Chapter 7: Journey to Allah with Science


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  • The history of ‘Science’ in the Muslim world has been tracked. 
  • The Muslim ‘Golden Age’ and subsequently decline has been looked at. 
  • The institutional and individualistic background and trends during the ‘Golden Age’ and subsequently, have been revisited. 
  • The contemporary trend of the faithful; numerically and intellectually has been looked at. 
  • Contemporary Science and Technology has been ‘Walked Through’ in the light of the Quranic verses. 
  • The ultimate limits concerning intellect, science, and their achievements have been defined. 
  • The concept beyond the speed of light has been looked at with reference to the latest scientific indicators and the Quranic verses. 
  • The ascension of the Holy Prophet (Mai-raj) has been revisited in the light of contemporary scientific concepts. 
  • The biblical and Quranic descriptions concerning the creation of the ‘Universe’ have been revisited. 
  • Independent third party scientific evaluation as to the authenticity of the Holy Quran has been cited. 
  • The assured eternal benefit or the loss to choose from, as always, being the open choice for mankind has been reiterated. The non-availability of any third option has been emphasized. 
  • The framework of survival guidelines amidst the falsehood storm has been proposed. 

1. Foreword: 

The Great Engulfment of Truth (Haq) by the Lengthening Shadows of the Falsehood (Ignorance:Jehl) 

Jehlay Khirrad Ne Din Ye Dekhai 

{Driven by the acquired modernised Ignorance based on exaggerated scientific vanity (Exultant)} 

Ghat Gayai Insa’an Barrh Gayai Saiey 

(Resulting in miniaturisation of the personalities (mankind) and the disproportionate enlargement of their shadows) 

The ‘Divine’ creation of Adam (mankind) and the demonstration of its unlimited capabilities and potential resulting into the prostration of angels! Good to hear and feeling elated! Now!

Entering into an ‘Era’ where the very ‘Potential and the Capabilities’ becoming the reason for human exultant and source of denial of the ‘Absolute Creator’. On the threshold of declaring the same ‘Potential and capabilities’ itself being the pseudo creator, though indirectly. 

1.1 How did it happen? 

The first thing Allah created was the intellect and the ignorance subsequently. The other ‘Divine Creations’ followed.

(i) The transfer of the intellect to Adam, and resulting acquisition of the knowledge, distinguishes him from the other creations. The same formed the basis of Adam’s superiority over the angels in the spiritual as well as earthly potential. A glimpse of it resulted in convincing all the angels and their prostrating to Adam as commanded by Allah. Iblis’ contention, based on ignorance, resulted in his expulsion and subsequent transfer in the form of earthly Shaytan.

(ii)The description of the on going struggle between the eternal adversaries (Adam vs Iblis) has already been covered in other Chapters separately. Where as this write-up deals with the realities of the life of the faithfuls in the contemporary world. 

1.2 How to take on the Challenge

The following critical questions that need to be answered:

(i) Are the faithfuls losing battle for good?

(ii) Is there any hope of getting out of this vicious circle?

(iii) What are the means at disposal to avert the ultimate catastrophe?

(iv) How to develop and implement a workable plan? Before proceeding further, a review of the past and present status and definition of workable targets is necessary. 

1.3 Science and the Rise of Muslim World

(i) Between eighth and sixteenth century, during the golden age of Muslim world, translations from Greek to Arabic progressed. Large scale activity in this regard during ninth century provided a base for the integration of the scientific background. The onward progress by Muslim scholars in physics, chemistry, medical sciences, astronomy, cosmology, geography, mathematics, geometry, algebra, trigonometry inclusive of just about every domain of scientific know how, brought the Muslim world way ahead of the rest of the world assuming an enviable leadership model. The initial motivation, for such discoveries, was provided by certain necessities. The determination of direction of Qiblah, fixation of the prayer timings, Muslim calendar, etc being a few. The Muslim scholars work encompassed medical as well as other sciences. The theoretical, experimental (qualitative and quantitative) aspects: incorporating systematic mechanism of scientific enquiries: the identification of tools such as dissection prospered. The use of these concepts emerged as a method of acquiring anatomical know how as well as recognition of the evidence based bodily resurrection. Much of the scientific work had been individualistic with little institutional support. The scientific concepts were sometimes challenged being blasphemous and/or superstitious thereby hampering uninhibited progress. 

1.4 Muslim World’s decline to the Dark Age

The scientific orientation in the Muslim world started weakening around fourteenth century and reached near stagnation around sixteenth century. The institutionalised opposition (executive prompted by the clergy) to science assumed serious dimensions. The prying into secrets of heavens was declared blasphemous. Leading observatory in Turkey was demolished and ban on printing that followed resulted in total destruction of Muslim scientific base. At the same time era of European renaissance commenced using all legitimate and illegitimate tactics to acquire wealth of Muslim scientific base. The stealing of Muslim intellectual property, latanizing names of scientists and scholars and crediting their finding to European sources continued. The resulting spread of the scientific awakening in Europe, over a brief period of few decades, left them way ahead. The unnoticed, undetected, unidentified and unrealised commencement of the Muslim Dark Age followed, being in total contrast to their domination of the world in science and knowledge. The Ottoman Empire insulated the entire Muslim world so much that the European technological revolution passed over it almost unnoticed. The regressive environment persisted for almost two subsequent centuries. Even after that, awakening remained limited, leaving far in between. The existing ignorance of the Muslim world with respect to knowledge, is still not significantly different. The resulting rise of the Western Imperialism led by white Christians became too overwhelming to resist leaving no credible rival. 

1.5 Muslim Noble Laureates

Only three Muslim scientists (Physics:Pakistan/Egypt & Turkey:Chemistry) are known to be amongst the Muslim Nobel Laureates. The dearth reflects existing relatively insular interpretation of the religion as compared to the Islamic Golden Age when Muslims were not restricted in thoughts and applications of the plans. 

1.6 Shaytanic threats & inbuilt defences

Adam arrived on earth, bearing a builtin twin existence, consisting of intellect (Fitra) and ever present Shaytan, The former being a gift bestowed by Allah as a protective shield against, any or all, Shaytanic instigation. The later being evil forces representing Shaytan giving him an equal opportunity to accomplish his challenge to Allah, aimed at subverting the children of Adam. 

