Chapter 8: The Turning



  • The history of the first earthly acts of non-obedience by the children of Adam has been tracked.
  • The first lesson imparted by Allah to the Children of Adam concerning Allah’s Way (Sunnat) has been identified.
  • The first lesson of ‘Science’ delivered to the Children of Adam by Allah has been recalled.
  • The transition phase (Pre-Ibrahim Existence) has been recalled.
  • Prophet Ibrahim at the Cross Road and his ultimate ‘Turning’ has been revisited.
  • The understanding of ‘Divine Order’ expended through Prophet Ibrahim has been tracked.
  • The contemporary existence of the faithful has been revisited in the light of Ibrahim’s ‘Turning’.
  • Pressures, controversies, and anomalies of the contemporary era have been identified.
  • A recourse to remedies and hope has been brought forward being in line with Allah’s Way (Sunnat). 

1. Foreword

The landing of Adam and his adversary Shaytan on earth had occurred. The early commencement of the struggle had taken shape. 

1.1 The initiation of Violence (Fisad-Fil-Arz)

Qābeel (Cain), led by arrogance and envy to do away with his younger brother, Hābeel (Abel):

> ” And recite to them with truth the story of the two sons of Adam, when they both offered an offering. It was accepted from one, but was not accepted from the other. (The latter) said: I shall certainly slay you. (The former) said: Verily, verily, Allah accepts only (the sacrifice) from those who safeguard themselves against evil with full awareness of divine laws (Muttaqi)”

(Maidah-5: 27)

> ” If you stretch forth your hand against me to slay me, I shall not stretch forth my hand against you to slay you; verily, I fear Allah, the Lord of the worlds”

(Maidah-5: 28)

> ” Verily, I intend that you should bear my sin as well as your own; so you will be among the companions of fire; and this is the punishment of unjust”

(Maiadah-5: 29)

> ” So his passion led him to slay his brother, and became one of the losers”

(Maidah-5: 30)


(i) Habeel’s assassination: The first act of (Fisad-fil-Arz) amongst mankind (or, perhaps Homo-Erects turned into Homo-Sapiens). 

1.2. History of Marriage with Blood Relations

(i) At that time, there had been no concept of inhibitions on marriage with blood relations. Reportedly, marriage related rivalry being one of the reasons behind Qabeel’s crime.

(ii) Civilization and culture went through a gradual adoption of commandments sent down through the chain of messengers.

(iii) Everything did not happen in one go. (iv) Guidance (Hidyat) was passed on by adoption of Allah’s Way (Sunnat) taking into account ground realities such as physical, geographical and cultural aspects.

(iv) Allah’s Way (Sunnat) had always been a dynamic instead of static command. 

1.3 Allah’s first introduction of ‘Science’ to Mankind

Science being the heart of Allah’s Way (Sunnat) reflected by its early introduction as below: The flow of guidance from the Lord had commenced by the way of adoption of Allah’s Way (Sunnat):

> ” Then Allah sent a crow which dug up the earth so as to show how to cover up the naked corpse of his brother>>>”

(Maidah-5: 31)


(i) The lesson of using ‘intellect’ as a tool for observing and gathering data and adopting it for use in practical life. Today, this may be introduced as the first ever lesson of ‘Science’.

(ii) Science was introduced by the Lord (Allah) as the necessary step for survival on earth.

(iii) The flow of guidance to mankind had commenced as ‘Way of Adoption’ of Allah’s Way (Sunnat) and ‘Science’ being its integral component even at that earliest stage. 

2. The Transition Phase and the ‘Divine Order’

The transitional development of civilisation (Adam to Nuh and a few subsequent prophets) may be taken as the formative phase. It appears that the key issue during this period had been the denial of prophet-hood and rejection of messages brought forward by them. The promulgation and adherence to ‘Divine Order’ details continuing to be of secondary significance. However, progressive emphasis on the same continued in the background in a gradual manner. 

3. Ibrahim at the Cross Road

> ” Then when the night grew dark on him he saw a star. He said: This? my lord! Then when it set, he said: I do not love the setting ones”

(Anam-6: 77)

> ” Then when he saw the moon rise all aglow: he said: This? My Lord! Then when it set, he said: If my Lord had not guided me, I would certainly have been of those who have gone astray”

(Anam-6: 78)

> ” Then when he saw the sun rise all resplendent, he said: This? my lord! (Through) this is the greatest. Then when it set, he said: O my people! I am clear of what you associate with Allah”

(Anam-6: 79) 

4. The Turning

> ” Verily I have truly turned my face to Him who originated the heavens and the earth, upright, and I am not of the polytheists”

(Anam-6: 80) 

5. Ibrahim and Introduction to the true ‘Divine’ & the ‘Divine Order’

> ” Thus did We show Ibrahim the kingdom (the governing laws) of the heavens and the earth, so that he could be of those who could be sure”

(Anam-6: 76)


(i) The Ibrahim ‘Era’ could be identified as the true prelude to launching of the ‘Divine Order’ in full force and the upcoming advent of successive prophets and messengers of increasing significance. 

