Highlighted Quranic Listing-17

The Highlighted Quranic listing of the seventeenth Separa (Iqtaraba Linnasi) is here. An attempt has been made to simplify the tracking of the desired information. At the outset, it is necessary to acknowledge innumerable sources used in the compilation of this effort. No attempt has been made to list the references individually; but sincere thanks are due to all, individually and collectively. 

Road Map: 

  1. The list of (Flags) below is a subject-wise identification 
  2. Each (Flag) refers to the corresponding (verse or verses) and identifies (explanatory note) if any 
  3. Quranic verses of this (Separa) are listed and marked in a conventional way
  4. For example (Anbiya-21: 34-35) refers to the thirty-fourth & thirty-fifth verses of Surah Anbiya which is the twenty-first Surah of the Holy Quran 
  5. Each verse commences and ends marked as (> “—–“: (number of the verse)
  6. >>> ” denotes the subject of the verse is continuing into the next verse
  7. All notes are numbered in parenthesis as (i), (ii), and so on 
  8. All a reader needs to do is review the listed (Flags), choose the desired subject and proceed to the indicated (Ayat) 
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Separa 17 (Iqtaraba Linnasi)

Surah Al Anbiya (01-112) 
Surah Al Hajj (01-78) 


Surah Al Anbiya


> ” Nigh unto people has drawn their reckoning, and they, in their heedlessness are turning aside”: (01) 

> ” There comes not unto them a reminder, renewed, from their Lord but they hear it and engross themselves in fun and frolic”: (02) 

> ” Their hearts preoccupied with trifles. And those who did injustice discussed in secret: Is this (man) other than a human being like yourself? What! Will you then yield to sorcery while you see”? (03) 

> ” He said: My Lord knows (every) word (spoken) in the heavens and the earth. He is all-hearing, all-knowing”: (04) 

> ” Nay: They say: These are medleys of dreams; nay, he has forged it; nay, he is a poet. Let him then bring a sign like the ones that were sent to the earlier (messengers)”: (05) 

> ” (the people) of any of the towns which We destroyed did not believe before them. What! Will these (now) believe”? (06) 

> ” We sent not before, but men to whom We revealed, so ask the people of the reminder if you do not know”: (07) 

Flag 1: Allah’s Message & Warning: Neither from Poet nor from Sorcerer: Ask People of Reminder (Ahlul Dhikr & Dhikr): (Anbiya-21: 01-07)


(i) People of Reminder’ (Ahladh Dhikr) refers to the Holy Prophet and Ahlul Bayt (Ahzab-33: 33). 

> ” We did not make them bodies not eating food, nor were they to abide (in this world) for ever”: (08) 

> ” Then We fulfilled our promise to them. So We delivered them and those whom We willed, and We destroyed the extravagant”: (09) 

> ” Indeed We have sent down to you a book in which is your remembrance. What! Do you not then understand”? (10) 

Flag 2: Allah’s Book: A Reminder & Remembrance : (Anbiya-21: 10) 

> ” (The people of) how many a town were iniquitous did We destroy. And We raised up after it another people”! (11) 

> ” So when they felt Our (approaching) torment, lo! They began to flee from it”: (12) 

> ” We said: Flee not, but return to that where you revelled, and your dwellings, haply you will be questioned”: (13) 

> ” They said: Woe to us! Verily, we were unjust”! (14) 

> ” And this cry of theirs ceased not, till We made them like reaped corn, extinct”: (15) 

> ” We did not create the heavens and the earth and what is in between for (idle) sport”: (16)

> ” Had We intended that We should take a pastime (amusement) We could surely have taken it from (the things which are) with Us, if We would do (such a thing)”: (17) 

Flag 3: Look at the consequences of denial of previous generations! Allah’s Creations are not for Amusement & Passtime:Think! (Anbiya-21: 8-17) 

> ” Nay, We hurl truth against falsehood, so that it crushes its head, and lo! it vanishes. Woe to you to what you ascribe (to Us)”: (18) 

Flag 4: Falsehood crushed by Truth: Twelfth Imam: (Anbiya-21: 18:Bani Israil-17: 81:Nur-24: 55)

> ” And His is whosoever is in the heavens and the earth, and those are with Him are not proud to worship Him, nor are they weary”: (19) 

> ” They glorify (Him) night and day: and they never intermit”: (20)

> ” Or have they taken gods from the earth who can raise (the dead)”? (21)

> ” Had there been gods in them (the heavens and earth) except Allah, there would have certainly been disorder in both. So glory be to Allah, the Lord of the throne, (High is He) above what they attribute to Him”: (22) 

