Highlighted Quranic Listing-22

Highlighted Quranic listing of the Twenty-second Separa (Wa Man Yaqnut) is here. An attempt has been made to simplify the tracking of the desired information. At the outset, it is necessary to acknowledge innumerable sources used in the compilation of this effort. No attempt has been made to list the references individually; but sincere thanks are due to all, individually and collectively. 

Road Map: 

  1. The list of (Flags) below is a subject-wise identification 
  2. Each (Flag) refers to the corresponding (verse or verses) and identifies (explanatory note), if any 
  3. Quranic verses of this (Separa) are listed and marked in the conventional way 
  4. For example (Ahzab-33: 33) refers to the thirty-third verse of Surah Ahzab which is the thirty third Surah of the Holy Quran. 
  5. Each verse commences and ends marked as (> “—–“: (number of the verse) 
  6. >>> ” denotes the the subject of the verse is continuing into the next verse 
  7. All notes are numbered in parenthesis as (i), (ii) and so on 
  8. All a reader needs to do is review the listed (Flags), choose the desired subject and proceed to the indicated (Ayat) 
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Separa-22 (Wa Man Yaqnut) 

Surah Al Ahzab ( 31-73) 
Surah Saba (01-54) 
Surah Al Fatir (01-45) 
Surah Yasin (01-21) 


Surah Al Ahzab

( 31-73)

> ” But whosoever of you is obedient to Allah and His messenger, and does good, We will give her recompense twice over, and we have prepared for her an honourable sustenance”: (31) 

Flag 1: Allah’s glad tidings to the wives of the Holy Prophet: (Ahzab-33: 31)

> ” O wives of the prophet, you are not like other women. If you have fear of Allah, do not be too obliging in your speech, lest he in whose heart is a disease may lust after you; but speak a customary speech”: (32) 

> ” Stay in your house , and do not display yourself after the manner of the days of ignorance; and establish prayer, give the poor rate, obey Allah and His messenger>>>”: (33) 

Flag 2: Norms for wives of the holy Prophet explained: (Ahzab-32-33) 

>>> ” Verily Verily Allah intends but to keep off from you (every kind of) uncleanliness, O you the people of the house, and purify you (with) a thorough purification”: (33) 

Flag 3: The People of the House (Ahlul Bayt) thoroughly purified by Allah Himself: Hadith-e-Kisa: (Ahzab-33: 33) 


(i) Hadith-e-Kisa: On the authority of Hazrat Fatima Zehra; the event of revelation of this verse reported by Jabir bin Abdullah Ansari follows: 

One day my father, the messenger of Allah came into (my house), and said: Fatima! peace be on you. Peace be on you too: I replied. I am not feeling well; he said. May Allah keep you safe from weakness, O my father: I prayed. Fatima! Please bring the Yamani blanket and cover me with it; he said. 

So I brought the Yamani blanket and covered him with it. I turned my eyes on his face. It was shining brightly like a full moon in its full glory and splendour. 

Then, not a moment passed before my son, Hasan, walked in and said: Peace be on you, mother. Peace be on you too, my dearest darling; I answered. I breathe the pure aroma of the messenger of Allah, my grandfather, coming from you! He observed. True your grandfather is here under the blanket; I confirmed. 

Hasan went near his grandfather (covered with a blanket) and said: Peace be on, grandfather, the messenger of Allah, may I join you under the blanket? Peace be on you my son, my companion at the spring of Kawthar, come in. He went inside the blanket. Then, not a moment passed, before my son, Hussain, walked in and said: Peace be on you, mother. Peace be on you too, my dearest darling: I answered. I breathe the pure aroma of the messenger of Allah, my grandfather, coming from you! He observed. True, your grandfather and your brother are under the blanket. I confirmed. Hussain went near the blanket (under which his grandfather was resting with his brother) and said: Peace be on you grandfather, the choice of Allah, may I join you both under the blanket? Peace be on you my son, the saviour of my people, come in. He went inside the blanket. 

In that instant, Abul Hasan, Amir al Mu’minin, Ali ibn abi Talib stepped-in and said: Peace be on you O the daughter of the messenger of Allah! Peace be on you too, Abul Hasan, Amir al Mu’minin, I answered. Fatimah, I breathe the pure aroma of my brother, the son of my uncle, the messenger of Allah, coming from you! He observed. True , he is under the blanket with your sons: I confirmed. 

Ali went near the blanket and said: Peace be on you the messenger of Allah, may I join you (all) under the blanket? Peace be on you my brother, the executor of my will, my successor, my standard bearer, come in. Ali went inside the blanket. Then I went near the blanket and said: Peace be on you my father, the messenger of Allah, may I join you (all) under the blanket? Peace be on you my daughter, my darling, come in. I went inside the blanket. 

As soon as all of us united under the blanket, my father, the messenger of Allah, held the two ends of the blanket and raised his right hand toward heaven, and said: O Allah! These are my (Ahlul Bayt), very special to me, my near and dear ones, my own flesh and blood; whoso annoys them disturbs me; whoso makes them sad makes me unhappy. I make war on those who carry on hostilities against them; I am well disposed towards those who make their peace with them; I oppose those who run counter to them; I favour those who love them. They are from me and I am from them. So send thy blessings, benefits, mercy, protection and favours on me and on them, and keep off from them uncleanliness, and purify them with a thorough purification. Thereupon the Almighty and Glorious Allah said: O My angels and the dwellers of the heavens, verily I have not created the indeclinable sky, the levelled earth, the bright moon, the resplendent sun, the rotating cosmetic system, the flowing seas, and the sailing ships, but for the sake of and in the love of the five souls lying underneath the blanket. 

The trusted Jibrail asked: O Lord! Who are underneath the blanket? The Almighty and the Glorious replied: They are the (Ahlul Bayt) of the Prophet, the custodians of the message; they are – Fatimah, her father, her husband and her sons. Jibrail submissively asked: O Lord! May I descend on the earth and be the sixth of them? 

Yes, I give you permission: said Allah. 

The trusted Jibrail came down (on the earth) and said: Peace be on you O the messenger of Allah. The Highest High says: Peace be on you. And distinguishes you with greetings and blessings. 

He tells you: 

In the name of my majesty and glory, verily, I have not created the indeclinable sky, the levelled earth, the bright moon, the resplendent sun, the rotating cosmic system, the flowing seas, and the sailing ship, but for your sake and in your love. And He (Allah) has also given me permission to be with you. So may I have your permission O the messenger of Allah? 

The messenger of Allah replied: Peace be on you, O the custodian of Allah’s revelation, come in and join (us). 

Jibrail came in and joined us under the blanket.

He told my father: Verily, Allah has sent a Revelation to you. He said: 

>>> ” Verily, verily Allah intends but to keep off from you (every kind of) uncleanliness, O you the people of the house (Ahlul Bayt), and purify you (with) a thorough purification:”

(Ahzab-33: 33: also known as Ayah-e-Tathir)

Ali asked my father: O messenger of Allah, tell us that which makes our assembly under the blanket an event of surpassing excellence before Allah. 

