Chapter 2: Allah: The ‘Absolute Creator’, His ‘Divine Order’ and the ‘Absolute Justice’


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  • The Hypothesising: Two independent hypotheses to determine the probability of religions being ‘Divine’ have been proposed.
  • The ‘hypothesize’ confirms the origin of all religions being ‘Divine’ and opposed by the non-divine (Shaytanic) instigation all along.
  • The existing status of faiths and religions as compared to the ‘Divine Order’ has been reviewed. The disparities have been identified. The causes and logic for the existence of the same have been highlighted.
  • The phenomenon of the ‘Shaytanic’ Hijackings’ of the faith, religions, and individuals have been revisited. The mechanism for averting the same has been identified.
  • The need to resort to the tracing of the ‘Missing Links’ and putting them in place, has been emphasized. This exercise, as a tool for getting out of the vicious ‘Shaytanic’ trap; the containing and/or eliminating the damage has been proposed.
  • It has been concluded that looking into an alternative to the ‘Divine’ existence, is an absolute non-starter.
  • It is found that a search of the ‘Origin’ other than ‘Divine Order’ based on any concept, inclusive of scientific and/or evolutionary laws, is a futile exercise.
  • An unadulterated recognition of Allah: the ‘Uncreated Being‘; the ‘Absolute Sovereign‘ and the ‘Owner‘ and the source of the ‘Divine Order‘, has been emphasized.
  • The unshakeable faith in Allah, the ‘Absolute Creator’, with His all-inclusive universal ownership; and His ‘Divine Order’; with nothing left to be included or visualized therein: has been stressed.
  • Allah’s ‘Divine Order’: its uniqueness and all-encompassing applicability, has been highlighted. Included therein, are the virtues and inhibitions, performance and accountability, and the award of the final judgment to the achievers and the eternal losers.
  • Approaching Allah and His forgiveness and the effective way of seeking the same have been highlighted.
  • The uninterrupted continuity of the ‘Divine’ faith has been highlighted.
  • The ultimate merging of all religions and faiths into one ‘Divine’ faith has been predicted

‘Mujhey Hai Hukmay-Azan La-ilaha-illal-Allah’

1. Foreword

Before proceeding further, it is necessary to be familiar with the applicable terms and their implications when entering into a discussion concerning the ‘Divine’ and the ‘Divine Order. Thereafter, outlining the ‘Quranic Verses’ dealing individually and/or collectively with those concepts will make it easier to proceed with the subsequent “Discussion’ and ‘Conclusions’.

1.1 The Scientific Necessity
  • It is a scientific necessity of, having an existing entity in place, before it is acted upon. No scientific act can occur if there is nothing to act upon.
  • The same logic applies to, any or all, the phenomena under the umbrella of ‘Nature’ and/or any other ‘Evolutionary’ process.
  • Based on the scientific logic, nothing can emerge from an environment of ‘Nothingness’ at its own.
1.2 Scientific Dependence on Divine Existence
  • Looking into an alternate to the ‘Divine’ existence, based on science is an absolute non-starter. It is not possible to justify the same under evolutionary concepts.
  • Science, therefore, requires a unique source to start the evolutionary process and, therefore, itself leads to confirmation of the ‘Divine Existence’.
1.3 Allah: The Absolute Creator
  • The absolute uncreated ‘Being’ and the ‘Owner’ of the source of initiation of the evolutionary process, causes, actions, and reactions pertaining to all His creations.
  • Allah’s are the creations encompassing the entire universe inclusive of any or all the entities therein.
  • The kingdom of Allah may be defined as His ‘Divine’ empire, with nothing else left to be recognized beyond the same.
1.4 The ‘Divine Order’
  • Allah’s mechanism of governance may be summed up as His ‘Divine Order’.
1.5 Absolute Justice
  • The singular and unique foundation the ‘Divine Order’ is Allah’s ‘Absolute Justice’
  • The term ‘Absolute Justice’ corresponds to adherence to all scientific and/or social norms embedded in Allah’s ‘Divine Order’
1.6 The ‘Injustice’
  • Conversely, the ‘Injustice’ corresponds to the denial of any or all scientific and/or social norms embedded in Allah’s ‘ Divine Order’.
  • None of Allah’s creation could be a part of any injustice without having a ‘Divine’ option for the same.
1.7 Allah’s Creations