Flag 5: Glory be to Allah (High is He): Blessed are those who glorify Him tirelessly & are not proud! (Anbiya-21: 19-22)

> ” He is not questioned about what He does, but they shall be questioned”: (23) 

> ” Have they taken (other) gods beside Him? Say: Bring your proof. This (Quran) is the reminder to those with me, and reminder to those before me. Nay, most of them do not know the truth, so they turn aside”: (24) 

> ” We did not send before you (O Muhammad) any messenger but We revealed to him that there is no God but I; so worship Me”: (25) 

Flag 6: Continuity of Allah’s Books Quran being the final Revelation: Worship Me alone: (Anbiya-21: 24-25) 

> ” And they say: ARRAHMAN has taken to begetting. Glory be to Him! Nay, they are His honoured servants”: (26) 

Flag 7: Not ‘Begotten’ but Allah’s Honoured Servants full of humility & obedience: (Anbiya-21: 26-28)

> ” They do not speak before He speaks, and they act by His command”: (27) 

Flag 8: Infallible Prophets and Messengers: Hell the recompense of unjust wicked: (Anbiya-21: 27-29)


(i) This verse proves that all the prophets and messengers of Allah were infallible. 

> ” He knows what is before them and what is behind them, and they can not intercede, except whom He approves, and they stand in awe and reverence to His glory”: (28) 

> ” And whosoever of them says: ‘Verily I am god besides Him’, such a one We will recompense with hell; thus do We recompense the iniquitous”: (29)

> ” Have not those who disbelieve seen that the heavens and earth were closed up, and We clove them asunder? Out of water We made all things alive. Will they not then believe”? (30) 

> ” And We set on earth mountains standing firm, lest it should shake with them, and We have made therein broad highways that they may be guided (aright)”: (31) 

> ” And We have made the heavens a canopy, well guarded, yet they turn aside from its signs”: (32) 

> ” And he it is who created the night and day, and the sun and the moon; all float (swim along), each in its orbit”: (33) 

Flag 9: Allah’s scientific Wonders: (Anbiya-21: 30-33) 


(i) The scientific statement explaining the uniqueness of the operation of the universe as a whole, inclusive of solar systems such as ours, giving rise to night and day prevailing each other, a gift from the Lord (Allah). 

(ii) Confirmation of the fact that the entire universe emerged from a single source. 

(iii) Confirmation of the fact that all life begins with water. Accordingly water is truly a lifeline for all living entities in any form. 

(iv) The ‘Water Cycle’: Allah’s scientific wonder! 

(v) Geological significance of mountains; a wonder in itself. 

> ” We have not granted to any man before you eternal life. What! If you die, will they live forever”? (34) 

> ” Every soul shall taste of death, We try you with evil and with good, as a test, and to Us you shall be returned”: (35) 

Flag 10: (Kullu Nafsin Zaiqat-ul-Maut): No eternal life for anyone: (Anbiya-21: 34-35) 

> ” When those who disbelieve behold you, they take (treat) you not except ridicule. Is this the one who makes mention of your gods? while in the mention of ARRAHMAN they are themselves disbelievers”: (36) 

> ” Man is made of haste. I shall show you My signs, so do not ask Me to hasten”: (37) 

> ” And they say: When will this promise (threat) come to pass if you are truthful”? (38) 

> ” If only those who disbelieve know of the time when they shall not be able to ward off the fire from their faces nor from their backs, neither shall they be helped”: (39) 

> ” Nay, it will come upon them all of a sudden and confound them; so neither shall they be able to repel it, nor shall they be respited”: (40) 

> ” Many messengers before you, indeed, were ridiculed, but surrounded those of them who ridiculed that (the divine torment) which they had been ridiculing”: (41)

> ” Say (O Muhammad): Who can protect you by night and day from ARRAHAMAN? Nay! they turn aside from the remembrance of their Lord”: (42)

> ” Or do they have gods who can protect them from Us? They have no power to help themselves, nor shall they be protected from Us”: (43) 

> ” Nay! We gave these people and their fathers enjoyment till the very end of their lives. What! Do they not see that we come to the land, reducing their frontiers? Shall they then be of those who prevail”? (44) 

> ” Say: Verily, I do but warn you by revelation. But the deaf do not hear the call whenever they are warned”: (45) 

> ” And yet if a blast of your Lord’s punishment touches them, they will certainly say woe to us: Woe to us! Verily we were unjust”: (46) 

Flag 11: ‘The Day’: No hastening from Allah: Infidels/Disbelievers to be engulfed by complete surprise: (Anbiya-21:36-46) 

> ” We shall set up balances of justices on the day of judgement, so that not a soul shall be dealt with unjustly in the least; an even if be the weight of grain of mustard -seed, We shall bring (to account) and We are sufficient as reckoners”: (47) 

Flag 12: Allah’s Balances of Justice: (Anbiya-21: 47) 

(i) Balance weighs material things while thoughts & deeds shall be weighed by their nearness to the thoughts of the holy Prophet and the (Ahlul Bayt). 