1.7 Understanding Children of Adam’s Defence against Shaytan

Allah made the divine guidance available as a defence against Shaytan in the following form of:

(i) Allah’s Books culminating in the Holy Quran being the First Pillar of the Knowledge.

(ii) The transfer of knowledge through his prophets, messengers and imams, by way of the knowledge imparted by Allah directly (Ilm-e-Ladunni). An integral part of the same being the physical demonstration of the way of living (Sunnah)encompassing all acts of day to day life.The objective had been, to prepare children of Adam to successfully combat Shaytan, using the guidance thus provided as the Second Pillar of the Knowledge.

(iii) The builtin defence provided by Allah was the utilisation of His gift of the intellect, to generate and use the knowledge, logically and effectively. No boundaries were drawn to limit the acquisition of the knowledge in the qualitative or qualitative terms. This category, for convenience, identified here as the ‘Third Pillar of the Knowledge’. This term is being introduced as a collective tag for knowledge, pertaining to all the philosophical, physical, theoretical, and experimental aspects, encompassing all sectors of the knowledge, including, but not limited to, scientific as well as social disciplines. 

1.7.1 Contemplation Prerequisite

(i) Even the recognition of the existence of Allah Himself, authenticity of His books as well as the prophets, messengers and imams; was left to be accepted by the individuals, only after an intellectual evaluation of the nature of the message and realities presented to them. The acceptance in ignorance was not accepted.

(ii) Allah never commanded anyone to follow blindly, His divine religion or any step therein. Again and again, faithfuls and nonbelievers, are urged to observe and think about creations and the wonders of the world, and then arrive at a logical conclusion. 

1.8 The Failures

(i) As regard the first pillar of the knowledge, disputed interpretation of the holy book (Quran) remained a discomforting source. The assigned backup source of the knowledge: the Ahlul Bayt (inclusive of their twelve Imams in an unbroken chain) that carried Allah’s mandate to explain the true meaning of the Quranic verses, as well as their implications, stood ignored. The ever exploding non-consensus in this regard resulted in the destructive polarisation. The consequent sectarian approach inhibited the development of a vast knowledge reserve based on Allah’s Way (Sunnat).

(ii) As regards the second pillar defined above (ilm-e-ladunni and Sunnah), lack of conses was far more severe as compared to the first pillar.The same resulted in the evolution of the highly polarised sectarian outfits. Each of such entities claimed absolute ownership of the Muslim faith, rigidly discarding any divergence from their own interpretations.

(iii) Under such circumstances, Islamic institutional power base (executive & clergy) took advantage of the relative ignorance of the large segments of the population. The subsequent, ongoing executive seals of approval of the sectarian approach during the following eras of the governance flourished. The current state of affairs, in this regard, is no exception. The genuine development of the second pillar of the knowledge remained ignored. In other words it never assumed status of undisputed common sectarian acceptability.

(iv) Mass development of the third pillar of the knowledge remained largely ignored. The Muslim ‘Golden Age‘ being more individualistic, prospered as an exception.

(v) The non-homogeneous Muslim religious existence catalysed the interest groups (Executive and Religious) alike to bulldoze decisions of their liking aimed at protecting their own hierarchy and power. The successive components of Muslim empires, in their own interest, followed the pattern with the passive complicity of large religious component. The current situation in the Muslim world, within this perspective, remains effectively unchanged. Consistent with the previous trends, hiding the real intents behind popular slogan of, in the name of Allah and for the betterment of Ummah, continues with the declared self righteousness being the measure.

(vi) During the heydays of Muslim empires between eighth to fifteenth century, wide ranging brilliant individual intellectual contributions emerged and outstanding progress made. Later on, the same were successfully used as an springboard for the knowledge acquisition by the Europeans while stagnancy prevailed in the Muslim world. No significant institutional development emerged in the Muslim world till the beginning of nineteenth century when first university, one each in Turkey and Egypt and setting up a Muslim educational institution took shape in the British Empire controlled India. 

1.9 Existing Scenario

The existing division of Muslims based on numbers lead to a three tier distribution:

(i) The vast passive majority of peaceful moderates. This component continues to drift aimlessly between the two extremes. Possessed with lack of any vision, impact or appetite of their own: always too exhausted: perpetually taken over by the pressures of the day to day survival and existence.

(ii) A minority of puritanical revivalists form an angry and frustrated outfit holding firmly to the pride of the glorious Muslim past. This opportunist collection is always ready to create any, or all kind of troubles, in the name of Allah and Ummah, any where in the World, always looking into openings for their acts of violence.

(iii) Another small minority consisting of those who are intellectually taken over and overwhelmed by the Western superiority. The grouping consists of highly trained professionals, mostly working in the Western hemisphere making a very significant contribution to the host counties. Majority of such first generation individuals, may be termed as loyalists with respect to their faith as well as nationalism. A proportionate impact of their capabilities leaves much to be desired. 

1.10 Prevailing Intellectual Trends amongst Muslims

(i) Intellectuals who try to justify modern science based on religious grounds

(ii) Those who maintain that important scientific discoveries have been predicted in Quran. Their beliefs fail to generate a momentum toward achievement of scientific excellence of their own.

(iii) Those who advocate reinterpretation of Islam and construct a new theology of nature which could re-interpret basic principles of Islam in the light of modern science.

(iv) Those who believe that empirical science had reached the same conclusion that the prophets had been advocating several thousand years ago i.e the reconfirmation of revelation based prophecies.

(v) Those who separated the findings of modern science from its philosophical attachments warning against the empirical and material interpretations of science. None of the categories described above present a platform ready for acceptance by all faithfuls with little or no resistance. 

2. Understanding Scientific Findings and Controversies

During the years commencing (1970) literature popularly known as Quranic miracles (Ijaz) started appearing in increasing numbers. Inclusive therein were scientific topics such as ‘Big Bang’, ‘Black Holes’, flight to outer space and many others. The ever changing nature of the scientific findings and theories and the resulting discoveries pertaining to the nature could lead to the undermentioned consequences:

(i) To the faithfuls, all such findings further add to their already existing unshakeable faith in Allah and His ‘Divine Order’ and authenticity of the holy Quran.