Broadly His creations can be placed in two distinct categories:

  • Those complying in toto with the ‘Divine Order’ norms. Stars, galaxies, and everything contained therein belong to this category.
  • Those in compliance with norms of the ‘Divine Order’, within the given degrees of freedom, allocated by the ‘Divine’ Himself.
1.8 Children of Adam (Mankind)
  • Children of Adam (Mankind) is Allah’s unique creation bestowed with its own singular and unmatched characteristics and potential.
  • Mankind with its celestial origin, prospering as an earthly creation,
  • Given a free choice to adopt to ‘Absolute Justice’ or ‘Injustice’ during its life cycle within the given degrees of freedom.
1.9 Travel to Destiny
  • All Allah’s creations travel to their destiny during their life cycle. On their journey to destiny, each and every entity follows the full range of the ‘Divine’ laws with no possibility of any departure therefrom. The galaxies, stars, suns, moons, black holes, etc are all examples of the same. Since this category does not enjoy any degree of freedom, therefore, does not require any accountability for its actions. Birds, animals, and other species also belong to this group.
  • Mankind and jinns, given the freedom to choose its own course, stand accountable for all its lifetime acts during travel to its destiny.
1.10 Open Options for the Mankind
  • The mankind carries Allah’s gift (Fitra) enabling it to resort to the ‘Divine’ dictates:
  • Alternatively, succumbing to evil (Shaytanic) instigation.
1.11 The Blissful Guidance

Allah’s unlimited blessings on the mankind in the form of guidance through:

  • The books culminating in the final revelation (Quran)
  • The Guidance imparted by Allah’s prophets, messengers and Imams
  • The intellect based knowledge
1.12 The Shaytanic Challenge
  • Shaytanic challenge to derail mankind from His path is the reason behind all evils as old as the history of mankind.
  • Included therein are current open revolt against the ‘Divine Order’ consisting of, but not limited to:
  1. Atheist and polytheist tendencies
  2. Discarding religions and faiths
  3. Hijacking faiths and religions
  4. Discarding fiscal, social and cultural norms ordained under the ‘Divine Order’
1.13 Never too late to be ‘Repentant’
  • Allah’s all-encompassing forgiveness available to the repentant till the last moment before death
  • The day of ‘Judgement’ (Qiamat) is the time when the mankind shall face the ‘Absolute Creator’: with their open ‘Sheet of Deeds” (A’maal Nama) in their hands to receive ‘Absolute Justice’: with the assurance that ‘No injustice to anyone on any account’.
1.14 The ‘Judgement belongs to Allah alone’ and has not been delegated.

2. Highlighted Quranic Verses

The concepts outlined above are dealt with in the light of the Holy Quran below and a category-wise highlighting of the corresponding Quranic verses follows:

2.1 Who is Allah?

” Say: He is Allah the one”:

” Allah is independent”

” He does not beget nor He is begotten”:

” There is no one like Him”:

(Ikhlas-112: 01-04)
2.2 Associating Anything with Allah

” Verily, Allah does not forgive that partners should be associated with Him, but He forgives all save this to whom He pleases; and whoso associates partners with Allah has indeed strayed far, far away (from the right path)”

(Nisa-4: 116)

” Allah has said: Do not take two gods. Verily, there is only one God. So Me (alone) should you fear”

(Nahl-16: 51)

” (Remember) when Luqman said to his son, while he was exhorting him: O my son, do not associate anything with Allah. Verily to associate anything with Allah is the greatest inequity”

(Luqman-31: 13)

” Turn towards Him, safeguard yourself against evil, establish prayer and be not of those who associate (false) gods with Allah”

(Rum-30: 31)
2.3 Approaching Allah

” In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful”:

” Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds”:

” The beneficent, the merciful”:

” Master of the day of judgment”:

” You (alone) we worship and from You (alone) we seek help”:

” Keep us (O Lord) on the right path”:

” The path of those upon whom You have bestowed bounties; not (the path) of those inflicted with Your wrath, nor (of those) gone astray”:

(Fatihah 01: 01 – 07)
2.4 The Owner of ‘Be & It Is’ (Kun-fa-Yakun)

” Verily, when He intends a thing, His command is: ‘Be’, and it is”

(Yasin-36: 82)
2.5 Allah’s Creations and Ownership

” Allah is the creator of all things, and He is the guardian of all things”

(Zumar-39: 62)

” There is no god but He, the almighty, the all-wise”

(Imran-3: 18)
2.6 Power & Authority

” Allah! There is no god save He, the ever-living, the self -subsisting (by whom all subsist). Slumber does not seize Him, nor does sleep; to Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. Who is he that can intercede with Him, except with His permission? He knows what is before them and what is behind them, while they cannot comprehend anything of His knowledge save that what He wills. His throne (knowledge) extends over the heavens and the earth and the preservation of them does not tire Him, and He is the most high, the great”

(Baqarah-2: 255)
2.7 The Owner of the Life and Death and the Re-Creation

” You (Allah) cause the night to pass into the day, and You cause the day to pass into the night; You bring forth the living from the death, and You bring forth the dead from the living, and You give sustenance to whom you like, without measure”

(Imran-3: 27)
2.8 Allah’s Invitation to Resort to Logic

” Very We have propounded for mankind in this Quran examples of every kind so that they may contemplate”

(Zumar-39: 27)
2.9 Absolute Justice (Adl)

“Allah bears witness that there is no god but He, and (so do) the angels and those who are endowed with knowledge, (and that He is ) maintainer of equity (justice)”

(Imran-3: 18)

“ Verily, Allah enjoins justice and the doing of good (to others)”

(Nahl-16: 90)
2.10 Allah’s abhorrence to Injustice (Zulm)

“ Verily, Allah does not do injustice (even) to the weight of an atom”

(Nisa-4: 40)
2.11 Allah: the absolute owner of ‘Intellect’ and ‘Knowledge’

“And verily, We shall recount their whole story with knowledge, for We were never absent (at any time or place)”

(Araf-7: 07)
2.12 The Objective of the Creation

” I did not create the jinn and humans but to worship Me”

(Dhariyat-51: 56)
2.13 Your Term of Life

” He, it is Who created you of clay, then decreed a term (of life for you) – and a term determined is with Him – even then you doubt”

(Ma-idah-05: 02)
2.14 This World and the hereafter

” The life of this world is nothing but a frolic and frivolity, and certainly the abode of the hereafter is the best for those who safeguard themselves (against evil) with full awareness of divine laws. Do you not then understand?”

(An-am-06: 32)
2.15 Each Soul Responsible for Its Own Acts only

” O you who believe! On you rests (the responsibility) for your own selves. He who strays cannot hurt you so long as you follow the (right) guidance. To Allah is the return of you all, then He shall declare to you that which you used to do”:

(Mai-dah:05: 105)
2.16 Allah: The All-Knowing, The All-Seeing

” Vision perceives Him not, but He perceives (all) vision. He is the subtle, the all-aware”

(An-am-06: 104)

” He knows the treachery of the eye, and what the breasts conceal”

(Mumin-40: 19)

” There is nothing like unto Him, and He is all-hearing, the all-seeing”

(Shura-42: 11)

” He is Allah in the heavens and earth, He knows what you hide and what you disclose, and He knows what you earn (of good and evil)”

(Ma-idah-05: 03)

” Verily, how excellent is the warning which Allah gives you, verily, Allah is ever hearer, seer”

(Nisa-4: 58)
2.17 Good & Bad: Generosity & Cooperation

” Say (O Muhammad): The bad and good are not equal, even though the abundance of bad may enchant you: So fear Allah O you men of understanding, that you may haply find success”:

(Ma-idah-05: 100 )