> ” Verily We granted to Musa and Harun the criterion and a light, and a reminder for those who safeguard themselves against evil with full awareness of divine laws”: (48) 

> ” Those who fear their Lord unseen, and who are fearful of the hour (of judgement)”: (49) 

> ” This (Quran) is a reminder, full of blessings, which We have sent down. Do you then deny it”? (50) 

Flag 13: The Criterion (Al Furqan) and Light for Musa and Harun: (Anbiya-21: 48-50) 

> ” Verily We gave Ibrahim his rectitude before, and we knew him well”: (51)

> ” When he said to his father and his people: What are these images to which you cleave (as objects of worship)”? (52) 

> ” They said: We found our fathers worshippers of these”: (53)

> ” He said: Verily you and your fathers have been in manifest error”: (54)

> ” They said: Have you brought us the truth or you are one of those who jest”? (55) 

> ” He said: Nay! Your Lord is the Lord of heavens and earth, who created them; and I am one of those who bear witness to this”: (56) 

> ” And, by Allah, I shall devise a scheme against you idols after you go away and turn your backs”: (57)

> ” So he broke them into pieces, except the chief of them, that haply they may return to it”: (58) 

> ” They said: Who has done this to our gods? Verily he of the unjust”: (59)

> ” They said: We heard a youth speak of them. He is called Ibrahim”: (60)

> ” They said: Then bring him before the eyes of the people, that they may bear witness”: (61) 

> ” They said: Did you do this to our gods O Ibrahim”? (62) 

> ” He said: Nay, he did it (who did it). Here is their chief, ask them, if they can speak”: (63) 

> ” Then they turned to themselves and said: Verily you know you are yourself unjust”: (64) 

> ” Then they turned down on their heads (utterly confounded). They said you know fully well that these (idols) do not speak”! (65) 

Flag 14. Ibrahim’s Strategic Arguments & Bewildered/Perplexed Infidels: (Anbiya-21: 65-66)

> ” He said: What ! Do you worship then besides Allah that which cannot profit you, or do you harm”: (66) 

> ” Fie on you and those you worship besides Allah. What! Do you not understand”? (67) 

> ” They said: Burn him and save your gods, if you do (anything at all)”: (68) 

> ” We said: O fire, Be cool, and (a means of safety) for Ibrahim”: (69) 

> ” And they wanted to entrap him, but We made them the worst losers”: (70) 

Flag 15: O Fire! Be Cool and means of Safety for Ibrahim: (Anbiya-20: 51-70)

> ” And We delivered him and Lut (and brought them to safety) to the land which We have blessed for the worlds”: (71) 

> ” And We gave him Ishaque, and Yaqub as an additional gift, and We made all of them righteous”: (72) 

> ” And We made them leaders to guide (the people) by Our Command, and We revealed to them the doing of good deeds, and the establishment of salat and giving of zakat, and they worshipped us”: (73) 

> ” To Lut We gave wisdom and knowledge, and We delivered him from the town (the inhabitants of) which had been doing filthy deeds, verily they were evil people, perverse”: (74) 

> ” And We admitted him to Our mercy; verily he was of the righteous”: (75) 

Flag 16: Blessed Lut and Ibrahim with peace & tranquility: ( Anbiya-21: 71-75)

> ” (Remember) Nuh when he cried (to us) aforetime, then We responded to him and delivered him and his companions from the great calamity”: (76) 

> ” And We helped him against the people who belied Our signs, verily they were an evil people, as We drowned them all”: (77)

Flag 17: Nuh and companions saved from calamity: (Anbiya-21: 76-77)

> ” (Remember) Dawud and Sulayman when they gave judgment about the field when sheep of (certain) people pastured there at night, and We were witness to their judgment“: (78) 

> ” We made Sulayman understand the case, and to each of them We gave wisdom and knowledge, and We subdued the mountains and birds to sing Our praises with Dawud; and We were the doers”: (79) 

> ” And We taught him the art of making coats of mail for you that you might protect yourselves in your wars. Will you then be grateful”? (80)

> ” And to Sulayman (We subdued) the violently blowing winds, which blew at his command towards the land which We had blessed. We have knowledge of all things”: (81) 

> ” And of the devils (Shayatin) there were those who used to dive for him and do other work besides that; We were guardians over them”: (82) 

Flag 18: Dawud and Sulayman: (Anbiya-21: 78-82)

