Highlighted Quranic Listing 25

Highlighted Quranic listing of the twenty-fifth Separa (Ilayhi Yuraddu) is here. An attempt has been made to simplify the tracking of the desired information. At the outset, it is necessary to acknowledge innumerable sources used in the compilation of this effort. No attempt has been made to list the references individually; but sincere thanks are due to all, individually and collectively. 

Road Map: 

  1. The list of (Flags) below is a subject-wise identification 
  2. Each (Flag) refers to the corresponding (verse or verses) and identifies (explanatory note), if any 
  3. Quranic verses of this (Separa) are listed and marked in a conventional way
  4. For example (Shura-42: 23 & 38 & 52-53) refers to the twenty-third, thirty-eighth & fifty-second to fifty-third verses of Ash-Shura which is the forty-second Surah of the Holy Quran. 
  5. Each verse commences and ends marked as (> “—–“: (number of the verse)
  6. >>> ” denotes the subject of the verse is continuing into the next verse
  7. All notes are numbered in parenthesis as (i), (ii), and so on
  8. All a reader needs to do is review the listed (Flags), choose the desired subject and proceed to the indicated (Ayat) 
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Separa- 25 (Ilayhi Yuraddu) 

Surah Ha Mim (41: 47-54) 
Surah Ash Shura (42: 01-53) 
Surah AZ Zukhruf (43: 01-89) 
Surah AD Dukhan (44: 01-59) 
Surah Al Jathiyah (45: 01-37) 


Surah Ha Mim

(41: 47-54)

> ” To Him alone is referred to the knowledge of the hour (of reckoning). No fruit comes out of its covering, no female conceives or gives birth, but with His knowledge. On the day when He shall call to them: Where are (those whom you made) My partners? They shall say: We declare to you that there is no witness from among us”: (47) 

> ” And those they invoked before shall leave them in lurch, and they shall realise that there is no escape for them”: (48) 

Flag 1: Few facts which may not have dawned to you as yet? (Ha Mim-41: 47-48)

> ” Man never tires of praying for good; but if evil assails him he begins to despair, disappointed”: (49) 

> ” If We make him taste mercy from Us after distress has touched him, he says: It is my due. I do not think that the hour (of reckoning) will ever be established; and if I am brought back to my Lord, verily for me (is stored) with Him (much) good. But We will inform those who disbelieved what they used to do, and verily We will make them taste a severe chastisement”: (50)

> ” When We show Our favours to man, he withdraws and turns aside; and when distress touches him, he prays a great deal”: (51) 

Flag 2: Mankind: Ever prone to being ungrateful and exultant: (Ha Mim-41: 49-51) 

> ” Say (O Muhammad): Just think, if this (the Quran) is from Allah, yet you disbelieve in it, who is then more astray than he who is in open dissent (far from the truth)”? (52) 

Flag 3: Your Life at a Crossroad: Think and answer a simple question? (Ha Mim-41: 52)


(i) If you are on the right side of the coin in your denial of the ‘Divine’! What benefit do you hope to extract out of your denial as an end result? 

(ii) if this (Quran) you disregard and (Allah) you disbelieve happens to be the reality; what is in store for you on the day of ‘Judgement’? 

(iii) Solve the simple mathematical equation based on the above and make your decision truthfully. 

> ” Soon We will draw our signs to them in the horizons (of the world), and within themselves, until it becomes manifest to them that He is the truth. Is your Lord not sufficient? He is witness over all things”: (53) 

> ” (Be it known that) verily they are in doubt about the meeting with their Lord. (Be it known that) verily He encompasses everything”: (54) 

Flag 4: Allah’s Ultimate Alert? Time to think not expired as yet! (Ha Mim-41: 53-54) 

Surah Ha Mim ends 

Separa-25 (Ilayhi Yuraddu) continues 


Surah Ash Shura

(42: 01-53)

> “Ha Mim”: (01) 

> “Ayn Sin Qaf”: (02) 

> ” Thus does Allah, All-mighty and all-wise, reveal to you as (He did) to those before you”: (03) 

> ” Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth is His. He is most high and supreme”: (04) 

Flag 5: (Ali-ul-Azim): The sovereignty and the Ownership belongs to Allah alone: (Shura-42: 03-04):

> ” The heavens are almost rent asunder from above (for awe of His glory), while the angels celebrate the praises of their Lord, seeking protection of the dwellers of the earth. Be it known it known that Allah is He (who) is oft-forgiving and merciful”: (05) 

> ” Allah watches over those who take guardians other than Him; and you are not a guardian over them”: (06) 

Flag 6: Allah: Ever watchful of those practising (Shirk): (Shura-42: 05-06)


(i) ‘The Heavens are almost rest asunder’ (Shura-42: 05) is with reference to as big a crime as (Shirk). 

> ” Thus We have revealed to you (O Muhammad) the Quran in Arabic that you may warn the mother city (Makka) and those around it , and (that) you may warn (them) of a day of gathering (resurrection), of which there is no doubt, (when) a party (shall be) in the garden, and a party in the burning fire”: (07) 

Flag 7: The Arabic Quran: (Shura-23: 07:Ha Mim-41: 03&44)


(i) (Ummul al Qura) refers to Makkah, and ‘all around it’ refers to the whole world. 

(ii) (Quran): Greatest Revelation: (Mumin-40: 02: Ibrahim-14: 01-04: Zukhruf-43: 03-04: Shu’ara-26: 198-200: Waqiah-56: 78) 

(iii) Reconfirmation of the fact the whole Quran was revealed to the holy Prophet in a complete book form: (Ibrahim-14: 01). 

(iv) Quran was neither edited nor arranged nor compiled by anyone after its revelation. 

(v) Gradual revelation as commanded by Allah followed subsequently. 

(vi) The descending of Quran on Muhammad in Arabic in order to increase its acceptability to Arabs (Shua’ra-26: 198-199: Zukhruf-43: 03-04). 

(vii) Quran (Maknun: hidden, precious, well guarded) beyond the reach of any attempted alterations/additions/deletions or any other Shaytanic instigation (Waqiah-56: 78: Ha Mim-41: 41-42). 

(viii) Only the following, thoroughly purified by Allah (Ahzab-33: 33), can grasp its true meaning: 

(ix) Further Quranic references concerning Rasekhoona-fil-Ilm, Utul-Ilm, Ulil Ilm and those who have knowledge of the book (Imran-03: 07/ Nisa 04:162/ Imran-03: 18/ Rad-13: 43/ Nahl: 16:27/ Bani Israil-17: 107/ Hajj-22: 54/ Anakbut-29: 49/ Rum-30: 56/ Saba-34: 06/ Muhammad-47: 16). 