” Verily Allah enjoins justice, doing good to the others, and giving to kindred, and forbids lewdness, evil and rebellion. He exhorts you in order that you may take heed”:

(Nahl-16: 90)

” Do not forget generosity among yourselves; verily, Allah sees what you do”

(Baqarah-2: 237)

” If you do good openly or conceal it, or pardon an evil, then verily, Allah is pardoning, powerful”

Nisa-04: 149)

” Cooperate in righteousness and refrain from collaboration in evil”

(Ma-idah 05: 02)
2.18 Human Life & the ‘Divine Order’

” For this reason, We prescribed for the children of Israii that he who slays a human being for other than murder (as punishment for killing another human being) or for spreading corruption in the land, (it shall be) as though he has slain all mankind; and he who saves a human life, it shall be as though he has saved the entire mankind

(Ma idah-05: 32)
2.19 The Corruption/Mischief (Fisad-fil-Arz) & the ‘Divine Order’

” The recompense for those who wage war against Allah and His messenger, and strive in spreading mischief in the land, is only that they should be slain or crucified, or that their hands and their feet should be cut off from the opposite sides, or that they be banished from the land. This shall be their disgrace in this world, and for them, in the hereafter, shall be a great torment”

(Ma-idah-05: 33)
2.20 Decision is Yours

” And whoso is (wilfully) blind is blind to his own hurt”

(An-am-06: 105)
2.21 Allah: The Ever-Merciful

” Say (O Muhammad) to My servants who have been immoderate against there own souls: Do not despair of the mercy of Allah; verily Allah forgives all sins. Verily He is oft-forgiving, most merciful”

(Zumar-39: 53)

” Allah is pardoning, powerful”

(Nisa-04: 149)
2.22 Praying for Good in this World and the Hereafter

” And among them there are some who say: Our Lord! Give us good in this world, and good in the hereafter, and save us from the torment of fire”

(Baqara-2: 201)
2.23 Judgement Belongs to Allah Alone

” Not at all with you is anything of the authority whether He turns to them (mercifully) or punishes”

(Imran-03: 128)

“Allah pronounces (decides), and there is none to reverse His command. He is swift at reckoning”

(Rad-13: 41)

” Then unto Me you should return, and I will judge between you in what you used to differ”

(Imran: 35)
2.24 The Day of Judgement

” Master of the day of judgment”

(Fatihah-01: 04)

” The earth shall radiate with the light of her Lord, and the prophets and witnesses shall be summoned, and judgment will be passed between them with truth, and they shall not be dealt with unjustly”

(Zumar-39: 69)

” And each shall be paid in full for what it has done. He knows best what they do”

(Zumar-39: 70)

” You shall see the angels circling around the arsh (the seat of divine authority), celebrating the praise of their Lord; and judgment shall be given between them with justice; and it shall be said: All praise to be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds”

(Zumar-39: 75)

3. Discussion

‘Absolute Creator‘ concept, with respect to the people of the book and the other monotheist faiths, (in their original form) is close enough to be taken as a starting point for this discussion.
The contemporary faiths and religions could be considered as ‘Divine’, invented, or deviations.
The objective of the ‘Hypothesise’ below is to reaffirm the existence of the ‘Divine’ and to rule out possibility of the inventions altogether.
Thereafter, the narrower scope of discussion consisting of the ongoing struggle between the ‘Divine’ and evil (Shaytanic) forces is elaborated below:

3.1 Hypothesis One

All religions and faiths, in their original form, are ‘Divine’: being part of the ever-continuing source of ‘Guidance’.

3.2 Hypothesis Two

The mankind, at its own, carries no motivation or will; to invent and spread a religion or a faith; making life for itself eternally restrictive: reporting to someone other than itself.
Accordingly, any departure from the original concept of the ‘Divine’ and the ‘Divine Order’ constitutes a Shaytanic innovation.
The overwhelming evidence based on history confirms reality as ‘Hypothesise’ above. It also confirms that any or all attempts towards deviations of faiths and religion are motivated and driven by a desire of individual or collective gains. The mankind has been in denial of the same ever since, thereby remaining in persistent revolt.