(ii) The scientific findings, simultaneously open new avenues for the non-Muslims and those who are ever ready to float in a state of perpetual doubt. Faithfuls need to firmly believe in the holy Quran and Allah’s confirmation toward its authenticity. According, they must remain reassured that answer to, any or all, issues exists. The same, may come to light, later if not immediately. Such issues need to be addressed logically. Alternatively, the same may be left to be referred to some one who has the knowledge. This subject is dealt with in more details below. 

2.1 Quran and Scientific Tools

An example where Quranic claim concerning gender of unborn child was put to test after invention of the ultrasound technique which can conclusively determine sex of an unborn baby is analysed below:

(i) The scientific statements, must always be qualified with their boundary limits, with reference to the applicable scientific laws. For example, in accordance with the gravitational laws, falling bodies travel downwards, unless an external force is applied, to make it act otherwise. The use of the rocket propellant, which could be defined as a scientific tool, allows upward flight against gravity. It does not mean that the gravitational theories have been found to be at fault.The development of such tools, is the result of the application of the intellect by the children of Adam, which stands out as Allah’s most outstanding gift to the mankind. Similarly, wearing a fire resistant kit, which may once again be classified as a tool, can enable a person to withstand fire to a certain extent. It does not mean that the fire has lost its essential characteristic to burn.

(ii) The Ultrasound equipment is a tool produced by the children of Adam, using their gift from Allah i.e. the intellect.The detection of sex of an unborn child using this tool, therefore, in noway contradicts Quranic claim. On the contrary, it only encourages mankind to go deeper into the unknowns, using their intellect with increasing excellence.

(iii) Unfortunately, similar scientific lessons, since Muslim Golden Age, had only been learnt by the Christian dominated West while for the faithfuls, jubilation on the confirmation of Quranic prophecies continue to remain a consolation prize. 

3. The Intellect, Science and its Limits

The science is intellect based commodity. It works on the basis of the study of nature and hypothesising the findings in the form of scientific laws. The quantum, nature and reliability of scientific laws is, therefore, ever changing. The scientific applications could not enter into the domains of absolute unknowns such as:

  • Defining ‘Spirit’ (Ruh) and its creation and source.
  • Creation of Intellect its source and mechanism of transfer to the brain.
  • Source of Initiation of the very first genetic activity.
  • Source of the very first step leading to ‘Big Bang’ and subsequent chain reactions.
  • Creations and their expansions from and into ‘What’.
  • The defining of the ‘Existence’ and the ‘Non-Existence’.

The above listed, and many other similar items, point out to the absolute ‘Nothingness’. Science, neither caters for nothingness, nor shall ever do so. Consequently, Science can never be used as a tool to deal with an ‘Uncreated’ entity. All philosophical attachments of ‘Science’ concerning the ‘Divine’ are, therefore, totally uncalled for. 

3.1 Defining infinity

As of now, infinity is defined with respect to the finite only. There is no way that limits of infinity could be scientifically stretched to ‘Nothingness’. The conclusion that emerges, leads to the non-applicability of Science in the environments of ‘Nothingness’ . The same, however, could not be said about the ‘Intellect’ which leads to the existence of ‘Allah’. 

3.2 From ‘Nothingness’ to ‘Oneness’

The existence of ‘Nothingness’ has already been shown to be non-existent in any sense. Accordingly, ‘Something’ was the source that triggered the chain of actions/reactions identified by the science as already discussed above. That ‘Something’ was none else but Allah.The discussion concerning ‘Oneness’ of Allah has already been covered separately

3.3 Non-Existence to Existence & Vice Versa

It follows that all ‘Beings’ have emerged from Allah, and shall ultimately return to their origin, once the end of the universe is reached.The rule applies to each and every created entity without ever becoming creator itself. In other words Allah himself is the author, source and executor of everything contained in a ‘Being’. That includes spirit (Ruh) as well all material non-material & undefinable entities therein. Since the only source of a ‘Being’ in its entirety is Allah alone, as things can not scientifically emerge from ‘Nothingness”. The centuries old riddle of the existence and the non-existence, therefore, stands resolved based on the logic and scientific reasoning. 

4. Quranic Verses on Allah’s Ownership of the Intellect based Knowledge (ilm)

With the awakening that the true and the real knowledge rests with Allah alone. He is the owner of the unlimited domains of the ‘Intellect’ being the source of knowledge (Ilm). The later being the mother of all the known/unknown philosophies and sciences put together. 

> “And verily, We shall recount their whole story with knowledge, for We were never absent (at any time or place)”

(Araf-7: 07)


(i) The term ‘Nature’ which is routinely described by the non-believers as an alternate entity against the ‘Divine’ existence is introduced by Allah as below, confirming subsequent process of the ‘Evolution’:

> ” Musa said: Our Lord is He who gave to everything its (natural) form, and then guided it aright”

(Taha-20: 50)


(i) For those who are not intellectually and physically blind, there is no option but an unconditional surrender to Allah.

> ” It is not for any soul to believe except by Allah’s permission, while He lays uncleanliness (of infidelity) on those who do not contemplate”

(Yunus-10: 100) 

5. Quranic Verses & Scientific Speed Limit

(i) The speed of light is the limit in accordance with existing knowledge of Physics. This speed is not adequate to visualise travel within our solar system not to talk of travel to other distant galaxies.

(ii) A tachyonic field, or simply tachyon, is a field with an imaginary mass. Although tachyonic particles (particles that move faster than light) are a purely hypothetical concept that violate a number of essential physical principles, at least one field with imaginary mass, the Higgs field, is believed to exist.

(iii) Consider a person in sleep. In dreams he is able to travel almost instantaneously to any place. Whatever argument one may bring to dismiss this description of ‘Dream based Travel’ as irrelevant, consider Quranic verse below: 

> “It is Allah who takes souls at (the time of) death, and those who do not die (he takes) during their sleep, then He withholds those on whom He had decreed death, and sends the others back (to their bodies) for an appointed term. Verily there are signs in this for those who reflect”

(Zummar-39: 42) 


(i) The existence of travel of spirits (souls/Ruh) at speeds, unknown to the science is therefore, possible and examples of the same, in the light of the above verse, stand confirmed.

(ii) Reportedly, Prof. Peter Higgs, Noble Laureate, resisted nicknaming his discovery as ‘God Particle’. The verse below , may be relevant with respect to disregarding any such concepts: 

> ” For when their messengers came to them with clear proofs, they exulted in the knowledge which was with them, and what they used to mock encompassed them”

(Mumin-40: 83)


(i) Ayat-40 (Al Mumin also referred as Ghafir)

(ii) The verse refers to those who exult (take pride) of their contemporary knowledge (understanding) of some of the laws governing the creation of the Universe. They remain oblivious to the fact that they are merely discovering only some of the details of the laws made by Allah.