> ” If Allah had pleased He would have made them a single people, but He admits whomsoever He wills to His mercy; and the unjust shall have neither guardian nor helper”: (08) 

Flag 8: Mankind: A ‘Single’ community as a whole or accountable Individually: (Shura-42: 08)


(i) Objective: Mankind creation under a test and trial process followed by recompense for their deeds in accordance with Allah’s absolute ‘Justice’. 

(ii) Group treatment of a single community as a whole does not fit into the objective of Allah’s creation of mankind and may be termed as self defeating. 

> ” Or, have they taken guardians beside Him? But it is Allah (who) is the (real) guardian, and He gives life to the dead, and He has power over all things”: (09) 

> ” In whatever thing you differ the (final) decision rests with Allah. Such is Allah, my Lord, in Him I put my trust, and to Him I turn”: (10) 

Flag 9: Judgment of any kind (Legislative, administrative or any other domain) is Allah’s alone: (Shura-42: 8-10)

> ” The originator of the heavens and the earth. He made for you pairs among yourself, and of the cattle (also) pairs. He multiplies you in this way. There is nothing whatsoever like unto Him. He is all-hearing, all-seeing”: (11) 

Flag 10: Allah (Walam Yakun Lahu Kufuone Ahad: None like Him): Originator and owner of the Heavens and the Earth: The Unique (incomparable): (Shura-42: 11-12 & Ikhlas-112: 04)

> ” His are the treasures, of the heavens and the earth. He increases or restricts the sustenance of whomsoever He wills. Verily He is the knower of everything”: (12) 

> ” He has laid down for you the religion which he enjoined upon Nuh, and which We revealed to you, and which We enjoined upon Ibrahim, Musa, and Isa, (saying): Establish the religion, and be not divided therein. Hard upon the disbelievers is that towards which you call them>>>”: (13) 

Flag 11: Allah’s Religion Islam (in continuity Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa, Isa>>>Muhammad): No religious inter-division authorized: (Shura-42: 13) 

> “Allah chooses to Himself whomsoever He wills, and guides to Himself whosoever turns (to Him)”: (13) 

Flag 12: Allah spells out criterion with respect to Choice & Guidance: (Shura-42: 13)


(i) The choice is Allah’s alone. None else, whatsoever, has any right to interfere with Allah’s choosing. 

(ii) Guidance is only for those who turn to Allah and is not automatic or a birth right. 

> ” They were not divided until after the knowledge had come to them, through rivalry among themselves. Had not word gone from your Lord (giving them respite) for an appointed time, the matter would surely have been decided between them. Verily, those who were made inheritors of the book after them are certainly in disquieting doubt about it”: (14) 

Flag 13: The People of the Book: Perplexed and marooned in Doubts: (Shura-42: 14-15)


(i) The holy Prophet was commanded to decline any flexibility to accommodate their vain desires. 

(ii) Any argument to question (Allah’s Unity:Tawhid or Oneness) and finality of the holy Prophets mission (Islam) being unacceptable. 

(iii) Mutual peaceful coexistence outlined based on leaving minor disputes (contentions) to be judged by Allah on the ‘Day’. 

> ” For that, then, you invite (them to the truth) and be steadfast (in your faith) as you are commanded, and do not follow their vain desires and say (O Muhammad): I believe in whatsoever Allah has sent down of the book, and I am commanded to do justice between you. Allah is our Lord as well as you Lord, to us our deeds, to you your deeds. (Let there be) no contention between you and us. Allah will gather us together, and to Him is the ultimate return”: (15) 

> ” As for those who dispute about Allah after having responded to Him, their argument is void before their Lord. Upon them is (His) wrath and theirs will be a severe chastisement”: (16) 

Flag 14: Those who dispute Allah after accepting faith (Apostasy): (Shura-42: 16) 


(i) Severe chastisement and Allah’s assured wrath is guaranteed for this category. 

(ii) Other Referencences concerning (Apostasy): (Baqarah-2: 217:Maidah-5: 54:Nahl-16: 106:Nisa-4:137:Imran-3: 144) 

> ” Allah is He who has sent down the book with truth and the balance. What shall make you know? It may be that the hour is near”: (17) 

Flag 15: The Book with Truth, The Balance & the ‘Hour: (Shura-42: 17-18)


(i) The Scale (Al-Mizan) refers to ‘Justice’ which is the ‘Divine’ attribute.

(ii) Other References: (Rahman-55: 07-09). 

(iii) On the authority of Ali Ibn Abu Talib: Muhammad is the scale of truth which measures accurately to the minutest possible practice of quantity and quality. 

> “Those who do not believe in it seek to hasten it, while those who believe are afraid of it, and know it is the truth. Beware! Verily those who dispute about the hour are (wandering) far astray”: (18) 

> ” Allah is benign to His servants. He gives sustenance to whomsoever he wills. He is strong, all-mighty”: (19) 

Flag 16: The sustenance (Rizq) and its increase or decrease is only from Allah & as He wills: (Shura-42: 12 & 19)

> ” Whosoever seeks the tilth of the hereafter, We give increase in his tilth; whosoever seeks the tilth of this world, We give to him of these, but he will have no share in the hereafter” : (20)

Flag 17: Take your pick! This world or the hereafter? (Shura-42: 20: Baqarah-2: 200-201) 

> ” Or have they associate-gods who have laid down for them (another) religion which Allah has sanctioned? Had it not been for the decisive word (giving them respite to the day of judgment), the decision would certainly have been made between them. Verily there is a painful chastisement for the unjust”: (21) 

Flag 18: (Shirk & Mushrikin) vehemently condemned while the promised (Fazal-ul-Kabir) to the believers reiterated: (Shura-42: 21-22)

> ” You will see unjust full of fear of what they have earned, and it shall (inevitably) strike them. Those who believe and do good shall be in meadows of the gardens. They shall have whatsoever they wish with their Lord. That is the greatest grace”: (22) 

> ” That is the glad tidings Allah gives to His servants who believe and do good. Say (O Muhammad): ‘I do not ask you any recompense for it (the toils of prophetship) save love of (my) relatives’>>>”: (23) 

Flag 19: The love of Ahlul Bayt: (Shura-42: 23)


(i) The near relatives of the Holy Prophet are Ahlul Bayt (Ali,Fatima,Hasan, Hussain inclusive of twelve Imams: Ahzab-33: 33). 

>>> ” I do not ask of you any recompense for it (the toils of Prophet-hood) save love of (my) relatives>>>” 

(Shura-23: 42)

> ” Say: Whatever recompense I have asked of you is for your (own good). My recompense is with Allah. He is witness over all things” 

(Saba-34: 47)

(ii) The above two verses make it clear that the purpose and the meaning of the Holy Prophet’s demand for the love of his nearest kin (Ahlul Bayt: Ahzab-33: 33) was for their own benefit, ensuring the right path for them all the way. 

(iii) The recompense the Holy Prophet asked for, as an exception to other prophets, refer to (Saba-47: Furqan-57: Shura-23: Sad-38: 86). 