> ” (Remember) Ayyub, when he cried to his Lord (saying): Verily, distress has touched me, and You are the most merciful of the merciful”: (83) 

> ” So We responded to him and We removed that which was distressing him, and We gave him his family and the like of them along with them, as a mercy from Us and a reminder to those who worship (Us)”: (84) 

Flag 19: Prophet Ayyub: (Anbiya-21: 83-84) 

> ” (Remember) Ismail and Idris and Dhul Kifl, each was of the patient”: (85) 

> ” We admitted them to Our mercy. Verily they were of the righteous” : (86) 

Flag 20: Ismail, Idris and Dhul Kifl: (Anbiya-21: 85-86): Note: 

(i) Prophet Idris was son of grandson of prophet Shithe. He was born a hundred year after the death of Adam. 

(ii) Dhul -Kifl is thought to be Arabic equivalent of Prophet Ezekiel. 

> ” (Remember) Yunus (Dhun-Nun), when he went away in anger and imagined that We would never straiten him; then he cried out of darkness: There is no god but You. Glory be to You. Verily I was of the unjust”: (87) 

> ” Then We responded to him and delivered him from grief, thus do We deliver the believers”: (88) 

Flag 21: Yunus: Man of Fish (Dhun-Nun): (Anbiya-21: 87-88)


(i) On the authority of the holy Prophet and the (Ahlul Bayt): The spiritual effect of Yunus’s prayer above stands confirmed. 

(ii) May be memorised and repeated when encountering difficulties.

> ” (Remember) Zakariyya, when he cried to his Lord: O my Lord ! Do not leave me alone (childless), though you are the best of inheritors”! (89) 

> ” Then We responded to him and gave him Yahya, and cured his wife of (barrenness). Verily they vied in good deed with one another, and called on Us with love and reverence, and they were humble before Us”: (90) 

Flag 22: Remembering Zakarriya & Yahya: (Anbiya-21: 89-90) 

> ” (Remember) her (Maryam) who guarded her chastity. Then We breathed into her Our spirit, and We made her and her son a sign for all peoples”: (91) 

Flag 23: Maryam and Son of Maryam: (Anbiya-21: 91) 

> ” Verily this is your group, one group, and I am Your Lord, therefore, worship Me”: (92) 

> ” But they have rent asunder their (this) affair among themselves (into sects). All shall return to Us”: (93) 

Flag 24: The Group of Prophets (Anbiya): One Religion (Islam): No Division, Grouping or Sectarianism: (Anbiya-21: 92-93) 

> ” Who so shall do good deeds, and is a believer, there shall be no rejection of his endeavour. Verily, We will write it down for him”: (94) 

Flag 25: No Rejection of Believers’ Good Deeds: (Anbiya-21: 94) 

> ” And it is forbidden to (the people of ) any town which We have destroyed that they shall not return”: (95) 

> ” Until, when Yajuj and Majuj are let loose, and they shall hasten out of every elevated place”: (96) 

Flag 26: Yajuj & Majuj (Gog and Magog) Let Loose: (Anbiya: 95-96) 


(i) Verse (Anbiya-21: 95) refers to a partial resurrection (known as raj-at or qiyamut-ul-sughra) when all the people, good or bad, shall be gathered together, except those who have been destroyed by Allah’s wrath. 

(ii) Verse (Anbiya-21: 96) refers to the day of partial resurrection prior to which Antichrist (Dajjal), the impostor, and the wild lawless forces of Yajuj and Majuj will break loose and swarm through the earth. 

(iii) Then the living Imam (Al Mahdi Al Qaim) will come and subdue all the evil forces and administer the whole world as a single God-fearing (Muslim) peaceful community. Prophet Isa will also come back with the twelfth Imam. 

> ” And the true promise shall draw nigh, then lo! the eyes of those who disbelieved shall be staring in amazement; (then they will say): Woe to us! Indeed we were heedless to this; nay, we were unjust”: (97) 

> ” Verily, you and what you worship beside Allah shall be fuel for hell; and you shall come to it”: (98)

> ” Had they really been gods, they would not have come to it (hell); and they will all abide there in for ever”: (99) 

> ” There will only be groaning for them, and they shall not hear anything”: (100)

Flag 27: The drawing near of the True Promise: Occupants of Hell: (Anbiya-21: 97-100)

> ” Verily those for whom goodness has gone forth from Us, they shall be kept away from it”: (101) 

> ” They will not hear the slightest sound of it, and they shall abide for ever that in which their souls desire”: (102) 

> ” The great terror shall not grieve them, and the angels shall meet them (saying): This is your day which you were promised”: (103) 