The holy Prophet replied: In the name of He who sent me as a truthful prophet and chose me as a redeemer to convey His message, I declare that no assembly of our followers and devotees, on earth, where this event (Hadith Kisa) is narrated shall spend a single moment but the mercy of Allah will envelop them, then and there; and countless angels of Allah shall pray for the remission of their sins till the group of faithfuls disperse. 

Ali declared: Well then, by the Lord of the Kabbah, we have attained our end, and have been rendered successful, so also our followers. 

The holy Prophet said again: O Ali! in the name of He who sent me as a truthful prophet, and chose me as a redeemer to convey His message, I declare that in any of the assemblies of our followers and devotees, on earth, where this event is narrated (Hadith Kisa), there would not be a grief -stricken among them, but Allah will dispel his worries; nor there would be downcast, among them, but Allah disperses his sorrow; nor would there be needy, among them, but Allah meets his demands. Then Ali observed: In this case, then by Allah, we have attained our end, and found our happiness; likewise our followers have attained their end and found their happiness in this world and the hereafter, in the name of the Lord of the Kabbah. 

(ii) The (Ahlul Bayt) refers to he thoroughly purified which include (Fatimah, her father, her husband and her sons) and twelve holy Imams of the (Ahlul Bayt in continuity while the living, twelfth Imam is behind veil). 

(iii) On the authority of Aisha (Wife of the holy Prophet): I saw the holy Prophet taking Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Hussain under his mantle and heard him saying: Oh Allah, these are my (Ahlul Bayt). Keep off impurity from them. Further she said: Ayah al Tathir (Ahzab-33: 33) refers to the holy Prophet, Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Hussain. No wife of his is included. 

(iv) On the authority of Ummi Salma (Wife of the holy Prophet): When this verse was revealed the holy Prophet was under a blanket (mantle) along with Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Hussain, and he declared that his family consisted of only these persons. When she asked for permission to be included in the group under the blanket, but she was politely refused permission. 

(v) On the authority of Zaid bin Arqam: By Allah wives of the holy Prophet cannot be included in the (Ahlul Bayt) at all, because after the pronouncement of divorce the wives are reverted to their parents; and, moreover Sadqa (Charity) is prohibited to be given to the (Ahlul Bayt). 

(vi) The recitation of the (Hadith Kisa) on occasions, and particularly on (Thursday-Friday night) is highly recommended. 

> ” (O wives of the Holy Prophet) remember what is recited in your houses of the signs of Allah and wisdom. Verily Allah is subtle, all-aware”: (34) 

Flag 4: Allah’s reminder to the wives of the Holy Prophet: (Ahzab-33: 34)

> ” Verily the Muslim men and the Muslim women, the believing me and believing women, the obedient men and the obedient women, the truthful men and the truthful women, the patient men and the patient women, the humble men and the humble women, alms-giving men and the alms-giving women, the fasting men and the fasting women, and the men who guard their private parts, and the women who guard their private parts, and the men who remember Allah much and the women who remember Allah much – of them Allah has kept ready forgiveness and great recompense”: (35) 

Flag 5: The ready recompense and forgiveness from Allah: (Ahzab-33: 35) 

> ” And it is not for a believing man or a believing woman to have any choice in their affairs when Allah and His messenger have decided a matter; and whoever disobeys Allah and His messenger has indeed strayed with a manifest straying”: (36) 

Flag 6: Allah and His messenger’s decision, once given, concerning an affair is final: (Ahzab-33: 36) 

> ” When you said to him on whom Allah has conferred favour and you have conferred favour: ‘Keep your wife to yourself and fear Allah’: you were shielding what Allah would bring to light, and you were afraid of people. It is Allah whom you should fear. When Zayd set her free, We gave her in marriage to you, so that the believers should not face difficulties about the wives of their adopted sons when they have divorced them.The command of Allah must be fulfilled”: (37) 

Flag 7: The holy Prophet marriage to Zainab decreed: No controversy: Allah’s Way (Sunnat) explained: (Ahzab-33: 37-39) 

> ” There is no blame on the prophet in what Allah has ordained for him. This has been the way of Allah with those who have gone before – and the command of Allah is a decree irrevocable>>>”: (38) 

> Those who convey the message of Allah, and fear Him and do not fear any one save Allah. Allah is sufficient to take account”: (39) 

> ” Muhammad is not the father of any man among you, but a messenger of Allah, and the seal of prophet, Allah is the knower of all things”: (40)

Flag 8: Muhammad: the seal of Prophet (Last Prophet): is not the father of any man: (Ahzab-33: 40) 

> ” O you who believe remember Allah very often “: (41) 

> ” And glorify him morning and evening”: (42) 

> ” He it is who sends His blessings on you, and His angels also, that He may bring you forth from darkness unto light. He is merciful to the believers”: (43) 

Flag 9: The Prayer timings: (Allah Hum-ma Salley Ala Muhammadan WA Ale Muhammad): Sending these Blessings an integral part of the Prayer: (Ahzab-33: 41-43 & 56)


(i) On the authority of Imam Jafar Sadiq: Our followers are those who, whenever free from their legitimate duties, remember Allah a great deal. 

> ” Their greeting on the day they shall meet Him will be: ‘Peace’: And He has an honourable recompense ready for them”: (44) 

Flag 10: Izrail’s greeting on a true believers death: Ahzab-33: 44) 


(i) It is said that when Izrail comes to take away the soul of a true believer he says: Peace be on you (assalamu alaikum). 

> ” O Prophet (Muhammad), verily We have sent you as a witness and a bearer of glad tidings and a warner”: (45) 

> ” And as one who invites to Allah by His command, and as a lamp resplendent”: (46) 

Flag 11: The holy Prophet-the Warner & a Light:The holy Prophet & the (Ahlul Bayt) are lamp like sun (By His command); inviting mankind to the light: (Ahzab-33: 45-48)


(i) Sun described as a lamp (Nuh-71: 16): The Holy Prophet & his (Ahlul Bayt including twelve holy Imams in an unbroken chain) is a lamp like sun which will continue to illuminate the whole world till the end. 