(iv) The significance of the above shall become evident to those who discard it (the Imamah: Sad-38: 88). 

> ” And you will come to know its truth after a time”

(Sad-38: 88) 

>>> ” and whosoever earns good, We increase for him (more and more) good therein . Verily Allah is oft-forgiving, appreciator (of good)”: (23) 

> ” Or do they say: He has forged a lie against Allah? Had Allah willed He would have sealed your heart. Allah blots out falsehood and proves the truth by His words. Verily He knows whatsoever is inside the breasts”: (24) 

> ” He it is who accepts repentance from His servants and forgives sins, and He knows what you do”: (25)

Flag 20: The criterion with respect to the acceptance of repentance and grant of guidance explained and ineligibility of disbelievers declared for the same: (Shura-42: 23-26)

> “He responds to those who believe and do good deeds, and gives them more and more of His Grace; but there is a severe chastisement for the disbelievers”: (26) 

> ” If Allah were to give sustenance in abundance to His servants, they would have certainly rebelled in the earth, so He sends (it) down by measure as He wills. Verily He, in respect of His servants, is all-aware, all-seeing”: (27) 

Flag 21: The logic of variation (inequality) of Sustenance (Rizq) amongst His servants (Ibad) explained: (Shura-42: 23& 25-27)

> ” He it is who sends down the rain after they have despaired, and spreads out His mercy. He is the guardian the owner of the praise”: (28) 

> ” Of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the living things He has spread forth in both of them. He has power to gather them together when He wills”: (29) 

Flag 22: Allah (the Omnipotent): Reiterates His infinite power: (Shura-42: 28-29) 

> ” Whatever misfortune falls you is the consequence of what your hands have earned ; yet He forgives much”: (30) 

Flag 23: Misfortune (never from Allah) is a consequence of individual doings: Bears no relationship with destiny (luck, etc): (Shura-23: 30)

> ” You cannot frustrate (His will) in the earth; nor have you any guardian or helper other than Allah”: (31) 

> ” Among His signs are the ships in the ocean like mountains”: (32) 

> ” If He wills He calms the winds so that they become motionless on the back of the ocean. Verily there are signs in this for every steadfast, grateful (person)”: (33) 

> ” Or He may cause them to perish because of what they have earned, yet He pardons many sins”: (34) 

> ” Let those who those who dispute Our signs know that they have no refuge”: (35) 

> ” Whatsoever you are given (here) is a provision for the life of this world, and what is with Allah is better and more lasting for those who believe and put their trust in their Lord”: (36) 

Flag 24: Ever insurmountable, undefeatable and infrustrable Allah’s Plans: Refuge is with Allah alone: The Bountiful Lord with His Ever Manifest Signs: Merciful Forgiver of Sins: (Shura-23: 31-36)

> ” Who shun the major (heinous) sins, and, when they are angry, even then forgive”:(37)

Flag 25: The Anger Management & Forgiving Others is a Distinct Virtue: (Shura-42: 37)


(i) On the authority of Imam Baqar: He who has power and authority to retaliate, yet overcomes anger and forgives shall receive peace and tranquillity from Allah on the day of judgement. 

Zafar Admi Usko Na Janiyega Ho wo Kaisa He Sahib-o-Fahim-o-Zaka

(Zafar! Not worth being identified as a man, even if he is full of wisdom and understanding) 

Jisse Aish Mein Yade-Khuda Na Rahi, Jisse Tesh Mein Khaufe-Khuda Na Raha 

(Who forgets God in effluence and who does not fear Him while in anger) 

> ” Who respond to their Lord, and establish prayer, and (conduct) their affairs with consultation among themselves; who spend (in the way of Allah) out of what We have given them”: (38) 

Flag 26: The Consultation amongst the Faithfuls: (Shura-42: 38)


(i) The consultation command is based on the undermentioned Quranic verses: 

> ” and take their counsel in the (conduct of) affairs>>>“

(Imran-3: 159) 

> “ and conduct their affairs with consultation amongst themselves>>>”


(ii) Therefore (waltakun minkum: Imran-3:104) gives permission to Muslims to elect, appoint or nominate a person or a group of persons to guide and lead. This verse (Imran-3:104) points out to the necessity of such an institution just as the necessity of prophets. 

(iii) Guidance on mechanisms for appointment of leader (Executive Head): Allah’s (Delegation of Authority) may therefore be entrusted to the (Aulil Amr) based on the following verse: 

> “ O you who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the messenger and those invested with authority (Aulil Amr) (from) among you”  

(Nisa-4: 59)

(iv) The qualitative and quantitative delegation prerequisites as well as requirements, exclusions and inclusions to bring the appointment of the (Aulil Amr) in line with Allah’s command are identified below: 

(v) Those who believe, and have the demonstrated knowledge, wisdom and ability to work on the lines of the “Select Group’ (Imran-3: 110), in letter and spirit, and a proven record, may be able to work as their nominated/elected representatives on, an interim basis, and as long as they are not diverting from the path for the ‘Best Group’ (Imran-3:110): not the despots, tyrants failing to demonstrate any of the essential characteristics of the ‘Select Group’, nor the individuals, dictators, etc bearing characteristics in complete contrast with the requirements. 

(vi) The above delegation of the authority is limited to the leadership role. It excludes any legislative functions which are dealt with separately in the book (holy Quran). 

(vii) Limitations on Appointment of Leader (Executive Head: Aulil Amr). 

> ” You are the best group that has been brought forth for mankind; you enjoin goodness and you forbid evil, and you believe in Allah>>>” 

(Imran-3: 110)

(viii) Rulers must be from amongst faithful (belief in Allah). And must be able to enforce (Amr Bil Maroof Wa Nahi Anal Munkar). 

> ” And those who, when great wrong is done to them, seek to help (defend) themselves”: (39) 

> ” The retribution of evil is the equal of evil (done); but whosoever pardons and amends (makes reconciliation), his reward is (incumbent) on Allah. Verily He does not love the unjust”: (40) 

> ” Whosoever defends (vindicates) himself, after being oppressed, then there is no way of blaming him”: (41) 

> ” The way (of blame) is only against those who do injustice to people and are aggressive in the land for no reason, for them there is painful chastisement”: (42)

> ” Whosoever forbears and forgives, verily this is an act of great (genuine) determination “: (43) 

Flag 27: Self Defence, Retribution and Pardon: (Shura-42: 39-43)


(i) Reprisal must not exceed the offence; but extraordinary reward for those who forgive.

(ii) Self defence is an authorised option. 

(iii) All the battles the Holy Prophet fought were in self defense. 