3.3 Denial Objective &Tools

All attempts, initiated by mankind since its creation, are aimed at gaining individual and/or collective control, to promote its individual and/or collective gain, in any or all forms. Some of the options to achieve the objective can easily be identified as below:

  • The hunter-gatherer groups: monarchy and dictatorship; communism, socialism, atheism, polytheism, scientific facade, etc: acquisition of massive military potential: pseudo faiths, religions and its hijacking: modern corporate structure: stock market: massive ‘Sports’ related following (Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, etc).
  • The following generated by such activities provides an excellent platform for promoting either good or evil concepts.
  • The history, however, confirms that prevailing of the negative aspects had, more or less, always been the outcome.
3.4 Compliance versus Subversion

An elaboration of the terminology is necessary before proceeding further:

  • Subversion may be defined as the adoption of any or all denial tools. The likes of some have been identified above (para 3.3).
  • Compliance (part-1) constitutes discarding worship of Shaytan as a first step.
  • Compliance (part-2) is the voluntary adoption of ‘Divine Order’ norms.
3.5 The Absolute Indicators of the Divine Order
  • The ‘Divine Order’ as decreed by Allah (The Absolute Creator) is faultless and based on His ‘Absolute Justice’ and free of ‘Conflicts’.
  • The fundamentals of Allah’s ‘Divine Order’ continue to be the same inclusive of the past, present, and future. The progressive implementation adjustments/details with respect to specific settings, environment, and the corresponding era being an integral part thereof.
  • The ‘Divine Order’ is continuous (without any gap in-between) and equally applicable without exception.
  • Allah’s Quranic (Divine) guidance promulgated by the holy Prophet and subsequently imparted by his Ahlul Bayt (inclusive of an unbroken chain of their twelve Imams) is continuing.
3.6 Compliance and non-compliance

Examples of compliance with ‘Absolute Justice’ which stand out as (acts of worship) are easy to decipher as below::

  • Scientific Norms: The operation of the solar system; the collapse of galaxies; formation of black-holes, supernovas; falling down of an object under gravity, etc.
  • Social Norms: Appreciating good and discarding evil; helping a sick person; feeding a hungry animal, etc.

Examples of ‘Injustice’ (Act of Sin) inclusive of real and hypothetical occurrence could be identified as below:
Scientific Norms: Initiation of any activity without a source in the environment of ‘Nothingness’ (hypothetical): Raising an object against gravity without application of an external force (hypothetical)
Social Norms: Admiring ‘Ignorance’ in any form; killing a man with no reason; wilful disregard of anyone needing help, etc.

Worship or Sin: Every act in the Universe is either worship or sin, without exception.

3.7 The Singular Inexcusable Injustice

Associating anyone in any form with Allah (the ‘Absolute Creator’) is the worst example of ‘Injustice’ and stands out as an unforgivable ‘Sin’.

Agarche ‘Butt’ Hein Jama’at Ki Astinun Mein

‘Mujhey Hai Hukmay-Azan La-ilaha-illal-Allah’ 

3.8 The ‘Divine Order’ Compliance Status

A contemporary faiths and religion-based review highlight persistent non-compliance such as:

  1. Faiths/religions differ in terms of description of the ‘Absolute Creator’; thereby, giving rise to concepts such as monotheists and polytheists.
  2. Independent religions and faiths; spread over a range of groups/castes/regions and/or geographic locations; exist as against a common faith being part of the ‘Divine Order’.
  3. The ‘Divine Order’ based on the continuity of a common faith does not exist.
  4. Major and minor conflicts exist with respect to the nature and implementation of the ‘Divine Order’.
3.9 The Shaytanic Subversion

It is not possible to conceive a ‘Divine Order’; with such obvious anomalies; the hidden and visible Shaytanic hand leading to the same, therefore, needs to be explored and understood.

3.10 Subversion Milestones

(i) Covenant Denial:

The denial of the latent and the manifest covenants; consistently preached by all the prophets, messengers, imams, guides; had always been the primary Shaytanic subversion target.