6. The Great Turnaround:Faithfuls at a Cross Road

(i) Across international airports, criterion of clearance for Muslims is different as compared to others.

(ii) The Muslim population, nearly second largest in the word, carries insignificant contribution towards knowledge and research as a whole.

(iii) An impartial and independent person, trying to identify true Muslim faith shall find himself completely stuck, bewildered and confounded. Each entity tagging itself as the only true Muslim faith, while forcefully dismissing all others as non-believers and condemned.

(iv) The scale of corruption across the Muslim world being second to none, from any or all the perspectives.

(v) The rampant violation of the human rights and the rights of the needy such as poor, weak, handicapped, sick, uneducated and the women.

(vi) Muslim countries having control of nearly half of the riches of the world, begging others for their security and existence.

(vii) The echoing of the clamour of Muslim faith being ‘Outdated’ and not workable in the existing era. The concept being promoted from within and outside alike. 

Is this the accomplishment of the holy Prophet’s Mission?

Is this in compliance with the faith (Din) sent by Allah and what the Holy Prophet stood for? 

7. Revisiting the Glory


Oh! the dreaful failures!

Wa’i Nakami Mat’ai Karwan Jata Raha!

(Alas! Amidst Losses and Failures to Haunt: the Urge, Will, Ego, Ambitions and the Desires all Evaporated: Left Deserted in a Lurch) 


(i) Victors at Badr, Khyber and Khandaq: All conquering, ever victorious at Yarmouk and Qadsia (against Byzantine and Persian Empires).

(ii) The owners of the Egyptian, Spanish, Ottoman Empires: The masters of the fortunes in the Central Asia, India and more.

(iii) The unfathomable source of sciences, philosophies, literature, arts and architecture!

(iv) Now! no more than a dream interrupted by the violent midnight storm.

Koi Qartaba Key Khander Ja Ke Dekhey

(Go! and See the Ruins of the Muslim Cordoba in Spain)

Masajid Ko Zeyro-Zabar Ja Ke Dekhey

(And Witness the Destruction of the Mosques) Followed by a loss of Bigger Magnitude of unknown proportions?

Karwan Key Dil Se Ahsas-e-Zian Jate Raha!

(Even the Ability to Recognise the Losses Exists No More!) 

As if all the above was not enough, overwhelming depression and pressure to yield to the forcibly inculcated ignorance, and wilfully swallowing a pill of the ignominy; thereby accepting the status of the ‘Untouchables’ across the World! 

Is this the achievement of targets and ambitions set by the holy Prophet? 

8. The Discovering of the Hard Facts

The fundamental reason for the original gains; and their successive diminishing return, leading to the ultimate chain of failures; have not been fully understood in the Muslim world. Allah’s gift of use of intellect based knowledge had always been at work at all critical stages. The knowledge based strategies during wars and peace carried immeasurable impact. Once faithfuls started discarding the worth of knowledge, their decline commenced, continuing unabated as of now. The learning of the lesson is never too late. It must be understood that the victories, intellectual or in battle field, had always been won or lost with knowledge based superiority. The knowledge component, had always been part of the help bestowed by Allah. 

The strategic instigation of the faithfuls, promoted during past century almost on an institutionalised basis, had been a huge mistake. While ignoring the need for the knowledge based strategies, Muslims were encouraged to resort to the indiscriminate violence. The results are crystal clear, irrespective of the nature of the defence of the contention. If the same effort would have been directed at acquisition of education in general, and of science and technology in particular, the opposite results, would not have been difficult to achieve. 

8.1 Becoming Alive to the Sensitivities

While the classroom teaching, or any other specific coaching remains an established standard practice: the need for setting up visible practical examples cannot be overemphasised. Masses love to imitate a success. All successes: financial, business, knowledge, virtues, possessions, etc: remain under unnoticed close observation, by all, across the world. Particularly, in this age of the communication excellence. The impact of rightful successes is lasting; while effect of obnoxious gains are like that of a mirage. It is important for faithfuls: individually, collectively, institutionally and on a state level: to command respect. Muslims governments, institutions and individuals must be the flag bearers of the management systems and skills along with personal virtues: turning themselves into enviable models. It must be recalled that the very first step taken by the holy Prophet was image building as (Sadiq and Amin).

Think! Where to? Faithfuls are being driven? 

‘Zaban-e-Khalq Ko Naqara’i Khuda Samjho’

(Treat the voice of the people as a “Divine ‘ declaration) 

9. The Glaring Anomalies

(i) Allah’s (Divine Order) is applicable for the entire mankind; with existence anywhere anytime: no exceptions! 