> ” Whosoever Allah leaves to stray shall not have any guardian after this. You shall see the unjust when they see the chastisement, saying: Is there a way to go back”: (44) 

> ” You shall see them brought before (the fire), abject in disgrace, looking with stealthy glance. Those who believe shall say: Verily the losers are those who have lost their selves and their people on the day of reckoning. Beware! Verily the unjust shall be in a lasting chastisement”: (45) 

> ” They will have no guardians to help them besides Allah. Whosoever Allah leaves to stray, there is no way for him”: (46)

> ” Respond to your Lord before the day from Allah comes for which there is no averting. You shall  have no place for refuge on that day; nor time for denying”: (47)

> ” If they turn away, then We have not sent you as a keeper over them. On you is nothing but to convey (the message). Verily when We make man taste mercy from Us he rejoices thereat; and if any ill afflicts him because of what his hands sent before, then verily man becomes most ungrateful”: (48) 

Flag 28: No way for those whom Allah leaves to stray: (Shura-42: 44-48)

> ” Allah’s is the kingdom of heavens and the earth. He creates whatsoever He wills. He grants to whomsoever he wills females (daughters), He grants whosoever He wills males (sons)”: (49) 

> ” Or He mingles them, males and females, and makes barren whomsoever He wills. Verily He is all knowing all powerful”: (50) 

Flag 29: How are the offsprings blessed? Explained: (Shura-49-50) 

> ” It is not given to man that Allah should speak to him save by revelation or from behind a veil, or send a messenger to reveal by His permission whatsoever He wills : Verily He is all-high, all-wise”: (51) 

Flag 30: How Allah Communicates? Allah’s conversation with Musa explained (Shura-42: 51:Nisa-4: 164)


(i) The verse below explains that communication with Musa was through a medium, not in person. 

>>> ” and Allah spoke to Musa directly”

(Nisa-4: 168) 

> ” Thus did We reveal to you Our guidance by Our command. You did not know what the book was, nor the faith, but We made a light by which We guide whomsoever We will of Our servants. Verily you guide to the right path”: (52) 

Flag 31. ‘Guidance’ is from Allah alone: (Shura-42-52)


(i) Is there anything better to be asked for from the merciful Lord (Allah) than ‘Guidance’? None! Whatsoever. 

(ii) Even Messengers and Imams are not empowered to guide anyone on their own! 

> ” It is not incumbent on you (O Muhammad) to guide them, but Allah guides aright whom He wills”

(Baqarah-2: 272) 

(iii) The ‘Guidance’ is from Allah alone: to whomsoever, whenever He wills and by whatever medium He desires! 

>>> ” Allah guides unto His light whomsoever He wills>>>”

(Nur-24: 35) 

(iv) Allah’s emphatic decree below in view! 

> ” It is not for any soul to believe except by Allah’s permission>>>”

(Yunus-10: 100) 

(v) The declaration is cause of enormous concern for the children of Adam! If the guidance by the Lord (Allah) is by His choice only, then why are the children of Adam accountable for their deeds? Allah’s governance on the entire universe is based on the ‘Absolute Justice’ and, in line with the same, it is not possible for such a loophole to exist! There comes the resolution of the issue from Allah Himself! 

(vi) Discover the treasure of Guidance (Hidayat) & the Route to it? 

(vii) Allah reveals His guidance (Hidayat) by command to the holy Prophet: Reference: (Shura-42: 52)

(viii) Allah made a light by which he guides whomsoever He wills: Reference (Shura-42: 52) 

(ix) Allah delegated the authority to the holy Prophet: Reference (Najam- 53 : 2-10) 

(x) Assurance from Allah: Verily you the (holy Prophet) guide to the right path”: Reference (Shura-42: 52:Zukhruf-43: 43) 

(xi) Allah provided description of tools and detailed description on the basis of which availability of His Guidance (Hidayat) could be ensured (Source: the holy Quran). 

(xii) Whatever Allah willed, the Holy Prophet put it into practice. 

(xiii) Whatever the Holy Prophet said or did was as directed by Allah.

(xiv) The Holy Prophet did not learn anything from any mortal but was taught and educated by Allah. 

> ” The path of Allah whose is whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth. Be it known that all affairs go back to Allah”: (53) 

Flag 32: What is (Sirat-e-Mustaqim: the Straight Path)? (Shura-42: 52-53)


(i) The path of the Holy Prophet and his (Ahlul Bayt in an unbroken chain: Ahzab-33:33) is the (Sirate-Mustaqim: the Straight Path): The path of those on whom Allah bestowed His bounties (Fatihah-01: 07: Anamata-Alayhim) and who are (Urwatul-Wuthqa: Baqarah-2: 256). 

Surah Ash Shura ends 

Separa-25 (Ilayhi Yuraddu) continues 


Surah Az Zukhruf 

(43: 01-89)

> ” Ha Mim”: (01) 

> ” By the manifesting (lucid) book”: (02) 

> ” Verily We have made it in Arabic Quran that you may haply understand”: (03) 

> ” Verily it is in the mother (of the) book with Us , the most exalted , full of wisdom”: (04) 

Flag 33: Quran {Kitabil-Mubin: Ummil-Kitab: The Manifesting (Lucid) Book: The mother (of the) Book}: (Zukhruf-43: 02-04)


(i) (Quran): Greatest Revelation: (Mumin-40: 02: Ibrahim-14: 01-04: Zukhruf-43: 03-04: Shu’ara-26: 198-200: Waqiah-56: 78: Ha Mim-41: 41-42: Zukhruf-43: 02-04) 

(ii) Reconfirmation of the fact the whole Quran was revealed to the holy Prophet in a complete book form: (Ibrahim-14: 01). 

(iii) Quran was neither edited nor arranged nor compiled by anyone after its revelation. 

(iv) Gradual revelation as commanded by Allah followed subsequently. 

(v) The descending of Quran on Muhammad in Arabic in order to increase its acceptability to Arabs (Shua’ra-26: 198-199:Zukhruf-43: 03-04). 

(vi) Quran (Maknun: hidden, precious, well guarded) beyond the reach of any attempted alterations/additions/deletions or any other Shaytanic instigation (Waqiah-56: 78: Ha Mim-41: 41-42). 

(vii) Only the thoroughly purified by Allah (Ahzab-33: 33) can grasp its true meaning. 

(viii) Further Quranic references concerning Rasekhoona-fil-Ilm, Utul-Ilm, Ulil Ilm and those who have knowledge of the book (Imran-03: 07/ Nisa 04:162/ Imran-03: 18/ Rad-13: 43/ Nahl: 16:27/ Bani Israil-17: 107/ Hajj-22: 54/ Anakbut-29: 49/ Rum-30: 56/ Saba-34: 06/ Muhammad-47: 16). 

> ” Shall We then take away the reminder from you because you are a people who exceed all bounds”? (05) 

Flag 34: The threatening level of infidelity and disbelief encountered by the holy Prophet: (Zukhruf-43: 05)


(i) If it were not for Allah’s all encompassing mercy; taking away the ‘Reminder’ (light: the holy Prophet and his Ahlul Bayt) from infidels/disbelievers stood fully justified as a harsh chastisement. 