(iii) The second part of the fulfilment of the prophecy, as applicable to the future, appears to be ever so likely.

(iv) Famous Prof. Stephen Hawking bet Gordon Kane $100 that physicists would not discover the Higgs boson. After losing that bet when physicists detected the particle in 2012, Hawking lamented the discovery, saying it made physics less interesting. Now, in the preface to a new collection of the essays and lectures called “Starmus” the famous theoretical physicist is warning that the particle could one day be responsible for the destruction of the known. The statement in itself is a recognition of ‘Divine’ force. 

6. Quran, Science & Limits of Pursuing Nearness to Allah

> ” Glory be to Him who carried His servant (Muhammad) by night from the Holy Masjid (at Makkah) to the farthest Masjid whose environment We have blessed, that We may show him Our signs; verily He is all-hearing, all-seeing”

(Bani Isra-il -17: 01)

> ” Taught him the supreme in power”

(Najam-53: 05)


(i) It is Allah who taught the Holy Prophet and from no mortal created being he received any kind of knowledge.

> ” (He is) endued with wisdom; therefore he took an over-viewing position”

(Najam-53: 06)

> ” While he was in the highest horizon”

(Najam-53: 07)

> ” Then he drew near and nearer”

(Najam-53: 08)

> ” (Thus he) was at a distance of two bows or nearer still”

(Najam-53: 09)

> Then He revealed to His servant what He revealed”

(Najam-53: 10)

> ” His heart did not belie what he saw”

(Najam-53: 11)


A thorough reading of the above Quranic verses in the light of Allah’s following attributes is necessary:

(i) There is no physical place where Allah lives.

(ii) Allah does not have a physically measurable existence.

(iii) The term with respect to distance between Allah and the holy Prophet need to be re-interpreted without a recourse to readily available recourse to ‘Blasphemy’. Reverting back to the undermentioned verse: 

> ” Their recompense is with their Lord: everlasting gardens beneath which rivers flow, where they will abide for ever; Allah is well pleased with them and they are well pleased with Him. This is for him who fears his Lord”

(Bayyinah-98: 08)


(i) A category of his servants has been identified whose pleasure is sought by Allah Himself. The ultimate sacrifice of Hussain-Ibna-Ali and his associates is one example which is often brought forward.

(ii) Another way of looking at it: 

‘Khudi Ko Kar Buland Itna Ke Har Taqdeer Se Pehley’

(Raise yourself so much above your decreed destiny)

‘Khuda Bandey Se Khud Puchhey Bata’a Teri Raza’a Kia Hey’

(that God himself asks his servant to dictate what he desires) 

In another verse leading to similar concept: 

‘Ki Mohammad Se Wafa Tuney Tu Ham Terey Hain’

(If you are faithful to Mohammad: Allah with His absoluteness is with You)

‘Yeh Jahan Cheeze Hai Kia Luh-o-Qalam Terey Hain’

(Then: Your requirements (desires) pertaining to this world shall mean little as the ownership of the ‘Universal Destiny’ shall be delegated to you) 

(iii) The above renderings are no exaggeration and directionally in line with the Allah’s Way (Sunnat). 

(iv) Allah has given a freehand to the children of Adam to reach ever increasing heights towards securing His pleasure.

(v) No created being can ever be the same as the uncreated, ever living & everlasting (Allah). This is the only ultimate limit placed by Allah on the achievement of His servants.

(vi) The holy Prophet had achieved the ultimate limit in the spiritual as well as material sense identified above. At that level, his nearness to Allah, was as little as (two bows or closer), in physical sense, which is an analogy: while the distance in celestial realm reached the ultimate limit defined above i.e. Closest achievable distance between the Creator and the Created Being.

(vii) The same limit is applicable to humanly possible achievements in the field of scientific domains.

(viii) Instead of finding faults in the Quran and the ‘Divine Order’ based on scientific findings, the same must be used to achieve ever increasing heights such as travelling in the Universe, with no apparent speed limit, including travel to distant galaxies.

(ix) In view of the above, it is obvious to conclude that during ‘Ascension (Miraj)’, the holy Prophet was able to travel across the Universe at speed unknown and currently undefinable scientifically. 

7. Quranic Verses on the limitation of Shaytanic access

> ” His authority is only over those who befriend him and those who associate others with Him’

(Nahl-16: 100)

> : Verily, (as for) My servants, you shall not have any authority over them, and your Lord suffices as their guardian”

(Bani-Israil-17: 65)

> ” Iblis said: Do you see this one whom You honoured above me? If You give me respite till the day of judgement , I will bring his progeny under my sway except a few”

(Bani-Israil-17: 62)


(i) Even Iblis conceded the existence of ‘A Few’ being beyond his reach. 

8. Quranic Verses on Creations, Scientific Findings and the Science

Quranic verses concerning the captioned subject above are presented in a subject-wise arrangement below. Each covering major subjects individually in the light of contemporary scientific background 

8.1 Quran and Science on Creation of the Universe:

> ” Say: do you really disbelieve in Him who created the earth in two days, and you set-up equals to Him? He is the Lord of the worlds”

(Ha Mim-41: 09) 


(i) (Araf-7: 54:Yunus-10:03:Hud-11:07:Sajdah-32: 04) six days for Creation have been stated which may mean six stages of the creation of whole universe

(ii) Days (Yawm) does not mean the solar day on the earth (iii) Here the two days in respect of Creation of the earth may mean (two stages)

> ” He put firm mountains therein rising above its surface, bestowed blessings on it, and ingrained its means of sustenance within it, in four days, appropriate, alike for the seekers”

(Ha Mim-41: 10)


(i) ‘ Ingrained means of sustenance” may mean four stages to make the earth habitable (suitable to support life).

> ” Then He turned to the heaven, and it was smoke. So he said to it and the earth; come you two , willingly or unwillingly. They said we come willingly”

(Ha Mim-41: 11)

>” Have not those who disbelieve seen that the heavens and earth were closed up, and that We clove them asunder? Out of water We made all things alive. Will they not then believe?