What about Eskimos, entities existing in the isolation in extremely remote, often hostile locations: mountains, jungles, etc: without little or no contact with the civilisations. Is it logical to believe that they stand as ineligible and beyond Allah’s all encompassing forgiveness, mercy and grace?

(ii) Quranic indications are clear! Allah’s Guidance (Hidayat) is assured for any and all! The nature and mode of the same may still not be fully known

(iii) What about the timings of the prayers and fasting at the polar locations?

(iv) Should females discontinue training and working as doctors: female-male interaction being part of the medical education?

(v) The female patients left without the life saving surgical procedures: not being allowed to expose themselves to the male doctors?

(vi) Fasting by essential and critical services personnel endangering life of the other individuals and the community?

(vii) Those in critical services and perpetually lacking strength to Fast? All the prayers and fasting of the individuals becoming null and void by making unintentional mistake in any form?

(viii) The performance of the obligatory prayers by those who have no knowledge, ability or inclination to adopt to the linguistic imposition?

(ix) The mode of existence in multiracial, multi linguistic and multicultural societies?

(x) The rejection and/or refusal to adjustments with respect to the interfaith and the inter-sectarian peaceful mutual co-existence?

(xi) Discharging of the ‘Divine’ function of pronouncing judgements: against other faiths: institutionally, collectively or individually?

(xii) The true understanding of Islamic Jihad? How, when and by whom Jihad pronouncement stands valid?

(xiii) The true value of (Jihad-bil-Qalam) and the knowledge (Ilm)?

(xiv) Consider! If the performance of the routine obligatory responsibilities (Wajibats) alone are adequate for passing the test on the day of resurrection? 

(xv) Consider! What is the categorisation of: the rendering of the day to day, job related, or otherwise; social, legal, statuary, voluntary involvements: based on faith and religion?

(xvi) Failure to recognise: the Quranic dictates pertaining to the identification of the source of knowledge, concerning grey areas and meanings of the difficult verses: repeated and reemphasised multiple times in the holy book (Quran)?

For all the above and other similar issues: Is it logical to depend on the judgement of the capabilities that are adequate to the performance of rituals at birth, marriages and death only? Think? 

10. Face to Face with the Enemy

The enemy (Shaytan) being within the clear vision, entire attention needs to be paid to the overcoming of the day to day problems. The pressures: to ensure successful rendering of all the obligatory and voluntary virtues: the handling of the relentless, day to day, existence in the modern era. Where is the dividing line? Sooner or later, an individual tends to slack in favour of the worldly pressures.

Is that what Allah wants?

There must be a way out?

Beware of Hypocrites, Shaytanic side tracks, Shaytanic Hijacks of religions and faiths, not getting lost in the existing atheist tendencies in the garb of the scientific and/or humanitarian facade!

Understand Allah’s repeated assurance that:

He wants to make the life easy and not difficult for the mankind! 

All the sincere acts, for His sake, with repentance and gratitude, shall never go waste irrespective of: the mode, the quantum, the shortcomings and the identity of the supplicant! 

11. The Unfolding of the Remedies

(i) The acquisition of the knowledge (Ilm) being an obligation, on all the men and the women alike, stands out as unqualified salvation for all the faithfuls

(ii) Allah urges faithful to assume the leadership position in all spheres of life: setting themselves as enviable model for the entire mankind.

(iii) Allah does not like aggression and mutual hostility: unless it is a case of unjust oppression: even then faithfuls are urged not to go beyond a measured and proportionate response. 

(iv) Any or all interfaith disputes, where resolution is not forthcoming, must be left for Allah to decide on the day of resurrection. Fighting over these is not an option. It is important to remember that the judgement belongs to Allah alone.

(v) Mutual peace and coexistence amongst mankind stands out as an outstanding virtue irrespective of faith, sect, cast, creed, complexion, etc.

(vi) Mutual help, generosity and interaction based on fairness is an invaluable asset.

(vii) The judgement of each soul on the day of resurrection shall be intellect and potential based: as promised by Allah. All the acts, consisting of submissions and omissions, shall be assessed accordingly.

(viii) An earnest repentant turning to Him with gratitude, for any or all the shortcomings, irrespective of the nature and the quantum, is all that is needed.

(ix) In Allah’s ‘Divine Order’, there is no room for losing hope, at any time or under any circumstances.

(x) The life of a faithful should revolve around He (Allah) instead of Me (his own self)

(xi) The refrain from unpardonable offence (Shirk) must always be paramount. 

12. On the Foot-Steps of Prophets

>” And say: O my Lord! cause me to enter a goodly entrance and cause me to go out a goodly exit; and grant me an authority from your presence to assist (me)”

(Bani-Israi-17: 80)


(i) With Allah’s promise of the final victory in view, the hope should never be lost, irrespective of the odds: 

‘Hota Hey Jada Paiyman Pher Karvan Hamarah’

(The commencement of our prevalence is about to start)