> ” Give glad tidings to the believers that there shall be for them a great grace from Allah”: (47) 

> ” Do not listen to the infidels and the hypocrites, and ignore what they do to annoy you, put your trust in Allah. Allah is sufficient as protector”: (48) 

> ” O you who believe, when you marry believing women then divorce them before you have touched them, there is no waiting period (iddat) that you should reckon. Make provision for them and set them free in an honourable manner”: (49) 

Flag 12: No waiting period (Iddat) for an untouched Divorcee: (Ahzab-33: 49)

> ” O Prophet (Muhammad! Verily We have made lawful for you your wives whom you have given their dowry, and those whom your right hand possesses out of those whom Allah returns to you (without war), and the daughters of your paternal uncle, and the daughters of your paternal aunts, and the daughter of your maternal uncle and the daughters of your maternal aunts, who migrated with you, and a believing women who offers herself to the prophet if the prophet desires to marry her – a privilege for you only, not for the (rest of) believers. We know what We ordained for them about their wives and those whom their right hands possess in order that there may be no blame on you. Allah is forgiving merciful”: (50) 

> ” You may put off whom of them you please, and you may take (to bed) whom you please. There is no blame on you if you desire any of those whom you had set aside. This is nearer to cooling of their eyes (more delightful for them), and they may not grieve, and each will be happy with what you give her. Allah knows what is in your hearts. Allah is all-knowing, forbearing”: (51) 

Flag 13: Holy Prophets’ Special privileges concerning wives and those his right hand possesses: (Ahzab-33: 50-51)

> ” Women are not allowed to you hence-forth, nor should you change them for other wives although their beauty may please you, save those whom your right hand possesses; and Allah is watchful of everything”: (52) 

Flag 14: Allah Commands: No more holy Prophet Marriage: (Ahzab-33: 52) 

> ” O you who believe, do not enter the houses of the prophet for a meal without awaiting a proper time (of its preparation); but when you are invited, enter; and when you have taken your meal, disperse, without seeking familiar talk. Verily this annoys the prophet, and he feels embarrassed (to tell you to depart), but Allah does not feel embarrassed in (saying) the truth. If you ask them anything, ask of them from behind the curtain. It is purer for your hearts and (for) their hearts. It is not lawful for you that you annoy the messenger of Allah (Muhammad), nor that you should ever marry his wives after him. Verily this a grave offence in the sight of Allah”: (53) 

> ” Whether you manifest a thing or you hide it, verily Allah is aware of everything”: (54) 

> ” There is no blame on them (if they come) before their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their brothers’ sons, or their sisters’ sons, or their own women, or whom their right hands possess; and fear Allah. Verily Allah is witness to all things”: (55) 

Flag 15: Holy Prophet’s House: Norms for visitors & wives: Ever marrying holy Prophet’s wife (period after him inclusive) forbidden: (Ahzab-33: 53-55) 

> ” Verily Allah and His angels send blessings on the prophet. O you who believe send blessings on him and greet him with a worthy greeting”: (56)

Flag 16: (Salawat): The Only Worship in which Allah & his angels are with you: (Ahzab-33: 43 & 56)


(i) Faithfuls asked the Holy Prophet: How are we to seek blessing on you? He said. Say: O Allah send blessings on Muhammad and Ale Muhammad: 

(ii) During the prayers, after each Tashahud, if (Salawat) is not recited, render prayer (Salat) null and void. 

(iii) It is compulsory to recite (Salawat) whenever the name of the Holy Prophet is mentioned. 

> ” Verily those who annoy Allah and His messenger (Muhammad) , Allah has cursed them in this world and the hereafter, and has prepared for them a disgraceful chastisement”: (57) 

Flag 17: Allah’s Curse and/or Chastisement on those who annoy Allah and his messenger: (Ahzab 33: 57&48:Nisa-4: 115: Anfal-8: 13: Barat-9: 61)


(i) Annoying Allah and His messenger includes annoying (Ahlul Bayt): the thoroughly purified by Allah himself (Ahzab-33: 33) 

> ” Those who annoy believing men and believing women without reason bear the guilt of slander and manifest sin”: (58) 

Flag 18: Annoying Faithfuls: (Ahzab-33: 58)

> ” O Prophet (Muhammad) tell your wives and daughters and the women of the believers that they should let down upon themselves their wrapping garments, in order to distinguish them (from others) so that they will not be troubled. Allah is forgiving , merciful”: (59) 

Flag 19: Wrapping garments for women explained: (Ahzab-33: 59) 

> ” If the hypocrites and those in whose hearts is a disease and the rumor-mongers in the city, do not desist, We shall certainly rouse you against them, then they shall not be allowed to be your neighbors in it except for a little while”: (60) 

> ” Accursed, they shall be seized wherever found, and slain with a (relentless) slaughter”: (61) 

> ” (Such was) the way of Allah among those who lived before, and you will not find any change in the way of Allah”: (62) 

Flag 20: Hypocrites & Rumour-Mongers: No change in Allah’s Way (Sunnat): (Ahzab-33: 60-62)


(i) The verse is evidence of the seriousness of the problem, particularly towards the last period of the holy Prophet’s life.

(ii) Battles of (Siffin, Jamal and Nahrwan) are all part of the necessary action as commanded by Allah. 

(iii) The job is destined to be completed on the arrival of the twelfth Imam. 

> ” People ask you about the hour (of judgement). Say: The knowledge of it is with Allah only. What will make you know? The hour may be close at hand”: (63) 

Flag 21: The knowledge of the ‘Hour’: (Ahzab-33: 63)


(i) References: (Ahzab-33: 63: Luqman-31: 34: Araf-7: 187: Naziat-79: 44: Saba-34: 30). 

> ” Verily Allah has cursed the disbelievers, and prepared a blazing fire for them”: (64) 

> ” They shall abide therein for ever, and they shall not find a protector, nor a helper”: (65) 

> ” On the day when their faces shall be turned on the fire, they shall say: Woe to us! Would that we had obeyed Allah and obeyed the messenger”: (66) 

Flag 22: Allah’s Curse on the disbelievers: (Ahzab-33: 64-66) 

> ” They shall say: O our Lord, verily we obeyed our leaders and the elders, and they let us stray”: (67) 

> ” O Our Lord , give them a double punishment, and curse them with a very great curse”: (68) 

Flag 23: Leaders & elders (Shaytanic Converts): blamed for the inducement & losing the track: (Ahzab-33: 67-68)

> ” O You who believe, be not like those who annoyed Musa, whilst Allah cleared him what they allege; and he was held in high esteem with Allah”: (69) 

Flag 24:  Allah’s warning: Refrain from alleging the holy Prophet or (Ahlul Bayt): See note (Ahzab-33: 69)


(i) Qarun put false allegations (of adultery) on Musa and was punished for the same. 

> ” O You who believe, safeguard yourself against evil with full awareness of Allah’s laws and speak the right word”: (70) 

> ” He will straighten your affairs for you and forgive sins; and whoever obeys Allah and His messenger, he verily achieved a great success”: (71) 

Flag 25: The Right Word! How to seek Allah’s pleasure and achieve great success (Fauz-un-Azim)? (Ahzab-33: 70-71) 

(i) (Taqwa), following and speaking truth with absolute obedience to the holy Prophet inclusive of (Ahlul Bayt) a sure way to (Fauz-un-Azim). 

> ” Verily We offered the trust to heavens and the earth and the mountains, but they refused to bear it and were afraid of it; but man undertook it, verily he was unjust, ignorant”: (72)

Flag 26: What is Allah’s Trust? The Reminder: Mankind’s celestial covenant: (Ahzab-33: 72)


(i) The trust given to mankind is (Imamah:Leadership). which faithful failed to follow due to iniquity and ignorance. 

(ii) Every entity made a covenant with Allah in the celestial regime known as latent covenant. 