Flag 28: Occupants of Paradise (Jannat): Absolute Fulfilment of the Desires of the Souls: (Anbiya-21: 101-103)

> ” On that day We will roll up the heavens as a written scroll is rolled up. As We began (started) the first creature, so shall We return it. (It is) a promise binding upon Us. Verily, We have been doing it”: (104) 

Flag 29: The Rolling up of the Heavens- A Cyclic Process: (Anbiya-21: 104) 

> ” Verily We did write in the Zabur (the book of the Psalms of Dawud) after the reminder (Tawrat): My righteous servants shall inherit the earth”: (105) 

> ” Verily in this is a conveyance for a people who worship (Allah)”: (106) 

Flag 30: Allah’s Righteous Servants: (Anbiya-21: 105-106) 

> ” We sent you not but as a mercy unto the worlds”: (107) 

> ” Say: It has only been revealed to me that your God is one God. Will you then submit (to Him)”? (108) 

> ” If they turn back say: I have warned you all alike; and I know not whether that which you are promised is near or far”: (109) 

> ” Verily He knows what is spoken aloud, and He know what you hide”: (110) 

> ” I do not know; haply this (respite) may be a trial for you, and a provision till the time (of death)”: (111) 

> ” He (the Holy Prophet) said: O My Lord! Judge with truth. Our Lord is the beneficent, whose help is sought against what you ascribe to Him”: (112) 

Flag 31: The Mercy unto the Worlds: (Anbiya-21: 107-112)

Surah Al Anbiya ends 

Separa 17 (Iqtaraba Linnasi) continues 


Surah Al Hajj


> ” O people, fear your Lord. Verily, the quake of the hour is terrible thing”! (01) 

> ” The day you shall behold every suckling mother shall forsake her suckling, and every pregnant female shall drop her load. You shall behold the people (as) drunken, yet they will not be drunken, but the wrath of Allah will be terrible”: (02) 

Flag 32: The Quake of the ‘Hour’ (Hajj-22: 01-02 & 07) 

> ” Among the people there is he who disputes about Allah without knowledge, and follows every rebellious devil”: (03) 

> ” Against whom it is decreed that whosoever takes him for friend, then verily he shall beguile him and lead him to the torment of burning fire”: (04) 

Flag 33: Warning to ignorant leaders and those who follow them: (Hajj-22: 03-04 & 8-10)

> ” O people! if you are in doubt about being raised to life again, then (remember) that verily We created you from dust, then a drop of sperm, then from a clot, then from a lump of flesh, formed and unformed, that We may manifest to you (Our power). We cause what We will to stay in the womb till an appointed term, then We bring you forth as infants, then (We bring you up) in order that you reach your maturity. And of you is he who dies, and of you is he who is brought back to the feeblest old age so that after knowing he knows not anything. You behold the earth all withered, but when We send down rain upon it, it bestirs itself, swells, and brings forth every kind of attractive herbage”: (05) 

Flag 34: Your creation from sperm and new life to dead earth by rain: Contemplate on the Power behind it and Decide! (Hajj-22: 05-06) 

> ” That is so because verily Allah is the reality, and because he gives life to the dead, and because He has power over all things”: (06) 

> ” And verily the hour is coming, there is no doubt therein; and Allah will raise those who are in graves”: (07) 

> ” Among the people is he who disputes about Allah, without knowledge, without guidance and without an enlightening book”: (08) 

> ” Turning away in pride that he may lead astray (others) from the way of Allah. For him in this world is disgrace, and on the day of judgment We shall make him taste the torment of burning”: (09) 

> ” (It will be said to him): This is for what your two hands have sent before, and because Allah is not unjust to His servants”: (10) 

> ” Among the people is he who worships Allah (standing) on the edge, so if good comes to him he is satisfied, and if a trial comes to him, he turns about. He loses both this world and the hereafter, that is a manifest loss”: (11)

> ” He calls on, besides Allah, that which does not harm him, and that which does not profit him: that! it is a far off straying”: (12) 

> ” He calls upon him whose harm is nearer than his profit. Verily evil is the patron and evil is the associate”: (13) 

Flag 35: The ‘Dwindling’ faith: How best to lose both Worlds: (Hajj-22: 11-13) 


(i) Na Khuda Hi Mila Na Wisaley Sanam 

(Utter failure in achieving success in this world or the hereafter) 

Na Idhar Ke Rahe Na Udhar Ke Rahe 

(How best to lose both worlds!) 

(ii) The deserters at (Battle of Uhad) are the best example of visualising the characters to which these verses are applicable. 