(Anbiya-21: 30)


(i) According to modern science, the separation process resulted in the formation of multiple worlds, a concept which appears dozens of times in the Quran. For example:

>“Praise be to God, the Lord of the Worlds>>>”

(Fatihah-1-01: 02 )

These Quranic references are all in perfect agreement with modern ideas on the existence of primary nebula (galactic dust), followed by the separation of the elements which resulted in the formation of galaxies and then stars from which the planets were born.

> ” Then he made seven heavens in two days, and revealed to each heaven its task. We adorned the lower heaven with lights (bright stars) and guarded it (with angels). That is the decree of the all-mighty, the all knowing”

(Ha Mim-41: 12)


(i) Reference is also made in the Quran of intermediary creation between the heavens and the earth, as indicated below:

> ” He created the Heavens and the earth and all that is between them in six days, and is firmly established on the throne (of supreme authority). (He is) AR Rahman. Ask about Him (only) from (those who are) well-informed”

(Furqan-25: 59)


(i) Intermediary may correspond to the modern discovery of bridges of matter which are present outside organised astronomical systems.

> ” Do you not see how Allah has created seven heavens one above the other”

> ” And made the moon a light in their midst, and made the sun a lamp”

(Nuh-71: 15- 16)


(i) The moon is an inert body which reflects light, whereas the sun is a celestial body in a state of permanent combustion producing both the light and the heat.

> ” Verily your Lord is Allah who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then established Himself on the throne. He draws the night as a veil over the day, which pursues it incessantly, and made the sun and the moon and the stars subservient to His command,. Verily, His is the creation and the command. Blessed be Allah, the Lord of the worlds”

(Araf-7: 54)

> ” It is star of piercing radiance”


> “Verily We have adorned the lowest heaven (nearest to earth), with an adornment, the stars”

(Saffat-37: 06)


(i) Today, the laws governing the celestial systems are well known. Galaxies are balanced by the position of stars and planets in well-defined orbits, as well as the interplay of gravitational forces produced by their masses and the speed of their movements. But is this not what the Quran describes in terms which have only become comprehensible in modern times? 

8.2 Creation of Day and Night

> ” He has created the heavens and earth with truth. He causes the night to follow the day and he causes the day to follow the night (He coils the night upon the day and day upon the night), and has subjected the sun and the moon; each runs to an appointed term. Beware! He is all-mighty, oft-forgiving”

(Zummar-39: 05)


(i) The Quranic description of the sequence of day and night would, in itself, be rather commonplace were it not for the fact that it is expressed in terms that are today highly appropriate. The Quran uses the verb kawwara (Zummar-39: 05) to describe the way the night ‘winds’ or ‘coils’ itself around the day and the day around the night.

(ii) The original meaning of the verb kis to coil a turban around the head. This is a totally valid comparison; yet at the time the Quran was revealed, the astronomical data necessary to make this comparison were unknown. It is not until man landed on the moon and observed the earth spinning on its axis, that the dark half of the globe appeared to wind itself around the light and the light half appeared to wind itself around the dark. 

” And He it is who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon; all float (swim along), each in its orbit”

(Anbiya-21: 33) 


(i) The Arabic word which expresses this movement is the verb (yasbahoon) which implies the idea of motion produced by a moving body, whether it is the movement of one’s legs running on the ground, or the action of swimming in water. In the case of a celestial body, one is forced to translate it, according to its original meaning, as ‘to travel with its own motion. 

8.3 The Creation of Life based on Water

> ” Have not those who disbelieve seen that the heavens and earth were closed up (joined together), and We clove them asunder (split them apart)? Out of water We made all things alive. (And We made from water every living thing). Will they not then believe?”

(Anbiya-21: 30)


(i) Confirmation of the fact that entire universe emerged from a single source.

(ii) Confirmation of the fact that all the life begins with water. Accordingly, water is truly a lifeline for all the living entities, in any form.

(iii) Allah turns the night and the day over and over (alternates). Verily there is lesson in this for those who have vision: (References: Rad-13: 02: Imran-3: 27)

> ” Allah has created every moving creature from water: one crawls on its belly, one walks on two legs, one moves on four. Allah creates whatsoever He wills. Verily Allah has power over everything”

(Nur-24: 45)

> ” Do they not see how Allah originates creation and then turns it back? Verily this is easy for Allah”:

(Ankabut-29: 19)

> “Verily We have adorned the lowest heaven (nearest to earth), with an adornment, the stars”

(Saffat-37: 06) 
8.4 The Solar Apex:

> ” The sun runs its coarse to a settled (appointed) place That is the decree of the Almighty, the All Knowing”

(Yasin-36: 38)


(i) “Settled place” is the translation of the word (mustaqarr) which indicates an exact appointed place and time. Modern astronomy confirms that the solar system is indeed moving in space at a rate of 12 miles per second towards a point situated in the constellation of Hercules (alpha lyrae) whose exact location has been precisely calculated. Astronomers have even give it a name, the solar apex. 

8.5 Expansion of the Universe

> ” We built the heavens with might, and verily We are the Lord of power and expanse (I built the heaven with power and it is I, who am expanding it)

(Dhariyat-51: 47)


(i) (Dhariyat-51-47) seems to allude to one of the most imposing discoveries of modern science, the expansion of the Universe.

(ii) The expansion of the universe was first suggested by the general theory of relativity and is supported by the calculations of astrophysics. The regular movement of the galactic light towards the red section of the spectrum is explained by the distancing of one galaxy from another. Thus, the size of the universe appears to be progressively increasing. 

8.6 Conquest of Space

> ” O jinn and men. If you can penetrate the bounds of the heavens and the earth, do so, but you can not unless you have power and authority (knowledge of the laws made by Allah)”

(Rahman-55: 33)


(i) Refers to the possibility of travel into space.

(ii) Among the achievements of modern science is the ‘Conquest’ of space which has resulted in mans journey to the moon. The prediction of this event surely springs to mind while reciting (Rahman-55: 33) 

8.7 Water Cycle

> “Do you not see that Allah sends down water from heavens, and causes it to enter springs in the earth, then brings forth produce of various colours; and then they wither and you see them turn yellow; then He makes them chaff. Verily, in this , is a reminder for men of understanding”

(Zummar-39-: 21)


(i) Earth’s produce of various colours and its life cycle terminating in chaff: A reminder to the Mankind.