(iii) The latent covenant is the promise (La ilaha il-allah) and to worship none but Allah.

> ” So Allah will punish the hypocrites, men and women, and the polytheist, men, and women, and will turn in mercy to the believers, men, and women. Allah is forgiving, merciful” : (73) 

Flag 27: Allah’s promise to all men & women: (Ahzab-33: 73)

Surah Al Ahzab ends 

Separa-22 (Wa Man Yaqnut) continues 


Surah Saba  


> ” Praise be to Allah to whom belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth. His is the praise in the hereafter. He is all-wise, all-knowing”: (01) 

Flag 28: Allah’s Ownership & Praise: (Saba-34: 01)


(i) The oft-repeated Quranic assertion negating any thought of sharing of authority or praise with any so-called associate gods. 

(ii) Allah’s absolute sovereignty is the fundamental pillar of Islam. 

> ” He knows whatsoever goes into the earth and whatsoever comes out of it, and whatsoever comes down from heaven and whatsoever goes up to it. He is merciful, forgiving”: (02) 

Flag 29: Allah the absolute owner of all the intellect based knowledge (Science being its function inclusive of all it’s hitherto discovered components): (Saba-34: 02)


(i) All well known physical, chemical, biological, gentical processes telecommunication, galaxies & solar system functions, etc stand out to be an integral, though insignificant, part of Allah’s all encompassing domain. 

> ” Those who disbelieve say: The hour shall not come unto us. Say: By my Lord, the knower of unseen, it shall certainly come unto you>>>”: (03)

Flag 30: The knower of (Ghaib) who has knowledge of the ‘Hour’ decreed it as inevitable: (Saba-34: 03)

>>> ” Not an atom’s weight in the heavens and the earth is hidden from Him, nor is there anything less than it nor greater but it is (recorded) in the manifest book”: (03) 

Flag 31: Recompense based on record: (Kitabum Mobin: The Manifest Book) & the (Lauh-Mefooz) & the (Imamum Mobin): (Saba-34: 03-04)


(i) References: (Saba-34: 03:Anam-6: 59:Yasin-36: 12:Buruj-85: 22). 

> ” In order that he may recompense those who believe and do good. For them is forgiveness and honourable sustenance”: (04) 

> ” As for those who strive to frustrate Our signs, there is a punishment of painful torment”: (05) 

Flag 32: Allah’s invincible plans; beyond reach of any evil planners: (Saba-34: 05 & 38 & Hajj-22: 22 & 51) 


(i) Allah’s plan can never be frustrated. Opponents had and shall continue to face complete annihilation. 

(ii) Attempts to explain nature and other functions in the atheistic and/or materialistic garbs are all included therein facing Allah’s wrath. 

> “Those who have been given knowledge see (realize) what has been sent down to you from your Lord is the truth, and it guides to the path of the mighty, the owner of the praise”: (06) 

Flag 33: Knowing (Utul ilm) who have true knowledge of Allah’s Way (Sunnat): (Saba-34: 06)


(i) ‘Those who have been given knowledge’ (Utul ilm) refers to the thoroughly purified by Allah ( Ahlul Bayt:Ahzab-33: 33). 

(ii) Further Quranic references concerning Rasekhoona-fil-Ilm, Utul-Ilm, Ulil Ilm and those who have knowledge of the book (Imran-03: 07/ Nisa 04:162/ Imran-03: 18/ Rad-13: 43/ Nahl: 16:27/ Bani Israil-17: 107/ Hajj-22: 54/ Anakbut-29: 49/ Rum-30: 56/ Saba-34: 06/ Muhammad-47: 16). 

> ” Those who disbelieve say: Shall we point out to you a man who tells you when you are all scattered to pieces in disintegration, (then) you shall be raised in a new creation”: (07) 

> ” Has he forged a lie against Allah or is there in him a madness? Nay, These who do not believe in the hereafter are themselves in a torment and farthest straying”: (08) 

> ” Do they not see what is before them and what is behind them of heaven and the earth? If We will, We shall sink them into the earth or cause a fragment of the heaven to fall on them. Verily there is a sign in this for every servant who turns to Allah”: (09) 

Flag 34: Allah’s raising of the dead, a manifest sign: But matter of laugh for the intellectually blind disbelievers: (Saba-34: 07-09)

> ” Verily We gave Dawud grace from Us, (saying): O mountains sing Our praise along with him, and you birds (also). And We made the Iron soft for him”: (10) 

> ” Saying: Make coats for mail, and properly measure their links, and do good. Verily I see whatsoever you do”: (11) 

Flag 35: Allah bestows talent on Prophet Dawud: Scientific procedures put into practice thousands of years ago: (Saba-34: 10-11)


(i) With Allah’s blessings, Prophet Dawud was able to perform complex metallurgical operations with precise measurements. 

(ii) The phenomenon of sound echo was used to amplify Dawuds singing of praise for Allah. 

> ” (We made subservient to) Sulayman the wind which traveled in the morning, a month’s journey, and a month’s journey in the evening. We made a spring of molten brass flow for him; and some of the jinns labored for him by the command of his Lord. Whoever among them turned away from Our command was made to taste the chastisement of the flaming fire”: (12) 

> ” They made for him whatever he wished, fortresses, statues, large basins like reservoirs, and huge immobile cooking cauldrons: (it was said): O family of Dawud, act (righteously) and give thanks. Very few of My servants are grateful”: (13) 

Flag 36. Allah’s Scientific Miracles and command over (Jinn & all other creatures) bestowed on Prophet Sulayman: (Saba-34: 12-13)


(i) Today’s scientific prides such as air travel, construction of complex structures, dams for water storage, long distance communication were all made easy for Prophet Sulayman by Allah. 

> ” When We decreed death for him (Sulayman), nothing disclosed to them his death, save a little worm of the earth which was eating away his staff. When he fell down, then the jinn came to know that had they known the unseen, they would not have tarried in the humiliating torment”: (14) 

Flag 37. Allah decreed Prophet Sulayman’s mysterious death as a sign of His authority: (Saba-34: 14) 


(i) Prophet Sulayman climbed to the top of his palace to have a good view of the kingdom holding his staff in hand. 

(ii) Before going up, he prohibited everyone else to follow him.

(iii) Reportedly: While Sulayman stood leaning on his staff, his soul left his body, but the staff supported his body in that posture for one full year. 

(iv) During all that period, he was fully visible from below, seemingly alert and in good shape. 

(v) No Jinn or man had the courage to go up against his instruction, till termite ate up part of his staff and his body fell down. 