> ” Verily Allah will admit those who believe and do good deeds, to gardens, beneath which rivers flow; verily Allah does what he intends”: (14) 

> ” Whosoever thinks that Allah will never help him (the Holy Prophet) in his life and the hereafter, let him stretch a chord to the heaven (to hang himself); then let him cut it, then let him see if his device removes that whereat he rages”: (15) 

Flag 36: Allah’s Inalienable Plans: A Challenge to Disbelievers: Is there a way to cut off Allah’s help to the holy Prophet? (Hajj-22: 14-16) 


(i) An assurance and prophecy to the holy Prophet of Allah’s continuing help and achievement of a complete victory. 

(ii) A warning to the enemies of the holy Prophet that their stupid plans and tactics shall in now way succeed. 

> ” And thus We have sent it down as manifest sign, and verily Allah guides whomsoever He intends”: (16) 

> ” Verily those who believe and those who are Jews and the Sabeans, and the Christians, and the Magians and those who associate (others with Allah); verily, Allah will decide between them on the day of judgment; verily Allah is witness over all things”: (17) 

> ” Do you not see that before Allah prostrate in adoration whosoever is in the heavens and whosoever is in the earth, and the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and the mountains, and the trees, and the animals, and many of mankind? And there are many on whom chastisement has become due, and whomsoever Allah disgraces, there is no one to honor him. Verily, Allah does whatsoever He wills”: (18) 

Flag 37: Everyone in the Universe Adore Allah & Prostrate to Him: Those in denial are sure to face chastisement: (Hajj-22: 18)

> ” These two are disputants who contend about their Lord; but as for those who disbelieved, garments of fire shall be cut out for them; boiling water shall be poured down over their heads”: (19) 

> ” With it shall be melted what is within their bellies, and also their skins”: (20)

> ” There are iron maces for them”: (21) 

> ” Every time they try to escape from its anguish, they shall be put back into (the fire). (It will be said): Taste the torment of burning”: (22) 

> ” Verily, Allah will admit those who believe and do good deeds to gardens beneath which rivers flow; they shall be adorned there in with bracelets of gold and (with) pearls; and of silk will be their garments”: (23) 

> ” For they are guided (in this life) to goodly words; and they are guided to the path of praised ones”: (24) 

Flag 38: The ‘Two Disputants’: (Hajj-22: 19-24)


(i) Men of Faith (Believers) & Men in Denial (Disbelievers) are referred to as the two opponents in verse (Hajj-22: 19). 

(ii)) On the authority of Abu Dharr al Ghaffari: Six persons have been referred to in this verse (Hamza, Ali & Obayda amongst the faithfuls) & (Utba, Shayba & Walid as Disbelievers). Hamza killed Utba while Ali killed Walid whereas Obayda was martyred by Shayba. 

(iii) On the authority of Ibn Abbas: Ali being the first and foremost amongst the party of Allah is the main person referred to as the chief of them in all such verses. 

(iv) Accordingly, opposition to Ali, at any stage, constitutes an opposition to Allah. 

> ” Verily those who disbelieve and obstruct (others) from way of Allah and from the sacred masjid which We have made for all people, the dweller therein and stranger (visitor) alike. Whoever intends to do wrong therein unjustly, We will make him taste a grievous chastisement”: (25) 

Flag 39: The Sacred Masjid (Kabbah): Sanctuary for all: Obstruction thereto a Crime: (Hajj-22: 25) 

 > ” (Remember O Muhammad) When We fixed for Ibrahim the place of the house (saying): Associate not with Me anything, and clean My house for those who circum-ambulate it, stand (in prayer), bow and prostrate themselves”: (26) 

> ” Proclaim the pilgrimage to the people. They will come to you on foot and on lean camel, coming from every remote way”: (27) 

> ” That they may witness the advantages to them; and mention the name of Allah during the appointed days upon what He has provided them of the four-footed cattle; then eat of them and feed the needy and the poor”: (28)

> ” Then let them cleanse themselves of the dirt and fulfil their vows and cirumambulate the ancient house”: (29)

> ” That (is the command), and whoever respects the sacred ordinances of Allah, then it is best for him with his Lord. The cattle are made lawful to you save that which has been mentioned to you. Shun, then, the pollution of the idols and shun vain words”: (30) 

> ” Being upright (in faith) to Allah, not associating (anything) with Him. Whosoever associates (anything) with Allah, it is as though he has fallen from heaven and (a) bird (vulture) has snatched him: or the wind has carried him away to a far-off place”: (31) 

> ” That (is the command). Whoever respects the signs of Allah; it is from the piety of the hearts”: (32) 

Flag 40: Respecting Signs of Allah: (Hajj-22: 32)


(i) To respect or honour anything which stimulates the remembrance of Allah, is described as the piety of heart. 