> ” Many a prophet We sent to the earlier communities”: (06) 

> ” And never came a prophet to them but they used to mock him”: (07) 

> ” So We destroyed far more mighty (nations) than they; and there has gone forth the example of earlier people”: (08) 

> ” If you ask them: Who created the heavens and the earth? The will certainly say: The all-mighty, all-knowing created them”: (09) 

> ” He who made the earth for you as a cradle, and laid out paths upon it for you so that you may be rightly guided”: (10) 

> ” Who sends water from the heavens in due measure; then We raise to life with it a land which was dead – so shall We bring you forth (from your graves on the day of resurrection)”: (11) 

> ” He who created pairs of everything>>>”: (12) 

Flag 35: Significance of all creations in pair reiterated: (Zukhruf-43: 12: Yasin-36: 36)


(i) Sex is an integral component amongst humans, animals, plants, water-based creations, etc.  

(ii) The manifest pairing and sexual inter-phase, known and unknown, stands out as Allah’s most fascinating sign. 

(iii) The material world and various kinds of energies also work in pairs bearing opposite characteristics. 

(iv) The contemporary scientific understanding of pairing and sex-related factors is far from being perfect. 

(v) There is every possibility that another earth is discovered to complete the pairing.

>>> ” and made for you ships and cattle on which you ride”: (12) 

> ” So that when you sit firm and square on their backs, and remember the bounty of your Lord, and when so seated, you may say: Glory be to Him who subjected these to us, because we were not able to do so ourselves”: (13) 

Flag 36: Remembering Allah with gratitude on commencement of journey: (Zukhruf-43: 12-14)

> ” Verily We shall return to our Lord”: (14) 

> ” (Yet) they make some of His servants His partners. Verily man is clearly ungrateful”: (15) 

> ” What! Has He taken daughters (to Himself) out of what He has (Himself) created, and chosen you to have sons”? (16) 

> ” When the news of (the birth of) what he sets up as a likeness to ARRAHMAN is given to any of them, his face is blackened (with shame) and he is filled with rage”: (17) 

> ” Can one who has been raised on the ornaments and cannot make himself plain in dispute (be associated with Allah)”: (18) 

> ” And they make the angels who are servants of AARAHMAN, females. Did they witness their creation? Their testimony shall be recorded and they shall be questioned”: (19) 

Flag 37: How absurd (Shirk) insinuations Could be? Associating Female deities and angels with Allah! (Zukhruf-43: 16-19)

> ” They say: If ARRAHMAN had so willed we would not have worshipped them. They have no knowledge of it in the least. They do but guess”: (20) 

> ” Or have We given them a book before this to which they are holding fast”? (21) 

> ” In fact they say: Verily we found our fathers following a certain creed, and verily we are guided by their footprints”: (22) 

> ” Thus, We did not send a warner before you into any town but the (decadent) affluent among them said: Verily we found our fathers following a certain creed, and verily we are walking in their footsteps”: (23)

> ” (the warner) said: What ! Even if I bring you a better guidance than that you found your fathers on? They said: verily we disbelieve in what you have brought”: (24) 

Flag 38: Ignorance and illogical insistence on following trek of their fathers: (Zukhruf-43: 20-24) 

> ” So We exacted retribution from them. See how terrible was the end of the beliers”: (25) 

Flag 39: Infidelity and disbelief: Engulfed in (Shirk): Ignoring Allah’s signs, proofs, messengers’ guidance and failure to learn from the past: (Zukhruf-43: 05-31)

> ” (Remember) when Ibrahim said to his father and his people: I am free of what you worship”: (26) 

> ” Other than Him who created me, verily He will guide me”: (27) 

> ” He made it a word (belief in one God) to continue in his progeny so that they may return (to Allah)”: (28) 

Flag 40: Ibrahim remembered for his uprightness and spreading Allah’s (Tawhid: Unity): (Zukhruf-43: 26-28)

> ” In fact, I let these and their fathers enjoy life, until there came to them the truth (the Quran) and the messenger (Muhammad) manifesting (the truth)”: (29) 

> ” When the truth (Quran) came to them, they said: This is sorcery. We disbelieve in it”: (30) 

> ” They (also) said: Why was this Quran not sent down to a great man in (either of) the two cities”? (31) 

> ” Do they distribute the mercy of their Lord? It is We who have distributed the means of livelihood among them in the life of this world, raised some of them over others in ranks, so that some of them may control the others, and mercy of your Lord is better than what they amass”: (32) 

Flag 41: Allah’s Way (Sunnat): Management concept and hierarchy explained: (Zukhruf-43: 32)

> ” Were it not that all people might become of one way of life, We would certainly have given those who disbelieve in ARRAHMAN roofs of silver for their houses and (silver) stairs on which they go up (and come down)”: (33) 

> ” And the doors (of silver) for their houses, and (silver) couches on which they recline”: (34) 

> ” And ornaments of gold; but all these are nothing but a provision of the life of this world, while the hereafter with your Lord is for those who safeguard themselves against evil with full awareness of divine laws”: (35) 

Flag 42: Insignificance of possessions (Gold, Silver, Ornaments, etc) explained with specific reference to the hereafter for the (Muttaqin): (Zukhruf-43: 33-35)

> ” Whosoever goes blind to the remembrance of ARRAHMAN, We attach to him a devil as close companion”: (36) 

> ” Verily such (devils) prevent them from the right path, while they think that they are rightly guided”: (37) 

> ” Until when he comes to Us he will say (to Shaytan): Would that there was a distance of two easts between you and me, (you were) an evil companion”: (38) 

> ” It will not profit you on this day because you have done injustice, and you will be partners in the chastisement”: (39) 

Flag 43: Imposed Shaytanic takeover of Allah’s rebels: (Zukhruf-43: 36-39)

> ” What! Can you make deaf to hear, or guide the blind, and him who wanders astray in manifest straying”? (40) 

Flag 44: Disbelievers likened with deaf and blind unaware of what they were doing: (Zukhruf-43: 40) 

> ” Even if We take you away, We shall certainly exact retribution from them”: (41) 

Flag 45: Continuation of retribution after the holy prophet: (Zukhruf-43: 41-42)


(i) Refers to actions taken by Al ibn Abu Talib after the holy Prophet’s departure. 

> ” Or we shall show you that which We have promised them. Verily We are dominant over them all”: (42) 

> ” So hold fast to what has been revealed to you. Verily, you are on the right path”: (43) 

> ” Verily it is a reminder to you and your people, and you shall soon be questioned about it”: (44) 

Flag 46: Remember ARRAHMAN! Reminder to hold fast to (Quran: Dhikr & Ahlul Dhikr): Soon to be questioned about it: (Sirate-Mustaqim:The Right Path): (Zukhruf-43: 43-44)


(i) On the authority of (5th & 6th) Imam: Dhikr is Quran and we are those about whom the people will be questioned, regarding their duties and obligations to us. 