> ” There was a sign for the people of Saba in their abodes: two gardens on the right and the left. (It was said to them): Eat of the sustenance of your Lord and give thanks to Him; (you have) a good land and forgiving Lord”: (15) 

> ” But they turned away. So We let loose on them the inundation of the dam, and in the place of their two gardens We gave them two gardens bearing bitter fruit, and tamarisks and a few lote-trees”: (16) 

> ” In this (way) We requited them because they ungratefully disbelieved. We never punish (thus) any save the ungrateful disbelievers”: (17) 

> ” We placed, between them and the towns which We had blessed, (other) towns easy to be seen, and made the stages of journey between them easy, (saying): Travel between them in safety by day or by night”: (18) 

> ” Then they said: O Our Lord, make the stages longer between our journeys: And they wronged themselves. We made them a byword (in the land) and dispersed them, a total dispersion. Verily there are signs in this for every forbearing and grateful person)”: (19) 

> ” Verily Iblis found his conjecture true concerning them, so they followed him, all save a group of (true) believers”: (20) 

> ” He did not have any authority over them whatsoever, save that We would know (distinguish) him who believes in the hereafter from him who is in doubt concerning it; and your Lord is guard over all things”: (21) 

Flag 38: Shaytanic Persuasion: Inheriting Allah’s Bounties and losing by way of greed & lust of power: (Saba-34: 15-21)

(i) Very well off, blessed and believing people were side-tracked by Shaytan. They tried to completely monopolise trade and travel, all to themselves. Just the kind of monopolising Google has on its hand. 

> ” Say (O Muhammad): Call upon those whom you worship besides Allah, they do not own an atom’s weight either in the heavens or in the earth, nor they have any partnership (share) in either, nor is (there) for Him any supporter from among them”: (22) 

Flag 39: Insignificance of the so-called associate gods outlined in the most emphatic terms: (Saba-34: 22 & 27)

> ” No intercession will avail with Him save of him whom He has given permission so that when fear is removed from their hearts, they shall say: What is it that your Lord said? They (the angels) shall say: The very truth; and He is High and great” : (23) 

Flag 40: The absolute truth (Ali-ul-Kabir:the High & Great): No intercessors on the ‘Day’ except by those holding Allah’s permission: (Saba-34: 23) 


(i) Intercession only by those holding Allah’ permission: (Baqarah-2: 255: Maryam-19: 87: Taha-20: 109: Yunus-10:03: Saba-34: 23) 

> ” Say: Who gives you sustenance from the heavens and the earth? Say: Allah. Verily either you or we are rightly guided, or are in manifest error”? (24) 

Flag 41: (Good & Evil/Right or Wrong): Both the Opposites can not be true: (Saba-34: 24)


(i) Warning: Never mix up the opposites to bow down to the apparent need of convenience. 

(ii) Legalising ‘Homo’ marriages, sex sans marriage, interest based financial structure, etc are all examples of mixing up the opposites. 

> ” Say: You will not be questioned as to what we are guilty of and we shall not be questioned as to what you do”: (25) 

> ” Say: Our Lord will gather us together, then He will judge between us equitably, and He is the great judge, the all-knowing”: (26) 

Flag 42: The most equitable judging on the ‘Day’ by Allah; the best of all judges: (Saba-34: 24-26 & Anam-6: 116)

> ” Say: Show me those you associate with Him as partners. No, (you cannot). He is Allah, the all-mighty, the all wise”: (27) 

> ” We have not sent you but as a bearer of glad tidings and a warner to the whole mankind, but most people do not know”: (28) 

Flag 43: The holy Prophet: Warner to the entire mankind: (Saba-34: 28)


(i) The emphatic announcement of the universality of the holy Prophet’s mission. 

(ii) No excuse, based on being unaware or on lack of information, shall stand valid as an excuse. 

> ” They say: when is this promise (to be fulfilled) if what you say is true”? (29) 

> ” Say: There is for you an appointed day which you cannot put back nor can you hasten it (even) for a moment”: (30) 

Flag 44: The knowledge of the ‘Hour’ is with Allah alone: The decreed ‘Hour’ to descend without any hastening or delay: (Saba-34: 29-30)


(i) References: (Ahzab-33: 63: Luqman-31: 34: Araf-7: 187: Naziat-79: 44: Saba-34: 30).

> ” ‘Those who disbelieve say: We do not believe in this Quran, nor in that which was (sent) before it’. Could you but see when the unjust shall be made to stand before their Lord, blaming one another! Those who were despised (as weak) will say to those who were arrogant: Had it not been for you, we would have certainly been believers”: (31) 

> ” Those who were arrogant shall say to those who were despised as weak: Did we hold you back from guidance after it had come to you? In fact, you were yourself guilty”: (32) 

> ” Those who were despised as weak shall say to those who were arrogant: Not in the least. (It was your) scheming night and day, when you ordered us to disbelieve in Allah and set up equals to Him. When they see the chastisement they will be filled with remorse; and We will put shackles on the necks of those who disbelieved. Will they be requited for anything save what they have been doing”? (33) 

Flag 45: The mutual disputants on the ‘Day’: (Saba-34: 31-33) 

> ” We did not send a warner to a town but it’s well-to-do people said: Verily we do not believe in that with which you have been sent”: (34) 

> ” They said: We have far more wealth and children (than you), and we shall not be punished”: (35) 

Flag 46: The pride of power, wealth and children of no avail: (Saba-34: 34-35) 

> ” Say (O Muhammad): Verily my Lord increases the sustenance of whomsoever He wills and restricts (for whomsoever He wills), but most people do not know”: (36) 

> ” Neither your wealth nor your children can bring you closer to Us, but he who believes and does good . They will be given a two-fold reward for what they do, and they shall dwell in peace and safety in exalted places”: (37

Flag 47: Abundant or restricted sustenance from Allah: Believing and doing good (Taqwa) door to success: (Saba-34: 36-37 & 39)

> ” Those who strive to frustrate Our signs will be given over to chastisement”: (38) 

> ” Say: Verily my Lord increases sustenance for whomsoever He wills of His servants and restricts it (for whomsoever He wills) and He repays whatsoever you spend. He is the best of all providers”: (39) 

> ” On the day when He will gather all of them together, He will ask the angels: Did they worship you”? (40) 

> ” They will say: Glory be to You. You are our guardian, they did not. In fact they worshipped jinn. Most of them believed in them”: (41) 

Flag 48: The claim of following angelic practices & enchantments refuted: (Saba-34: 41)


(i) Following absurdity of such claims is nothing but yielding to (Shaytanic) sidetrack. Included therein are attempts to recall spirits of the dead and seeking hints from them.

(ii) All the cult related faiths also fall in this category. 