(ii) The above verse deals with the water cycle in nature. This is a topic which is well known today. The reference to the water cycle seems to express ideas that are now totally self-evident. However with respect ideas prevalent at that time, they appear to be based more on myth and philosophical speculation than on observed fact, even though useful practical knowledge on soil irrigation was current at that period.

(iii) Such notions seem quite natural today, but not so long ago, were not prevalent. It was not until the sixteenth century, with Bernard Palissy, that the first coherent description of the water cycle emerged. 

(iv) Prior to this, people believed that the waters of the oceans, under the effect of winds, were thrust towards the interior of the continents. They then returned to the oceans via the great abyss, which, since Plato’s time was called the Tartarus. In the seventeenth century, great thinkers such as Descartes still believed in this myth. Even in the nineteenth century there were still those who believed in Aristotle’s theory that water was condensed in cool mountain caverns and formed underground lakes that fed springs. Today, it is known that it is the infiltration of rain water into the ground that is responsible for this.

(v) If one compares the facts of modern hydrology with the data found in numerous verses of the Quran on this subject, one cannot fail to notice the remarkable degree of agreement between the two. 

8.8 Mountains

> ” Did We not make earth a wide expanse”

(Naba 78 : 06)

> “And the mountains pegs (stakes)”?

(Naba 78: 07)


(i) In geology, modern science has recently discovered the phenomenon of folding which formed the mountain ranges. The earth’s crust is like a solid shell, while the deeper layers are hot and fluid, and thus inhospitable to any form of life. It has also been discovered that the stability of mountains is linked to the phenomenon of folding. The process of mountain formation by folding drove the earth’s crust down into the lower layers and provided foundations for the mountains.

(ii) Stakes (awtaad), which are driven into the ground like those used to anchor a tent, are the deep foundations of geological folds.

(iii) No contradiction seem to exist between existing geological knowledge.and the Quranic description above. 

8.9 Biology

> ” Have not those who disbelieve seen that the heavens and earth were closed up (joined together), and We clove them asunder (split them apart)? Out of water We made all things alive.(And We made from water every living thing). Will they not then believe?”

(Anbiya-21: 30)


(i) Confirmation of the fact that entire universe emerged from a single source. (ii) Confirmation of the fact that all life begins with water. Accordingly water is truly a lifeline for all living entities in any form. > This is a dramatic affirmation of the modern idea that the origin of life is aquatic. 

8.10 Botany

> ” (it is) He who made the earth a bed for you, and paths therein for you, and sent down water from heaven. Thereby We brought forth through it various kinds of vegetation (variety of plants in pair)”

(Taha-20: 53)

> ” And He it is who spread out the earth and placed upon it firm mountains and (flowing) rivers; and of all fruits He has made two of a pair (male and female). He causes the night to cover the day. Verily in this there are signs for a people who reflect”

(Rad-13: 03)

> ” Glory be to Him who created pairs of everything that grows from the earth, and out of themselves and of that they do not know”

(Ya Sin-36: 36)


(i) Progress in botany at the time of the holy Prophet was not advanced enough in any country for scientists to know that plants have both male and female.

(ii) The contemporary botanical know how recognises that fruit comes from plants that have sexual characteristics even when they come from unfertilised flowers, like bananas. 

8.11 Physiology

> ” Verily, there is a lesson for you in the cattle; We give you to drink what is in their bellies-from betwixt the (conjunction of) faeces and the blood (vessels) – pure milk, easy to swallow for those who drink (it)”

(Nahl-16: 66)


(i) One thousand years before the discovery of the blood circulatory system, and roughly thirteen centuries before it was determined that the internal organs were nourished by the process of digestive

(ii) (Nahl-16: 66) described the source of the constituents of milk, in conformity with scientific facts.

(iii) To understand this verse, it must first be known that chemical reactions occur between food and enzymes in the mouth, the stomach and the intestines releasing nutrients in molecular form which are then absorbed into the circulatory system through countless microscopic projections of the intestinal wall called villi. Blood in the circulatory system then transports the nutrients to all the organs of the body, among which are the milk-producing mammary glands.

(iv) Today it is not difficult to see why! This verse is taken from ‘The Bee’ (Nahl-16).

(v) The constituents of milk are secreted by the mammary glands which are nourished by the product of food digestion brought to them by the bloodstream. The initial event which sets the whole process in motion is the conjunction of the contents of the intestine and blood at the level of the intestinal wall itself.

(vi) This biological process must be basically understood, if we are to understand (Nahl-16: 66) which has for many centuries given rise to commentaries that were totally incomprehensible. 

8.12 Fertilisation

> ” Verily We created man from a drop of mingled fluid (life-germ) in order to test and try him; so We gave him hearing and sight”

(Dahr-76: 02)


(i) The precise ideas need to be understood concerning the complexity of the semen and the fact that an infinitely small quantity is required to ensure fertilisation.

(ii) The Arabic word nutfah has been translated as “small quantity”. It comes from the verb meaning ‘to dribble or to trickle’ and is used to describe what remains in the bottom of a bucket which has been emptied. The verse correctly implies that fertilisation is performed by only a very small volume of liquid.

(iii) On the other hand, mingled fluids ( amshaaj ) has been understood by early commentators to refer to the mixture of male and female discharges. Modern authors have corrected this view and note that the sperm is made up of various components.

(iv) When (Dahr-76: 02) mentions a fertilising fluid composed of different components, it also informs that human progeny will be formed from something extracted from this liquid. This is the meaning explained in verse (Sajdah-32: 08)

> ” Then He made his offspring from the extract of base fluid (from the essence of a despised fluid)”

(Sajdah-32: 08) 
8.13 Implantation of the Egg

> ” He created man from a clot (God fashioned humans from a clinging entity)”

(Alaq-96: 02)


(i) Once the egg has been fertilized in the fallopian tube, it descends to lodge itself inside the uterus. This process is called the ‘implantation of the egg’. Implantation is a result of the development of villosities, which, like roots in the soil, draw nourishment from the wall of the uterus and make the egg literally cling to the womb. The process of implantation is appropriately described in several verses by the word ‘alaq’.

(ii) There is no reasonable translation of the word ‘alaq other than to use it in its original sense. It is a mistake to speak of a ‘blood clot’ here. It is a derivative meaning which is not as appropriate in this context. 