(ii) Assurance from Allah: Verily you the (holy Prophet) guide to the right path”: Reference (Shura-42: 52: Zukhruf-43: 43) 

> ” Ask those of Our messengers whom We sent before you: Did We (ever) appoint gods, beside ARRAHMAN, to be worshipped”? (45) 

Flag 47: Worship none other but ARRAHMAN: (Zukhruf-43: 45) 

> ” Verily We sent Musa with Our signs to Firawn and His chiefs. He said: Verily I am the messenger of the Lord of worlds”: (46) 

> ” When He came to them with Our signs, behold, they laughed at him”: (47) 

> “And not a sign We showed him, but it was greater than the other. We seized them with chastisement so that they might (turn to Us)”: (48)

> ” But they said: O sorcerer, call on your Lord for us (to do) as He has covenanted with you. Verily we shall let ourselves be guided”: (49) 

> ” Yet no sooner did We take away the chastisement from them, behold, they broke their pledge”: (50) 

> ” Firawn proclaimed among His people, saying: O my people , is not mine the kingdom of Egypt and these rivers that flow beneath me? See you not? (51) 

> ” Am I not better than this (man) who is contemptible, and who can hardly speak clearly”? (52) 

> ” Why not bracelets of gold been put upon him, or (why have not) angels come along with him as his escorts”? (53) 

> ” Thus did he make light of the (whole) matter to his people and they obeyed him. Surely they were ever a transgressing people”: (54) 

> ” When they angered us , We exacted retribution from them, and We drowned them all”: (55) 

> ” And we made them a precedent and an example for the coming generations”: (56) 

Flag 48: Firawn’s proclamation! Is the kingdom not mine? The transgressors and collaborators drowned: Lesson to learn and contemplate? (Zukhruf-43: 46-56) 

> ” When son of Maryam is set forth as an example, behold your people clap their hands (in ridicule)”: (57) 

> ” And they say: Are our gods better or is he? They do not set forth this to you but by way of disputation.Yes, they are a contentious people”: (58) 

> ” He was no more than a servant (of Allah). We bestowed on him (Our) favours, and We made him an example for the children of Israil”: (59) 

> ” Had We pleased, We would have angels among you to be (your) successors in the earth”: (60) 

> ” Verily he shall be the sign (of the approach) of the hour (of reckoning). So have no doubt about it, and follow Me this is the right path”: (61) 

> ” Let not Shaytan misdirect you. Verily he is your avowed enemy”: (62) 

> ” When Isa came with clear proofs (miracles), he said: Verily I have come to you with wisdom, and in order to make clear to you some of those things about which you differ, so safeguard yourself against evil and obey me”: (63) 

> ” Verily Allah is my Lord and your Lord; so worship Him. This is the right path”: (64) 

> ” But the factions differed among themselves. Woe to unjust because of the chastisement of a painful day”: (65) 

> ” Are they waiting (for anything) but the hour (of reckoning) which will come upon them suddenly, while they perceive not”: (66) 

> ” Friends on that day will be foes one to another, save those who safeguard themselves against evil with full awareness of divine laws”: (67)

Flag 49: Isa & his descending: A sign of the approaching ‘Hour’: (Zukhruf-43: 57-67)


(i) ‘he’ refers to Isa (Zukhruf-43: 61). 

(ii) On the authority of the Holy Prophet: When Isa will descend from the heaven among you, the leader of (mankind) will be a man from among you. 

> ” O My servants there shall be no fear for you on that day, nor shall you grieve”: (68) 

> ” (You) who believed in Our signs and have submitted themselves to Our will”: (69) 

> ” Enter the garden, you and your spouses, in rejoicing”: (70) 

> ” Golden dishes and cups shall be passed around amongst them, and whatsoever the souls desire, and delights the eyes, shall be there, where you shall abide for ever”: (71) 

> ” This is the garden you are made to receive as (your) inheritance by virtue of what you have done”: (72) 

> ” There therein fruits in plenty which you shall eat”: (73) 

Flag 50: Day of Judgement for Allah’s Faithful Servants: (Zukhruf-43: 66-73) 

> ” The guilty shall dwell for ever in the torment of hell”: (74) 

> ” It will not be lightened for them; overwhelmed with despair they will stay in it”: (75) 

> ” We were not unjust to them, but they were unjust to themselves”: (76) 

> ” They will cry O Malik, would that your Lord put an end to us. He will say: Verily you are to stay”: (77) 

Flag 51: The Guilty on the Day of Judgement: (Zukhruf-43: 74-77) 

> ” Verily We brought to you truth, but most of you despised the truth”: (78) 

> ” Have they settled upon a plan? Then verily We shall also settle for one”: (79) 

> ” Or do they think We do not hear their secrets and their whispers? In fact ( We do), and Our messengers who attend them write down everything”: (80) 

Flag 52: Allah’s perfect recording, tracking and feedback system: (Zukhruf-43: 78-80)

> ” Say (O Muhammad): If ARRAHMAN had a son, I would certainly have been the first of worshippers”: (81) 

Flag 53: (Shirk)! How awful and outrageous? Had there been Allah’s son! Muhammad would be first of worshippers: Chastisement round the corner (Zukhruf-43: 81-83 & 87-89) 

> ” Glory be to the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of the Arsh, far above what they attribute”: (82) 

> ” So leave them to indulge in their vanity and horse-play until they meet the day which they have been promised”: (83)

> ” He it is who is God in the heavens and God in the earth; and He is all-wise, all-knowing”: (84) 

> ” Blessed is He Whose is the kingdom of heavens and earth and whatsoever is between them, and with Him is the knowledge of the hour (of reckoning), and to Him you shall all be returned”: (85) 

Flag 54: The Sovereign: The only one who has the knowledge of the ‘Hour’: (Zukhruf-43: 84-85)

> ” Those whom they invoke beside Him do not own any power of intercession, save he who bears witness to the truth, and they know (the truth)”: (86) 

Flag 55: Witness to the ‘Truth’ & its ‘Knower’: (Zukhruf-43: 86)


(i) ‘Witness to the truth’ refers to Ali Ibn Abu Talib. 

(ii) Imam Hussain (Dhibbin Azim: Great Sacrifice) is Allah’s promised intercessor (Saffat-37: 107). 

(iii) The holy Prophet and his (Ahlul Bayt inclusive of their twelve Imams in an unbroken chain) are the ‘Knower’ of the truth. 