> ” On that day you shall not own for one another either profit or harm; and We shall say to the unjust: Taste the chastisement of fire which you used to belie”: (42) 

> ” When Our clear signs are recited to them, they say: He is nothing but a man who wants you to turn away from what your fathers used to worship. And they say: This (Quran) is nothing but a forged lie. Those who disbelieve say about the truth when it has come to them: This nothing but evident sorcery”: (43) 

> ” We did not give them any book to study, nor did We send any warner to them before you”: (44) 

Flag 49: All or any claims of intermediate revelations to Infidels (since Isa) denounced and stamped as fake: (Saba-34: 44) 

> ” Those before them belied; and they have not attained (even) one-tenth of what We gave them, yet they belied My messenger. How intense was My abhorrence (for them)”: (45) 

Flag 50: The depth of waywardness (forgery) of the Children of Israil quantied by Allah: (Saba-34: 45) 

> ” Say (O Muhammad): I exhort you to one thing only: that you stand, for Allah’s sake, in pairs or singly. Think carefully: your companion is not possessed, he is a warner (sent) to you preceding a severe chastisement”: (46) 

Flag 51: Individual and collective responsibility to assess, think, and offer unqualified submission to the Holy Prophet commanded: (Saba-34: 46) 

> ” Say: Whatever recompense I have asked of you is for your (own good). My recompense is with Allah. He is witness over all things”: (47) 

Flag 52: The recompense of the holy Prophet’s Prophethood explained: (Saba-34: 47 & Shura-42: 23) 


(i) >>> ” I do not ask of you any recompense for it (the toils of Prophethood) save love of (my) relatives>>>”

(Shura-23: 42) 

(ii) The above two verses make it clear that the purpose and the meaning of the Holy Prophet’s demand for the love of his nearest kin (Ahlul Bayt: Ahzab-33: 33) was for their own benefit, ensuring the right path for them all the way. 

> ” Say: Verily my Lord casts the truth: (He is) the knower of unseen”: (48) 

Flag 53: The Owner of the Truth & Knower of the (Ghaib: Unseen): (Saba-34: 48) 

> ” Say: The truth has come, and falsehood neither produces nor reproduces”: (49) 

Flag 54: Falsehood (darkness) is only a deceit (Shaytnic Facade) and is bound to get lost (give way) to light (Nur): (Saba-34: 49)


(i) Refers to the light descended on the world in personification of the holy Prophet and in the continuous unbroken chain of the twelve Imams of the (Ahlul Bayt). 

> ” Say: If I ever go astray, I shall stray only against myself, and if I am rightly guided it is because of what my Lord has revealed to me. Verily He is all-hearing, omnipresent”: (50) 

Flag 55: The holy Prophet reasserts that all his actions are in consonance with Allah’s commands: (Saba-34: 50)


(i) Reference: (Najam-53: 02-04): 

> ” If you could see when they shall be terrified; but then there shall be no escape, and they shall be seized from a nearby place”: (51) 

> ” And then they shall say: We believe in it. How shall they come to (belief) from a place so far away”: (52) 

> ” They disbelieved in it before, and conjectured about the unseen from a far off place”: (53) 

> ” A gulf shall be created between them and that which they will (eagerly) desire as was done in the past for the likes of them. Verily they were also in disquieting doubt”: (54) 

Flag 56: The hypothesis of distance based safety & security denounced: (Saba-34: 51-54)


(i) Disbelievers rejected the Holy Prophet’s call being based on a distant imaginary possibility far, far away. 

(ii) Sudden appearance of distant reality right around the corner and ready acceptance of the same shall be of no avail. The acceptance of faith in Musa & Harun’s God by drowning Firawn is an example. 

(iii) the leader of Yazidi forces in Karbala (Umer Ibn Saad bin Waqas) while accepting the command with the promised governorship (of city of Ray) in return commented: The award of the hereafter is a far, far away distant possibility whereas the prized reward is right around the corner: is another example. 

Surah Saba ends 

Separa-22 (Wa Man Yaqnut) continues 


Surah Al Fatir


> ” Praise be to Allah, the originator of the heavens and the earth, who made the angels messengers with wings, two three and four. He adds what He wills to His creations. Verily Allah has power over all things”: (01) 

Flag 57: Angels: Creation of the originator of the heavens and the earth: (Fatir-35: 01)


(i) Creation for Allah is only a matter of intent (Kun-fa-Yakun) without the need for any planning and/or assessment with respect to type, size, shape, configuration, complexity, etc. 

(ii) Angels are no exception as spelled out in the verse above. 

(iii) Angels can appear in any shape or kind in accordance with Allah’s will.

(iv) The process of creation of the angelic forces is ongoing and perhaps on the increase which is understandable in view of the expansion of the universe. 

> ” Whatsoever of mercy Allah may make available to man there is none who can withhold it; and whatever He withholds there is none to release it thereafter. He is mighty, wise”: (02) 

> ” O you people, remember the bounty of Allah (granted) to you. Is there any other creator other than Allah who gives you sustenance from the heavens and the earth? There is no god but He . Whither then are you deviating”: (03) 

Flag 58: Allah (Al-Azizul-Hakim): The truth (La ilaha ilallah): The Sustainer (Khairur-Raziqin): (Fatir-35: 02-03)


(i) Allah’s existence is so obvious, and with His multifaceted and multidimensional manifestations all over, that commonsense fails to understand how anyone could ever deny it

> ” If they belie you (O Muhammad), so have other messengers been belied before you. Unto Allah Allah all affairs are brought back”: (04) 

> ” O you people, verily the promise of Allah is true, so let not life of this word beguile you, nor let the arch beguiler beguile you about Allah” : (05) 

> ” Verily Shaytan is your enemy, so hold him as a foe. He only invites his party so that they may become the dwellers of the flaming fire”: (06) 

Flag 59: Warning: Love of this world and self-esteem: Beware of key targets of Shaytanic strategy: (Fatir-35: 04-06)


(i) Beware: The illusion of committing sins in hope of seeking forgiveness subsequently is a farce and typical Shaytanic sidetracking. Death may be just around the corner! 

Aagah Apni Maut Se Koi Bashar Nahin 

(Nobody knows when he will die) 

Saman Sow Baras Ke Hain Pul Ki Khabar Nahin

(Planning for a hundred years life while unaware of happenings in the next moment) 

> ” For those who disbelieve, there is severe chastisement; but for those who believe and do good, there is forgiveness and a great recompense”: (07) 

Flag 60: The open choice! This world or the hereafter? (Fatir-35: 07) 

> ” Is he, then, the evil of whose deed is made fair-seeming to him so that he deems it good, (be like him who is rightly guided)? Verily Allah leaves to stray whomsoever He wills and guides whomsoever He wills, so do not waste away your self with grief for them. Verily Allah knows well what they do”: (08) 

> ” Allah is He who sends the winds that raise the clouds. Then We drive them towards the land that is dead, and We give life therewith to the earth after its death. Even so (shall be) the resurrection”: (09) 

Flag 61: Pay attention: Raising dead on the ‘Day’ is same as enlivening the dead earth by rain: (Fatir-35: 09)

> ” Whosoever desires honor (should know) that all honor belongs to Allah. All good words go up to Him and it is He who exalts each deed of righteousness. As for those who plot evil, there is severe punishment for them and their plot shall come to nothing”: (10) 

Flag 62: None has power other than Allah to bestow honor: (Fatir-35: 10: Zilzal-99: 07-08) 


(i) All goodness by its nature rises up to achieve Allah’s pleasure and grace. In contrast every evil is destined for a proportionate punishment. 