(ii) Kissing Hajr Aswad; running between Safa and Marwa; pelting stones in Mina; garlands in the necks of sacrifice (Maidha-5: 02), etc are all examples of the piety of the heart. 

(iii) The banner of Hussain and other symbols of struggle at Karbala also fall in the category of remembrance of Allah (signs of Allah). 

> “There are benefits therein for you till a fixed time, and the place of their sacrifice is the ancient house”: (33) 

> ” For every community, We have prescribed a rite that they mention the name of Allah upon what We have provided them of the four-footed cattle. Your God is one God, so submit yourself to Him; and give (O Muhammad) the glad tidings to the humble”: (34) 

> ” Whose hearts, when Allah is mentioned, are filled with awe and reverence, who endure with patience what befalls them, establish prayer and spend out of what We have provided them”: (35) 

> ” And the camels! We have made them for you among the signs of Allah; for you is good in them, so mention the name of Allah on them, standing in rows (for sacrifice); and when they fall down on their sides, eat of them and feed the contended (who do not beg) and those who beg (with due humility). Thus We have subjugated them to you that haply you may give thanks”: (36)

> ” Their flesh does not reach Allah nor their blood; but (it is) piety from you that reaches Him, Thus he has subjugated them to you, that you may glorify Allah for having guided you aright; and give (O Muhammad) glad tidings to doers of good”: (37) 

> ” Verily, Allah repels (the mischief of the disbelievers) from those who believe; verily, Allah does not love any unfaithful, ungrateful”: (38) 

> ” Permission (to fight) is given to those against whom war is made, because they have been oppressed, and verily Allah is potent to help them”: (39)

Flag 41:The Hajj: (Hajj-22: 26-38)

> ” Those who have been expelled from their homes unjustly except because they say: Our Lord is Allah! And if Allah had not repelled some people through some others, cloisters, churches, synagogues and masjids, where the name of Allah is oft mentioned, would have been pulled down; and verily Allah will help him who helps Him; verily Allah is strong, mighty”: (40) 

> ” (They are) those who, if We establish them in the earth, shall establish salat and pay zakat, enjoin good and forbid evil; and to Allah is sequel of all affairs”: (41) 

Flag 42: Permission to Fight in Self Defence (Jihad): (Hajj-22: 39-41) 

> ” And if they belie you (O Muhammad) then surely people of Nuh, Ad , Thamud, before you, have belied (Our messengers)”: (42) 

> ” And the people of Ibrahim and the people of Lut”: (43) 

> ” And the dwellers of Midian. Musa was also belied, but I gave respite to the disbelievers, then I seized them, and how (severe) was My rejection”! (44)

> ” How many a town (habitation) did We destroy while it was unjust, and (the walls) have fallen down over its roofs; (how many a) well abandoned, and (how many a) fortified castle (ruined)”! (45) 

> ” What! Have they not traveled in the earth that they could have hearts to understand, or ears to hear? Verily it is not eyes that are blind but blind are the hearts which are in breasts”: (46) 

> ” They ask you to hasten the chastisement, and Allah does not fail in His promise. Verily a day with your Lord is equal by your reckoning to a thousand years”: (47) 

Flag 43: Hastening of the ‘Day’: Allah does not Fail in His Promise: (Hajj-22: 47 & 51 & 55-57) 

> ” To how many a town did I give respite while it was unjust, then I seized it; and to Me is the return”: (48) 

> ” Say: O you people, I am only a manifest warner to you”: (49)

> ” Then those who believe and do good, for them is pardon and honourable provision”: (50) 

> ” Those who strive to falsify Our signs, they shall be inmates of the flaming fire”: (51) 

> ” We did not send before you (O Muhammad) any messenger or prophet, but when he desired (to recite the message) Shaytan did cast (interpolation) in his desire (recitation) (to create confusion); but Allah annuls that which Shaytan casts, then Allah establishes His signs – verily Allah is all-knowing, all-wise -“: (52) 

Flag 44: How messengers faced Shaytanic Challenge? (Hajj-22: 49-50 & 52-53)

> ” So that he may make that which Shaytan casts a trial for those in whose hearts is a disease, and for those whose hearts are hard. Verily the unjust are in a schism far (from the truth)”: (53) 

> ” And those who have been given knowledge may know that it (Quran) is the truth from your Lord, so that they may believe in it and their hearts may humbly submit to it, and verily Allah guides those, who believe, to a right path”: (54) 

Flag 45: (Utul Ilm) beyond Shaytanic reach: (Hajj-22: 54) 


(i) (Utul Ilm), (Rasekhoona fil ilm: Imran-3: 07) thoroughly purified by Allah (Ahzab-33: 33). 