> “If you ask them who created them, they will say: Allah. Whither then they are deluded away (from the truth)”: (87) 

> ” (Allah has the knowledge of) His (prophet’s) cry: O my Lord! these are the people who will not believe”: (88) 

> ” So you turn away from them and say: Peace. Soon they will know”: (89) 

Surah AZ Zukhruf ends 

Separa-25 (Ilayhi Yuraddu) continues 


Surah AD Dukhan  

(44: 01-59)

> ” Ha Mim”: (01) 

> ” By Manifesting book”: (02) 

Flag 56: (Kitabim Mubin: The Manifest Book): (Dukhan-44: 02& 58-59)


(i) (Quran): Greatest Revelation: (Mumin-40: 02: Ibrahim-14: 01-04: Zukhruf-43: 03-04: Shu’ara-26: 198-200: Waqiah-56: 78: Ha Mim-41: 41-42: Zukhruf-43: 02-04: Dukhan-44: 02): 

(ii) Reconfirmation of the fact the whole Quran was revealed to the holy Prophet in a complete book form: (Ibrahim-14: 01). 

(iii) Quran was neither edited nor arranged nor compiled by anyone after its revelation.

(iv) Gradual revelation as commanded by Allah followed subsequently. 

(v) The descending of Quran on Muhammad in Arabic in order to increase its acceptability to Arabs (Shua’ra-26: 198-199:Zukhruf-43: 03-04). 

(vi) Quran (Maknun: hidden, precious, well guarded) beyond the reach of any attempted alterations/additions/deletions or any other Shaytanic instigation (Waqiah-56: 78: Ha Mim-41: 41-42). 

(vii) Only the thoroughly purified by Allah (Ahzab-33: 33) can grasp its true meaning. 

(viii) Further Quranic references concerning Rasekhoona-fil-Ilm, Utul-Ilm, Ulil Ilm and those who have knowledge of the book (Imran-03: 07/ Nisa 04:162/ Imran-03: 18/ Rad-13: 43/ Nahl: 16:27/ Bani Israil-17: 107/ Hajj-22: 54/ Anakbut-29: 49/ Rum-30: 56/ Saba-34: 06/ Muhammad-47: 16). 

> ” Verily We sent it down on a blessed night – verily We are ever warning -“: (03) 

Flag 57: The night of Qadr (Power): (Dukhan-44: 03:Baqarah-2: 185:Qadr- 97: 01): 


(i) Quran was sent down in the month of Ramadan: (Baqarah-2: 185). 

(ii) Quran was sent down in the night of Qadr: (Qadr-97: 01). 

(iii) ‘a thousand months’ refers to ‘timeless time’ with respect to our earthly months (Qadr-97: 03) 

(iv) Quran was sent down on the blessed night: (Dukhan-44: 03). 

(v) (Whole) Quran was, therefore, sent down on the blessed night of Qadr (power) in the month of Ramadan. 

(vi) It is highly recommended to look for the night of (Qadr) during one of the odd nights in the last ten days of the month of Ramadan. 

> ” Therein every affair of wisdom is made distinct”: (04) 

Flag 58: Quran: A comprehensive guide for successful management and conduct during life cycle: (Dukhan-44: 04: Jathiyah-45: 18)


(i) The holy book (Quran) carries a complete code with respect to practising (Social, business, trading, contracting, defence, jihad, legislative, judicial, political & government, governance, management & hierarchy, science & technology, others) norms. 

> ” A command from Us – verily, We are ever sending – “: (05) 

Flag 59: The night of issuance of decrees and commands: (Dukhan-44: 05-07: Qadr-97: 04)


(i) The ‘Divine’ wisdom determines the solution of mankind’s pursuits for the whole year. 

(ii) These commands are not based on prefixed (destiny or luck). 

(iii) Instead All such commands are based on Allah’s Way (Sunnat) incorporating individual efforts and intentions.

(iv) The destiny of each individual is firmly in its own hands and is not subject to any compulsive (luck or destiny) factors.  

> ” A mercy from your Lord. Verily, He is all-hearing, all-knowing”: (06) 

Flag 60: (Rabb-es-Samava-ti-Wal-Arz): Mercy for those who are sure in their faith (Muqinin): (Dukhan-04: 06-09: Baqarah-2:04: Anbiya-21: 107)


Additional References below: 

>>> ” and are sure of the hereafter”

(Baqarah-2: 04) 

>>> ” We sent you not but as a mercy unto the world”

(Anbiya-21: 107) 

> ” The Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatsoever is between them, if you really have positive faith”: (07) 

> ” There is no god but He. He gives life and death. He is your Lord and Lord of your fathers of old”: (08) 

> ” Yet they are sporting in doubt”: (09) 

> ” So wait for the day when heaven will emit visible smoke”: (10) 

> ” Which will envelop the people. This will be a painful chastisement”: (11)

> ” (They will say: O Lord, remove from us the torment, verily we are believers”: (12) 

> ” How shall an admonition be (effective) for them, when a messenger came to them (making the truth manifest)”: (13) 

> ” (Yet) they turned away from him and said: (He is) tutored, mad”: (14)

> ” Verily We will remove the torment a little, (but) verily you will revert back (to evil)”: (15) 

> ” That day We will seize (them) with a great seizure . Verily, We shall exact retribution”: (16) 

Flag 61: Smoke (Dukhan): A sign of the approaching day of judgment: Earth engulfed by smoke (Sunlight obstructed): (Dukhan-44: 10-16) 


(i) A severe (famine/drought) in Madinah ended only when the holy Prayed (on repeated submission of faithfuls). 

(ii) Similarly the smoke identified above shall only be lifted by praying of someone thoroughly purified (Ahzab-33: 33) from the (Ahlul Bay: The twelfth Imam). 

> ” Verily We had tried the people of Firawn before them. There came to them a noble messenger”: (17) 

> ” (Saying): Deliver servants of Allah to me. I am a trusted messenger sent to you”: (18) 

> ” Do not exalt yourself against Allah; verily, I have come to you with a manifest authority”: (19) 

> ” Verily I take refuge with my Lord and your Lord, lest you stone me (to death):” (20) 

> ” If you do not believe in me, leave me alone”: (21)

> ” (But they were aggressive): Then he cried to His Lord: These are a guilty people”: (22) 

> ” March forth with my servants by night. (it was said): Verily you shall be pursued”: (23) 

> ” And leave the sea behind, parted asunder, motionless; verily they are a host to be drowned”: (24) 

> “How many gardens and fountains they leave behind”: (25) 

> ” And cornfields and noble dwellings”: (26) 

> ” And pleasant things in which they took delight”! : (27) 

> ” Thus it was: And We gave them as an inheritance to another people”: (28) 

> ” Neither did the heavens weep for them, nor the earth, nor were they granted respite”: (29) 

Flag 62: Musa & believers the inheritors: Firawn and his people drowned, disgraced, with no one to mourn them: (Dukhan-44: 17-33)


(i) Heavens and earth wept over the martyrdom of Imam Hussain and his comrades. 