8.14 Embryo

> ” Then We made him of a sperm, in a firm resting place”

(Muminun-23: 13)

> ” Then We made the sperm into a clot, then We made the clot into a lump of flesh, then We made in the lump of flesh bones, then We clothed the bones with flesh (I fashioned the clinging entity into a chewed lump of flesh and I fashioned the chewed flesh into bones and I clothed the bones with intact flesh) thereafter We caused it to grow into another creation; so blessed be Allah, the best of the creators”

(Muminun-23: 14)


(i) The evolution of the embryo inside the maternal uterus is only briefly described, but the description is accurate, because the simple words referring to it correspond exactly to fundamental stages in its growth.

(ii) The term ‘chewed flesh’ (mudghah) corresponds exactly to the appearance of the embryo at a certain stage in its development.

(iii) It is known that the bones develop inside this mass and that they are then covered with muscle This is the meaning of the term ‘intact flesh’ (lahm).

(iv) The embryo passes through a stage where some parts are in proportion and others out of proportion with what is later to become the individual. This is the obvious meaning of the verse (Hajj-22: 05).

> ” O people ! if you are in doubt about being raised to life again, then (remember) that verily We created you from dust, then a drop of sperm, then from a clot, then from a lump of flesh, formed and unformed {fashioned (humans) a clinging entity, then into a lump of flesh in proportion and out of proportion} that We may manifest to you (Our power). We cause what We will to stay in the womb till an appointed term, then We bring you forth as infants, then (We bring you up) in order that you reach your maturity. And of you is he who dies, and of you is he who is brought back to the feeblest old age so that after knowing he knows not anything. You behold the earth all withered, but when We send down rain upon it, it bestirs itself, swells, and brings forth every kind of attractive herbage”

(Hajj-22: 05)


(i) Nothing here contradicts today’s data and, furthermore, none of the mistaken ideas of the time have crept into the Quran. Throughout the Middle Ages there were a variety of beliefs about human development based on myths and speculations which continued for several centuries after the period. The most fundamental stage in the history of embryology came in 1651 with Harvey’s statement that: ‘all life initially comes from an egg’. At that time, when science had benefited greatly from the invention of the microscope, people were still arguing about the respective roles of the egg and spermatozoon.

(ii) Buffon, the great naturalist, was one of those in favour of the egg theory. Bonnet, on the other hand, supported the theory of ‘the ovaries of Eve’, which stated that Eve, the mother of the human race, was-supposed to have had inside her the seeds of all human beings packed together one inside the other. 

9. Comparison of Quranic and Biblical description of the Creation of the Universe

A comparison of description of creation of Universe in the light of the holy Quran as compared to existing Biblical description addressed below:

(i) The Quranic description of the creation of the Universe stands supported on a large number of points of scientific findings. In contrast, the successive phases of creation mentioned in the Biblical text could not be justified scientifically.

(ii) The Genesis 1:9-19 specifies the creation of the earth (on the 3rd day) is placed before that of the heavens (on the 4th day).

(iii) It is a well known fact that the creation of the earth originated from its own star which is Sun.

(iv) Accordingly, alleged claim against the holy Prophet of being the author of the Quran drawing inspiration from Biblical description is far from factual position. Acceptance of such a claim would mean that, of his own accord, he corrected the Biblical text to arrive at the correct concept concerning the formation of the Universe. Yet the correct concept was reached by scientists many centuries after his death.

(v) Whereas the Bible narrative describes the sun and the moon as two lights differing only in size, the Quran distinguishes between them by the use of different terms: light (noor) for the moon, and lamp (siraaj) for the sun.

(vi) In contrast to the narration contained in the Bible, the Quran does not lay down a sequence for creation of the earth and heavens. It refers both to the heavens before the earth and the earth before the heavens while describing creation in general as below: 

> ” (God) who created the earth and heavens above. (A sending down) from Him Who created the earth and the heavens, an elevated region”

(Taha-20: 04) 


(i) In fact, the notion derived from the Quran is one of a parallelism in the celestial and terrestrial evolution. There are also basic pieces of information concerning the existence of an initial gaseous mass (dukhaan ) which are unique to the Quran. As well as descriptions of the elements which, although at first were fused together ( ratq ), they subsequently became separated (fatq). 

10. Children of Adam and their Open Choice

The choice for the children of Adam in the existing environment is simple and plain, as it had always been.

(i) Turn into a faithful with open mind and heart and reap all the benefits promised by Allah. Even if your choice is wrong you lose nothing. 

(ii) Persist in your denial of the existence of the ‘Divine Order and Rule’. If your choice is correct, you reap no benefit for calling it right. Whereas, if you are on the wrong side of the coin, horrible consequences clearly spelled out by Allah, stand in waiting, with no point of return. 

11. Discussion

The three pronged discussion below follows. While summarising two distinct approaches of survival in the contemporary environment (Being Good or Evil): non-availability of the third option has been highlighted. Finally, extracts from a third party evaluation concerning authenticity of the book (Quran) forms the concluding part of this (para). 

11.1 Allah, Science & Shaytan

(i) It has been conclusively shown that there is no conflict between Science and the concept of a supreme being (Allah). It is scientific necessity to have a well defined recourse to the chain of actions and reactions which triggered the complex process of initiation of the Universe.

(ii) Science is an intellect based knowledge which deals with the entities that exist and is not applicable to ‘Nothingness’. On the contrary, the concept of ‘Nothingness’ does not explain anything and automatically leads to ‘Something’ which once again is none other than Allah.

(iii) All doubts about Allah, based on scientific findings, are no more than an attempt to divert attention from the ultimate inescapably i.e. ‘Divine’ existence.

(iv) Mankind had been active all along in finding concepts to contradict the ‘Divine Order’ preached by all the prophets, messengers, imams alike.The sole objective had always been to create and hold on to evil based empires of their own. The same, to provide unhindered fulfilment of the individual and collective ownership of the riches of the world. In simple words, it is unqualified surrender to the Shaytanic instigation.

(v) The denial of restrictions ‘Divine Order’, had always been key Shaytanic target. The phenomenon is as old the history of the children of Adam. Such denials, based on the scientific arguments, is continuation of the same story.

(vi) As and when, it was found that direct confrontation was unlikely to yield desired results, joining hand with the faithfuls in the garb of hypocrites was resorted. Through this mechanism, hijacking of the faiths and religions prospered.