> ” Allah created you of dust, then from a sperm, then He made you pairs (man and woman). Neither does a female conceives nor give birth without His knowledge. Neither does the old grow older nor is one’s life diminished but is (recorded) in a book. Verily it is easy for Allah”: (11) 

Flag 63: Nothing in the universe happens or moves without Allah’s consent: (Fatir-35: 11)


Na they Hukm Gar Kuchh Bhi Milta Nahin 

(Nothing in the universe materializes without Allah’s decree) 

Samajh Lo Ke Patta Bhi Hilta Nahin 

(Not a single leave stirs without His specific permission anywhere) 

> ” Alike are not two bodies of (flowing) water: this, sweet, thirst-quenching, pleasant to drink; and that, saltish and bitter; yet you get from both fresh meat to eat, and take out ornaments to wear. You see the ships churn through them so that you may seek His grace, haply, give thanks”: (12)

Flag 64: The attempt to follow the opposite forces simultaneously is self-deceiving: The word ‘Furat’: (Fatir-35: 12 & Furqan-25: 53) 


(i) Seeking Allah’s pleasure revolves around differentiating between good and evil. 

(ii) These two opposing forces can never prosper together in the same person. 

(iii) Professing belief but discarding those who are declared by Allah as the fountainhead of the belief (Ahzab-33: 33) is nothing but a deception and must be termed as the Shaytanic trap. 

(iv) (Furat) is also the name of river in Karbala. Twice this word has appeared in the holy Quran (Fatir-35: 12 & Furqan-25:53)

> ” He causes the night to enter into the day and the day to enter into the night. He has made the sun and the moon subservient (to His law): each travels to an appointed term. This is Allah your Lord, His is the kingdom; and those of you invoke, other than Him, do not own (even) a single straw”: (13) 

> ” If you pray to them they do not hear your call, and even if they heard you, they would not be able to answer you. On the day of judgment they will deny your associating them (with Allah). None can inform you like Him who is all-aware”: (14) 

Flag 65: Consider, think, contemplate, and evaluate Allah’s Manifest Signs! Do you have an option other than turning to Allah? The permanent bond between Allah & Servants (Abd): (Fatir-35: 08-14)


(i) The assured provision of sustenance to each man and woman is an unbroken bond between Allah and his servants (Abd) irrespective of any other criterion: Reference (Fatihah-01: 03) 

> ” O mankind, it is you who stand in need of Allah, Allah is He who is self-sufficient, owner of the praise”: (15) 

> ” If He wills He will take you away and bring a new creation”: (16) 

> ” This is not at all difficult for Allah”: (17) 

Flag 66: Allah is self sufficient (Ghani-ul-Hameed): Mankind needs Allah not the other way round: (Fatir-35: 15-17)

> ” A bearer of burden will not bear another’s a burden; and even if an overburdened soul asks another to bear a part of his burden, no one, not even a close relative, will do so>>>”: (18) 

Flag 67: No sharing of the burden on the ‘Day’: (Fatir-35: 18)

>>> ” You can only warn those who fear their Lord, unseen, and establish prayer. Whosoever purifies himself does so for himself. To Allah is the return”: (18) 

Flag 68: Believing Allah unseen and holding on to (Taqwa) is each individual’s own responsibility: (Fatir-35: 18)

> ” Alike are not the blind and those who can see”: (19)

> ” Nor darkness and light”: (20) 

> ” Nor shade and heat (of the sun)”: (21) 

> ” Nor are alike the living and the dead. Verily Allah makes whomsoever He wills to hear, and you cannot make those hear who are in graves”: (22) 

Flag 69: Mankind must learn to differentiate between opposites and never try to equate the two unequal: (Fatir-35: 19-22)

> ” You are but a warner”: (23) 

> ” Verily We sent you with a truth, as a bearer of glad tidings and a warner. Never was there a community but a warner lived among them”: (24) 

Flag 70: No community ever existed without a warner: (Fatir-35: 23-26) 

> ” If they belie you, then surely those before them had also belied their messengers who had come to them with clear proofs, scriptures, and the enlightening book”: (25) 

> ” Then I seized those who disbelieved. So how was my abhorrence”: (26) 

> ” Do you not see that Allah sends down water from the heavens; then We bring forth with it fruits of diverse colors; and on mountains are streaks of white and red, in different shades and raven black”: (27) 

> ” And so are among men, beasts and cattle, in like manner, diverse colours. Those only of His servants endued with knowledge, fear Allah. Verily Allah is all-mighty, oft-forgiving”: (28) 

Flag 71: Diversity amongst Allah’s creation is one of His irrefutable sign: (Fatir-35: 27-28)

> ” Verily, those who recite the book of Allah, and establish prayer and spend of what We have given them, in secrete and openly, hope for a merchandise that shall not perish”: (29) 

> ” So that He may give them full recompense in return, and give them a greater increase by His grace. Verily He is oft-forgiving, all-appreciating”: (30) 

Flag 72: An imperishable and undiminished reward for the (Mutaqin): (Fatir-35: 29-35)

> ” What We have revealed to you of the book is the truth confirming that which came before it. Verily, Allah is aware of His servants, fully observant”: (31) 

> ” Then We gave the Book as an inheritance to those whom We chose from among Our servants, and of them is he who causes his soul to suffer loss, and of them is he who follows the middle course, and of them is he who, by Allah’s leave is foremost in goodness – this is the greatest excellence”: (32) 

Flag 73: Know the chosen ones to whom the book (Quran) was given: (Fatir-35: 32)


(i) ‘Those whom ‘We chose’ to give the book (Quran) refers to thoroughly purified the holy Prophet inclusive of the twelve Imams of the (Ahlul Bayt) in an unbroken chain (Ahzab-33: 33). 

(ii) On the authority of Imam Baqir and Imam Jafar Sadiq: 

  • Those who do not recognize Allah’s chosen Imams are those who make their souls suffer. 
  • Those who recognize the Imams but are not fully aware of laws ordained by Allah and their application in day to day life (follow middle course). 
  • The foremost are, as identified by Allah (Ahzab-33: 33) 

> ” Gardens of eternity shall they enter, where they will be adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls, and of silk will be their garments”: (33) 

> “They will say : Praise be to Allah who has taken away grief from us. Verily our Lord is oft-forgiving, all-appreciating”: (34) 

> ” He who has settled us by His grace in an abode of eternal rest, where toil does not touch us nor weariness affect us”: (35) 

> ” As for those who disbelieve, there will be the fire of hell. It shall not be decreased to them that they should die, nor its torment shall be lightened for them. Thus We requite every ungrateful disbeliever”: (36) 

> ” There they shall cry for help: O our Lord, take us out of here; we will do good deeds other than what we used to do (before). (It shall be said to them): Did We not give you long enough (span) of life so that he who would, should reflect? (Moreover) the warner came to you. So taste (the fruit of your deeds) because there is no helper for the unjust”: (37) 

> ” Verily Allah is knower of the unseen of the heavens and the earth. Verily He knows all that which is in the breasts”: (38) 

> ” He it is who made you successors in the earth; so whosoever disbelieves, will bear the consequences of his disbelief; but the disbelief of the infidels increases nothing save the wrath of their Lord; and the disbelief of the infidels increases nothing for them save loss”: (39) 

Flag 74: The ever increasing loss of the disbelievers: (Fatir-35: 36-39) 

> ” Say (O Muhammad): Do you not see your associate-gods whom you invoke besides Allah? Show me, what part of the earth have they created, or what share they have in the heavens? Or have We given them a scripture from which they (may give) clear evidence? Not in the least, whatever the unjust promise each other is nothing but deceit”: (40) 

Flag 75: The unexplained role or share of the so called associate gods: (Fatir-35: 40) 


(i) Those who believe in (Shirk), are unable to show any supportive evidence and follow nothing but myths and heresy.

