Somewhat trivial/insignificant start of the Zulqarnain pioneering effort commenced over two decades ago. The relentless physical and intellectual buildup continued all along and was consolidated to constitute his two websites 


Needless to say, en route, Zulqarnain’s journey towards recording the Quranic verses in the format of his existing websites passed through stressful tests of intellectual and physical endurance.

To the best of the Author’s knowledge, nothing comparable to this, neither in content nor in scope and magnitude exists as of now.


The work is essentially based on a single point agenda i.e. highlighting everything therein based on the ‘Quran’ only without getting sidetracked or dragged into controversial secondary inputs.

The primary portal ( includes all thirty Quranic Chapters: Individually trackable using links and flags.

Besides, tracking the entire spectrum of Islamic norms including, but not limited to, electoral, judicial, legislative, social, cultural, war & peace, corporate, business, administration, code of conduct, etc in a classified format and a governance blueprint constitutes highlights of Zulqarnain’s work.

The primary portal (( also carries a comprehensive (A-Z) pertaining to Islamic fundamentals and practices.

Unique Quranic essays (8 nos: Starting from God and ending on Surrender) are the intellectual essence of the entire work.
The secondary portal ( runs through the important aspects of life in this world and the hereafter entirely based on Quranic verses.

Important topics including the Divine and His Creations to the encounter with the ‘Day of Judgement’ and life thereafter are all easily accessible as numbered ‘Clips’.

The tracking of ‘Clips’ individually has been made easy through an arrangement of flags and links.

The comprehensive Quran index (Numerical, Alphabetical, and Verse by Verse tracking) arriving at the desired search result with a click makes it easy for anyone reading or working on Quran.

The Unique Approach:

Zulqarnain’s approach towards highly important aspects pertaining to contemporary life could be summed up as below:

  1. The peaceful existence in non-Muslim environments while maintaining religious identity has been elaborated.
  2. The intellect and logic-based interface of Islam with science/technology and modern-day living has been highlighted.
  3. A blueprint of the scenario which may be termed as (The Charter of Peaceful Mutual Coexistence) has been brought forward.


Zulqarnain’s entire work leads to a single conclusion i.e. unqualified surrender to the Lord who is none but Allah.

The fact that the entire mankind has no option but to revert to their Lord humbly with repentance and gratitude!

And remaining alert to the fact that the time for doing so is running out!

This is the ultimate Truth!

Discovering the same is an absolute necessity of immense magnitude. It stands out as an individual as well as a collective responsibility.