(vii) The sidetracking had been another lethal technique used for achieving similar objectives. The creation of doubts amongst the faithfuls continues to be its mechanism. Under prevailing conditions, sidetracking using science as a tool has been very effective. Given the glare of existing environment, filled with inventions, gadgetry and modern living as a facade; Shaytanic instigation against Allah, religions, faiths and ‘Divine order’ are at work ceaselessly. 

11.2 Know that there is no Third Option

(i) Disregarding the ‘Divine’ concept is a revolt against Allah. This option shall not achieve anything in the hereafter even if the adopted option is correct. On the contrary, being wrong in choosing, would result in horrendous consequences clearly spelled out in the book (Quran).

(ii) Joining the faithfuls with open heart and mind, as an alternative, with repentance and gratitude shall open the doors of success in this world and the hereafter.

(iii) It is necessary to understand with full awareness that no third option exists. 

11.3 Quranic Genuineness (Third Party Presentation Extracts)

Presentation Title: The Quran and Modern Science by Dr. Maurice Bucaille (Edited by Dr. A. A. Bilal Philips) 

11.3.1 End of Pharaoh

The Bible records that pharaoh was engulfed in the sea, but does not give any details as to what subsequently became of his corpse. The (Yunus-10: 92) notes that the body of the pharaoh would be saved from the waters: 

> “Today I will save your dead body so that you may be a sign for those who come after you>>>”

(Yunus-10: 92) 

(i) A medical examination of this mummy, has, shown that the body could not have stayed in the water for long, because it does not show signs of deterioration due to prolonged submersion. Here again, the comparison between the narration in the Quran and the data provided by modern knowledge does not give rise to the slightest objection from a scientific point of view. 

11.3.2 Quran & Bible

(i) Such points of agreement are characteristic of the Quranic revelation. But, are we throwing the Judeo-Christian revelation into discredit and depriving it of all its intrinsic value by stressing the faults as seen from a scientific point of view? I think not because the criticism is not aimed at the text as a whole, but only at certain passages. There are parts of the Bible which have an undoubted historical value. 

(ii) I have shown that in my book, The Bible,The Qur’an and Science, where I discuss passages which enable us to locate Moses in time.

(iii) The main causes which brought about such differences as arise from the comparison between the Holy Scriptures and modern knowledge is known to modern scholars. The Old Testament constitutes a collection of literary works produced in the course of roughly nine centuries and which has undergone many alterations. The part played by men in the actual composition of the texts of the Bible is quite considerable.

(iv) The Quranic revelation, on the other hand, has a history which is radically different. As we have already seen, from the moment it was first come to humans, it was learnt by heart and written down during Muhammad’s own lifetime. It is thanks to this fact that the Quran does not pose any problem of authenticity. 

11.3.3. The Verdict

(i) A totally objective examination of the Quran, in the light of modern knowledge, leads us to recognize the agreement between the two, as has already been noted on repeated occasions throughout this presentation.

(ii) It makes us deem it quite unthinkable for a man of Muhammad’s time to have been the author of such statements, on account of the state of knowledge in his day. Such considerations are part of what gives the Quranic revelation its unique place among religious and non-religious texts, and forces the impartial scientist to admit his inability to provide an explanation based solely upon materialistic reasoning.

(iii) Such facts as I have had the pleasure of exposing to you here, appear to represent a genuine challenge to human explanation leaving only one alternative: the Quran is undoubtedly a revelation from God. 

12. Conclusions

Beware of any or all pseudo faiths, facades, concepts, side tracking and other escape options. Be assured that these lead to nowhere. Think and think hard again. There is always a way; which is none but the ‘Right-Way’ the Only Way. 

12.1 No Contradictions

(i) The ‘Divine’ concept and Science do not present any contradiction.

(ii) The scientific findings, indeed, are dependent on the ‘Divine’ concept in order to explain so many unknowns. 

12.2 Side Tracking Alert

(i) Sidetracking saddled in the garb of scientific background has been identified as the most lethal tool for spread of dissension faced by the faithfuls. 

(ii) The open rebellion against the ‘Divine Rule’, behind the facade of scientific achievements, seems to have attained unknown heights.

(iii) The time tested technique of misguiding faithfuls, and hijacking of faiths or religions by hypocrites still at full bloom, both amongst people of the book and Muslims alike. 

12.3 Know the hard Facts

(i) The open options to the children of Adam, inclusive of declining to the existence of Allah or submission to the faith in Him, have been identified in terms of consequent eternal loss or gain.

(ii) Independent scientific evidence confirming the authenticity of the holy Quran from Dr. Maurice Bucaille is conclusive. Being a third party evaluation, leaves nothing to be reconfirmed.

(iii) Muslims, if fail to change their mindset toward science and technology, are sure to go deeper into their dark age and face increasing isolation, insignificance and irrelevance.

(iv) Sectarian divide remains the ultimate tool of destruction for the Muslims. 

12.4 The Keynote Guidelines

(i) Have faith and trust in Allah and ignore all Shaytanic instigation pertaining to associating or creating His associates/equals in any form or thoughts; besides rejecting all pseudo and/or hypocritical concepts.

(ii) Do not get side tracked and firmly hold to the ‘Straight Path’ which is undoubtedly the ‘Right Path’ (Serate-Mustaqeem).

(iii) Firmly hold on to Knowledge (ilm) and excel in it.

(iv) Science and technology is ‘Allah’s Way (Sunnat); never abandon it.

(v) Disregard all concepts which have been a source of division for the faithfuls for the last fourteen centuries or so. Included therein are all sectarian divides.

(iv) There is no requirement of violence on any account. Perform according to your faith and Fiqh and let others do the same and leave the forgiveness and judgement to Allah. 

Nur-e-Khuda Hai Kufr Ki Harakat Pey Khanda-zun’

(Ignorance based Shaytanic Efforts shall end into Naught)

‘Phonkoon Se Yeh Chragh Bujhaya Na Jaiga

‘(Would they realise that the ‘Divine’ Light is inextinguishable)

13. Acknowledgement

Frequent recourse to information contained in Wikipedia along with invaluable work of Dr. Maurice Bucaille and Dr. A.A. Bilal Philips is acknowledged with thanks. A recourse to numerous other unnamed sources is also acknowledged with thanks.