> ” Verily Allah holds the heavens and the earth (in position) lest they cease (to function); and if they cease (to function) there will be none to hold them (in place), apart from Him. Verily He is forbearing, forgiving”: (41) 

Flag 76: Allah’s cohesive decree holding the universe together: (Fatir-35: 41) 


(i) Allah’s dimensional creation (terrestrial & celestial) is held together by His cohesive decree not fully understood and explained by contemporary Physics.

> ” They swear by Allah emphatically that if a warner came to them they would certainly be guided better than other people; but when a warner came to them it did not arouse anything in them save aversion”: (42) 

> ” Because of their arrogance in the land and their plotting of evil. The plotting of evil only enfolds the plotters themselves. Do they wait, then, for anything save the dispensation (ordained against) the earlier people? You will never find any change in Allah’s way of dealing, nor will you find in Allah’s way of dealing an alteration”: (43) 

> ” Have they not traveled in the earth and seen how the end of those before them, who were far more powerful, came about? Allah is not such that anything in the heavens and the earth can frustrate Him. Verily He is all-knowing, all-powerful”: (44) 

> ” If Allah were to seize people for what they do, He would not leave a (single) living being on the surface (of the earth), but He gives them respite for an appointed term, and when their doom comes, then, verily (they will know). Allah keeps (the deeds of) His servants in view”: (45) 

Flag 77: Disbelievers arrogance & continuation of open revolt against Allah without learning any lessons from the history: No alteration or change in Allah’s Way (Sunnat): (Fatir-35: 42-45)

Surah Al Fatir ends 

Separa-22 (Wa Man Yaqnut) continues 


Surah Yasin


> ” Ya Sin” : (01) 

Flag 78: Ya Sin: The heart of Quran: (Ya Sin-36: 01)


(i) This Surah is devoted to the Holy Prophet and the revelation which was revealed to him. 

(ii) Surah Ya Sin is considered to be the heart of the Quran. 

(iii) It is recited with special reverence in times of adversity, illness, fasting and on the approach of death. 

(iv) (Ahlul Bayt) are referred to Al Yasin, the children of Yasin (Holy Prophet). 

> ” By the Quran, the book of wisdom”: (02) 

> ” Verily (O Muhammad) you are one of the messengers”: (03) 

> ” On the straight path”: (04) 

> ” (this is) a revelation of the mighty, the merciful”: (05) 

> ” So that you may warn a people whose fathers were not warned, who are therefore heedless”: (06) 

> ” Verily the word has proved true for most of them, therefore they do not believe”: (07) 

> ” Verily We have put chains around their necks reaching to their chins so that their heads are forced upwards”: (08) 

> ” We have set a barrier in front of them and a barrier behind them, and covered them over so that they do not see”: (09) 

> ” Alike it is unto them whether you warn them or do not warn them; they will not believe”: (10) 

> ” Verily you can warn only him who adheres to the message and fears ARRAHMAN, unseen, so bear to him the glad tidings of forgiveness and an honourable recompense”: (11) 

Flag 79: The severity of opposition to holy Prophets message in Markka and Allah’s protection: (Ya Sin-36: 06-11)


(i) Makkan infidels opposed the holy Prophet tooth and nail as soon as he started preaching Allah’s message publically and started offering prayers openly. 

(ii) Several attempts were planned to kill the holy Prophet while offering prayers. 

(iii) Allah blocked all such attempts, including one by Abu Jahal (arch instigator). Each time, attackers returned in awe, declaring that they saw a lion guarding the holy Prophet. 

> ” Verily We bring back dead to life, and We write down what they have sent before them; and their footprints (consequences they leave behind). We have firmly enclosed everything in a manifesting guide”: (12) 

Flag 80: Footprints of the Dead: Imaum Mobin, Kitabum Mobin and Lauh-e-Mahfooz: (Ya Sin-36: 12)


(i) Footprints (consequences left behind by the departing souls) of all the dead are written and recorded in a manifesting guide (Imamum Mobin: Ya Sin-36:12).

(ii) Due to possible impact of their deeds (good or bad) on part of the dead; their (Amaal-Nama: Statement of deeds during their lifetime) shall remain open till the ‘Day’. Accordingly, each dead person keeps adding to his virtues and sins past his lifetime. This is why (Sadqa-e-Jaria:Charity with ongoing benefits) carries so much emphasis. 

(iii) References: (Saba-34: 03: Anam-6: 59: Yasin-36: 12: Buruj-85: 22)

(iv) On the authority of Imam Baqir (Fifth Imam), the manifesting guide (Imamum Mobin) refers to Ali Ibn Abu Talib. 

> ” (We) set forth to them the similitude of the people of the town when (Our) messengers came to it”: (13) 

Flag 81: Allah’s Messengers sent to the people of Town (Antioch) belied & besieged: (Ya Sin-36: 13-19)


(i) The town was (possibly) Antioch founded by Seleucus Nicator (one of the successors of the Alexander the Great) in about 300 B.C. 

(ii) It is said Isa sent two disciples to preach in the city subsequently joined by a third one (Simon). 

> ” When We sent to them two they belied them both, then We sent a third to strengthen them. They said: verily We have been sent to you”: (14)

> ” They replied you are but men like us ARRAHMAN has not sent down anything. You are only lying”: (15) 

> ” They said our Lord knows that we are sure sent towards you”: (16) 

> ” On us is nothing but to deliver the message clearly”: (17) 

> ” (The people) said: Verily we augur ill of you. If you do not desist, we will certainly stone you to death”: (18) 

> ” They said: Your evil augur is within your own selves. Is it because you are admonished? In fact you are a people transgressing all bounds”: (19) 

> ” Then a man came running from the farthest part of the city and said: O my people follow the messengers”: (20) 

> ” Follow those who do not ask for any recompense of you, and they are rightly guided”: (21) 

Flag 82: Momin Al Ya Sin: (Ya Sin-36: 20-21) 


(i)The man mentioned above is known as Momin of Al Ya-sin. 

(ii) Mumin of Al Yasin (Habib with Roman name Theophilus) came out of his retreat and embraced the true faith brought in by these messengers. It is said that He believed in the advent of the Holy Prophet 680 years before his coming

Separa-22 (Wa Man Yaqnut) ends

Surah (Ya Sin-36: 22-83) continues in Separa 23 (Wa Ma Liya)