Latent Covenant:

Shaytan always found it convenient to float the concept of the associate gods (Shirk). Being easy to be digested by the large segments of the relatively ignorant popularisation. Associated gods platform was routinely used by the power centers, to secure cooperation and the discipline from the masses. It had not been uncommon to find massive abuse of power, injustice, and persecution, all in the name of associate gods. The examples of the same exist in the era of almost all the earlier messengers and the Holy Prophet.

Manifest Covenant:

The denial of the other manifest covenants continued unabated in the era of various messengers including the Holy Prophet.

(ii) Hijack of the Humanitarian Norms:

All the religions and faiths, including people of the book, and perhaps all others, regard humanitarian aspects as an integral part of their faith. The same carries almost a universal acceptance, at least as a guiding principle. It is well described in an Urdu poetic rendering:

Dard-e-Dil Ke Waste Paida Kiya Insan Ko

(Man was created for the rendering of heartfelt emotions)

Warna Taat Ke Liye Kuchh Kam Na Thhey Karro Bayan

(Otherwise, there was no dearth of Angels and Angelic forces to perform all acts of worship)

The humanitarian norm, outlined above, is an essential element of Allah’s ‘Divine Order’. The concept had been repeatedly hijacked by Shaytanic forces. More so in the garb of the humanitarian facade. It is not uncommon to encounter individuals and groups with atheist leanings fully dedicated to the same. While accepting this norm as their faith, they conveniently forget the reality. The gift of the humanitarian feelings (Fitra) is also a blessing and mercy from Allah. It is an essential component of the ‘Divine Order’. However, partial adherence to the ‘Divine Order’ by accepting it, while rejecting the ‘Absolute Creator’ is a lethal deviation and must be discarded as an illusion.

3.11 Driving Force for Shaytanic Hijacks

The singular driving force, behind all the Shaytanic religious hijacks, had always been the same i.e. fulfillment of the group and/or individual objectives in total disregard to the ‘Divine Order’. It is obvious that the access to the worldly funfair, pomp, ownership of status, the riches, the lust of the power, etc could never be fulfilled under the ‘Divine Order’. The human desire, for all such things, makes it easy and convenient for individuals to cooperate in such hijackings. The consequent denial of, any or all the covenants with Allah follows. Such denials are not uncommon to be wrapped up in the garb of pseudo faiths, scientific or humanitarian facade.

3.12 The Hijack of religions and Faiths

The subversion of religions and faiths being far more productive had been a favorite Shaytanic target. Enroute, contamination of large population segments emerged routinely.
The activity is analogous to a solo business effort as compared to a corporate entity. Alternatively, marketing of a commodity by an individual in comparison to corporate marketing. The group dealing, in either case, yields a greater impact, spread over a more significant proportion of the population segment.
A favorite Shayatanic subversion option had been, and is, to push the desired concepts through already subverted individuals. Frequently, such plans were executed through rulers, priests, religious leaders, preachers, so-called men of knowledge, nobles, etc. Included, therein, were subverted beings. Such as owners of economic and/or intellectual hold and having the ability to control the fortunes of others. The mechanism allowed Shaytanic forces to have command over fortunes, regions, countries, and/or millions of followers with minimal efforts and resources.
The end-result of such episodes appeared in the creation of pseudo faiths and the emergence of the hijacked religions.

3.13 Hijacked Faiths

The hijacked faiths were subsequently transformed into various religions, segments, sects, groupings, etc. The fulfillment of the individual, and group objectives, always being the desired outcome and ultimate goal.
The present-day faiths and groupings, therefore, may be considered as the hijacked versions of the ‘Divine Order’ in one way or another. The nature and/or extent of the hijack may vary on a case to case basis.

