevant and irrelevant exhaustive insertions, overwhelming lacking in objectivity and not being to the point, etc.

The Social Media was even less encouraging

The regular reading of the holy Quran, tafsirs, sunnah, and researching into the history followed. With every passing day, the scope of the undertaking kept expanding. The obvious conclusion had been reached. The desired tools to satisfy the needs of the children or the grown-ups, in western society in particular and elsewhere in general, did not exist and had to be created!
Appropriate referencing of all the sources was not considered necessary for this kind of task. However, all sources resorted to, are hereby acknowledged with gratitude as a whole.


This collection consists of undermentioned essays spread over eight chapters:

Quranic Essays

Chapter 1: Allah (God)
Chapter 2: Allah: The ‘Absolute Creator’, His ‘Divine Order’ and the ‘Absolute Justice’
Chapter 3: Shaytan and Worship of Shaytan
Chapter 4: Worship (Ibadat)
Chapter 5: Guidance (Hidayat)
Chapter 6: Knowledge (Ilm)
Chapter 7: Journey to Allah with Science
Chapter 8: The Turning
Chapter 9: The Surrender

Essays entitled as above, are self-contained and independent of each other. The assigned subtitle ‘ Quranic Essays’ signifies that the entire material is based on the Quranic verses. All descriptions, notes, etc carry corresponding quranic (ayats) as and where applicable.