> ” Those who disbelieve will not cease to be in doubt about it until the hour overtakes them suddenly, or there comes to them the doom of the day of desolation”: (55) 

> ” The kingdom that day shall be Allah’s. He will judge between them. Those who believe and do good shall be in the gardens of bliss”: (56) 

> ” And those who disbelieve and belie Our signs – these! for them shall be a disgraceful chastisement”: (57) 

> ” Those who migrate in the way of Allah, and then are slain or die, Allah will certainly provide them with goodly sustenance. Verily Allah is best of providers”: (58) 

> ” Verily He will admit them by an entrance with which they shall be well pleased. Verily Allah is all-knowing, most forbearing”: (59) 

Flag 46: Migration in Allah’s Way: (Hajj-22: 58-59) 

> ” That (is so); and he retaliated with the like of that whereby he was wronged, and again he has been wronged, then most certainly Allah will help him; verily Allah is merciful, oft-forgiving”: (60) 

> ” That is because Allah causes the night to enter into the day and causes the day to enter into the night, and because Allah is all-hearing, all seeing”: (61)

> ” That is because Allah – He is the truth, and that which they call upon beside Him – it is falsehood, and because Allah – He is high, the great”: (62)

> ” Do you not see that Allah sends down water from heaven, and the earth becomes green? Verily Allah is benign and all-aware”: (63) 

> ” What so ever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth belongs to Him. Verily Allah – He is self-sufficient, the owner of the praise”: (64)

> ” Do you not see that Allah has subjugated for you whatsoever is in the earth, and the ships sailing in the sea by His command? And He withholds the heavens that it does not fall upon the earth, save by His permission. Verily Allah is, to the people, compassionate, and merciful”: (65) 

> ” He it is who gave you life, then He will cause you to die, then He will bring you back to life again. Verily man is most ungrateful”: (66)

Flag 47: The Only Truth: Most High, Benign & Aware: The Owner of the Intellect (Knowledge & Science) & All Creations: (Hajj-22: 60-66) 

> To every people We have prescribed rites of devotion which they observe, so they should not dispute with you about the affair; and call them to your Lord; verily you are on the right path”: (67) 

> ” If they dispute with you, say: Allah knows best what you do”: (68)

> ” Allah will judge between you on the day of judgement concerning that wherein you differ”: (69) 

> ” Do you not know that Allah knows what is in the heavens and the earth? Verily this is in the book (of divine decrees). Verily this is easy for Allah”: (70)

Flag 48: On the ‘Day’ Allah to Judge where Mankind Differs: (Hajj-22: 67-70)

> ” And they worship, beside Allah, that for which He has not sent any authority, and that of which they have no knowledge; and there shall not be any helper for the unjust”: (71) 

> ” When Our clear signs are recited to them, you will see repugnance on the faces of those who disbelieve; well-nigh they leap upon those who recite Our signs to them. Say: Shall I inform you of what is worse than this? (it is) the fire, which Allah has promised to those who disbelieve. How evil is the destination”! (72) 

Flag 49: The Persistent Denial of Allah’s Signs: Only Hell is Worse: (Hajj-22: 71-72) 

> “O people a parable is set forth, so listen to it: Verily, those whom you call beside Allah cannot create a fly, even if they all gather together to do so: and if the fly should carry away anything from them, they cannot take it back from it. (How) weak are those who invoke and those whom they invoke”! (73)

> ” They have not estimated Allah (with) His rightful estimate: verily Allah is strong, mighty”: (74) 

Flag 50: Allah the ‘Strong and Mighty’! How weak are those who invoke associates (Shirk) and whom they invoke:? (Hajj-21: 73-74)

> ” Allah chooses messengers from the angels, and from human beings. Verily Allah is all-hearing, all-seeing”: (75) 

> ” He knows what is before them and what lies behind them, and to Allah all affairs are returned”: (76) 

> ” O you who believe! Bow down and prostrate yourself and worship your Lord, and do good, that haply you may succeed”: (77) 

> ” Strive (fight) in (the way of) Allah as you ought to strive (fight). He has chosen you and has not laid upon you any hardship in religion, the faith of your father Ibrahim. He named you Muslim before and in this (book), that the messenger may be a witness over you, and that you may be witnesses over mankind. So establish salat and pay zakat and hold fast by Allah. He is your master: an excellent master and an excellent helper”: (78) 

Flag 51: O Muslims! the ‘Chosen’ Ones: Prostrate to Allah alone: Hold fast to the Religion of Your Father Ibrahim: (Hajj-22: 75-78) 

Surah Al Hajj ends 

Separa-17 (Iqtaraba Linnasi) ends