3.14 The Missing Links
  1. The unequivocal starting point of each and every faith and religion, as it exists today, must be the same. Each and entity must have its origin in the ‘Divine Guidance’ preached by Allah’s messengers, prophets, etc. The transformation of these into the contemporary versions followed in a stepwise mode. To the delight of the beneficiaries, the hijacked versions triggered by unending worldly lust and powered by Shaytanic instigation survived and prospered.
  2. Enroute, the existence of lost, or the missing links is logical and difficult to deny.
  3. It is easy to visualize: all the existing faiths converging into one single entity, fully compliant with the ‘Divine order, by putting the missing links in place.
  4. An open-minded, devoted research into tracing, the points and contentions, of each hijack is necessary. The exercise is certain to lead to an unambiguous and unanimous conclusion in favor of the common ‘Divine Order’.

4. Conclusions

4.1 Recognizing ‘Divine Order’
  1. The original ‘Divine Order’, with its full force and the applicability, exists as ever; unaffected by Shaytanic meddling, irrespective of the time, age, or era. The only requirement is to have unflinching faith in the ‘Divine’ concepts as contained in Allah’s book (Quran) and extracting all-encompassing benefits from the same. Total devotion and faith in the same being an integral part.
  2. It is easy for anyone, who is sincere and desirous of discovering the ‘Divine order’ to find the same. Such an effort essentially requires an open mind, a vision that is not blurred to start with.
  3. Anyone, belonging to any faith, could easily accomplish the same by identifying Shaytanic milestones in his own faith, as compared to the ‘Divine Order’ identified above and by placing the missing links (para 3.14) into the gaps. Without a doubt, the effort shall not go waste and he will find himself in the domains of the eternal ‘Divine Order’ and blessed.
4.2 Contemporary Faiths
  1. The existing faiths, by and large, are essentially Shaytanic hijacked versions. Only the nature and extent of the hijack may vary.
  2. While much of this write up is based on ‘ Muslim Faith’ and the Holy Quran, the outcome shall not alter if it is based on the original documents of the people of the book and/or other monotheist faiths. Only an honest and independent quest is required.
  3. It is easy for anyone, who is sincere and desirous of discovering the ‘Divine order’ to find the same. Such effort essentially requires an open mind, a vision which is not blurred to start with.
  4. Anyone, belonging to any faith, could easily accomplish the same by identifying ‘Subversion Milestones’ in his own faith, as compared to the ‘Divine Order’ and by placing the missing links into the gaps. Without doubt, the effort shall not go waste and he will find himself in the domains of the eternal ‘Divine Order’ and blessed.
4.3 Shaytanic Dictates Branding Faiths/Religions Outdated

It must be understood that ‘Absolute Creator’ would never make things difficult for his creation (Children of Adam). It is only Shaytan who makes it look difficult and crooked and making it impossible to be practiced by the followers; particularly with reference to the needs of the modern age. Needless to say that Shaytanic declaration branding faiths outdated and inconsistent with the needs of the modern era is outright rebellious and far, far away from the declaration of the ‘Absolute Creator’.

4.4 Surrender to Shaytanic Hijacks

By yielding to Shaytanic hijacks, the faithfuls can be assured to remain in disgrace in this world and hereafter while overall supremacy of Shaytanic forces shall continue to dominate.

4.5 Holding on to Allah’s Way (Sunnat) is the Key

It must be remembered that the key for domination in this world and rewards hereafter remains firmly through channels of knowledge (Science/Technology et al) being Allah’s Way (Sunnat). Though largely ignored currently, the excellence in scientific domains {intellect based knowledge (Ilm)} must continue to be a major part of the ‘Worship’ along with the other obligatory requirements. Ignoring the same shall only lead to oblivion.

4.6 Mankind: Allah’s One Single Community

It must be remembered that the ‘Divine Faith’ for all children of Adam is the same, common, and one. All of them belong to one single community; reporting only to the ‘Absolute Creator’, using assigned reporting channels, as decreed. The ‘Absolute Creator’ will never have different scales of assessment, for different groups of the children of Adam based on origin, color, creed, sect, status, or wealth.
For Allah, the superiority of one on another is based only on the level of devotion to His commands (Taqwa).

4.7 Allah’s is the Judgement

The ‘Absolute Creator’ has not delegated Judgement to anyone. Even in this world, passing judgments based on ignorance concerning others, in deference to His commands, has not been authorized by Him.

There is no god but GOD (ALLAH)