> ” Verily We delivered children of Israil from a degrading affliction”: (30) 

> ” From Firawn. Verily he was arrogant, one of the inordinate transgressor”: (31) 

> ” Verily We chose them with knowledge above the people (of that time)”: (32) 

> ” and We gave them signs wherein was a clear trial”: (33)

> ” Verily these people say”: (34) 

> ” There is nothing but our first death, and we shall not be raised again”: (35) 

> ” So bring back our fathers if your are truthful”: (36) 

> ” Are they better or the people of Tubba and those before them? We destroyed them for verily they were guilty”: (38) 

Flag 63: The Righteous King of (Tubba): (Dukhan-44: 34-38): 


(i) Abu Ayub Ansari, the 21st offspring in the progeny, passed on a letter of facilitation from the King of Tubba (Asad Bin Malka abu Ayub: Himyarite King) who believed in arrival of the last Prophet one thousand years in advance. 

(ii) Tubba was an appellation of each of the kings of Yemen, known as Himayarite kings. First they were Sabiens and then they professed the Jewish and then Christian religion. 

> ” We did not create the heavens and the earth and all that is between them in sport”: (38) 

> ” We did not create them save with the truth, but most of them do not know”: (39) 

> ” Verily the day of distinction (sorting out) is the appointed term for all of them”: (40)

> ” The day when a friend shall not avail a friend at all, nor shall they be helped: (41) 

> ” Save those on whom Allah shall have mercy, Verily, He is all-mighty, merciful”: (42) 

Flag 64: Allah’s Mercy (Intercession): The ‘Day’ when all relationships and connections shall be rendered worthless except (His Mercy) : (Dukhan-44: 38-42)


(i) ‘whom Allah shall have mercy’ (Dukhan-44: 42) refers to intercession. 

(ii) Intercession: Who has a covenant from Allah to Intercede? References follow: 

(iii) None can intercede without Allah’s permission (Baqarah-2: 255) 

(iv) Those who have taken a promise from the Merciful (Maryam-19: 87) 

(v) Who the Merciful has given permission and whose word He accepts (Taha-20: 109) 

(vi) There is no intercession save after His permission (Yunus-10: 03) 

(vii) Arrahaman shall be pleased to accept their word (Taha-20: 109) 

> ” Verily, the tree of Zaqqum”: (43) 

> ” Shall be the food of sinful”: (44) 

> ” Like molten brass, it shall boil in (their) bellies”: (45) 

> ” As does boiling water”: (46) 

> ” (It will be said): Seize him and drag him in to the depths of the hell”: (47) 

> ” Then pour over his head the torment of the boiling water”: (48) 

> ” Taste it: (They will be told): Verily, you were forsooth the mighty, the noble”! (49) 

> ” Verily, this is what you used to doubt”: (50) 

Flag 65: Face to face with tree of Zaqqum: (Dukkhan-44: 43-50) 

> ” Verily those who safeguarded themselves with full awareness of divine laws will be in a place of peace and security”: (51) 

> ” Amidst gardens and streams”: (52) 

> ” Attired in fine silk and brocade, facing one another”: (53) 

> ” So (shall it be). We will pair them with fair (maidens) with large lovely eyes”: (54) 

> ” They shall call for every (kind of) fruit in peace and security”: (55) 

> ” They shall not taste death therein save the first death, and He will save them from the chastisement of the blazing fire”: (56) 

> ” By the grace of your Lord. This is the great achievement”: (57) 

Flag 66: Allah’s Grace:The Eternal Bliss: the ( Fauzul-Azim): (Dukhan-44:51-57) 

> ” So We have made this (Quran) easy in your tongue that they may be admonished” : (58) 

> ” Therefore you wait: Verily, they are also waiting” : (59)

Surah AD Dukhan ends 

Separa-25 (Ilayhi Yuraddu) continues 


Surah Al Jathiyah


> ” Ha Mim”: (01) 

> ” The revelation of this book is from Allah, the all-mighty, the all-wise”: (02)

Flag 67: Allah’s Re-assertion: The revelation of Quran is from none but Allah: (Jathiyah-45: 02)

> ” Verily there are sign for believers in the heavens and the earth”: (03) 

> ” In your creation, and all the moving creatures that He scatters in the earth are signs for the people who have sure faith”: (04) 

> ” In the alteration of night and day, and what Allah sends down from the heaven of the sustenance, and thereby quickens the earth after its death, and in the changing of winds, are the signs for the people who understand”: (05) 

> ” These are the signs of Allah which We recite to you with truth; then in what argument, after (rejecting) Allah and His signs will they believe”? (06) 

Flag 68: Allah’s Signs, Allah’s Way (Sunnat) and the Science: The final arguments (Itmam-e-Hujjat): (Jathiyah-45: 03-06 & 12-13)


(i) Allah’s signs spread over the entire universe are eye-catching, manifest/hidden and quantitative/qualitatively infinite. 

(ii) The frequent reference to Allah’s signs in Quran has been to make mankind aware of their significance and arrive at a well considered logical decision as to the creator of the same. 

(iii) Having reached the conclusion of existence of the ‘Divine’, the next step is to realise the significance of the ‘Divine’ laws controlling and faultlessly managing the infinitely complex creation cycles. 

(iv) This aspect may be considered under the singular heading entitled {Allah’s Way (Sunnat)}. 

(v) The operation of our solar system giving rise to the existence of day/night, climate stability, development of the civilisations, animals, herbs and the sea-world is only a few of the signs of Allah’s Way (Sunnat). 

(vi) Science is the knowledge and understanding of some of Allah’s Way (Sunnat). The scope of Science, its findings and conclusions, remains open to changes, additions and/or deletions with respect to time. 

> ” Woe to every liar and every sinner”: (07)

> ” He hears the signs of Allah recited to him, yet he persists (in denying) with arrogance as though he has never heard them; so announce to him a painful chastisement”: (08) 

> ” When he comes to know any of Our signs he takes it as a jest, such people will suffer a humiliating chastisement”: (09) 

> ” Behind them is hell: and whatever they have earned will not avail them in the least nor those whom they took as guardians beside Allah. There shall be a grievous chastisement for them”: (10) 

> ” This (Quran) is a guidance. Those who disbelieve in the signs of their Lord will suffer a most painful chastisement”: (11) 

Flag 69: Disbelief in Allah’s Signs: Chastisement decreed for the disgraced liars and sinners: (Jathiyah-45: 07-11)

> ” Allah is he who made the sea subservient to you so that ships may sail thereon by His command, and you may seek His grace , and may haply be thankful”: (12) 

Flag 70: Oceans & Seas in ceaseless pursuit of Allah’s Way (Sunnat): (Jathiyah-45: 12)


(i) Oceans and seas cover over two-thirds of the earth’s surface, provide food and minerals, generate oxygen, absorb greenhouse gases and keep climate change in check, determine weather patterns and temperatures, and serve as highways for sea-borne international trade. 

(ii) Oceans and seas can play a major role in contributing to achieving sustainable development, economic growth, and livelihoods. 

(iii) The oceans absorb both the excess heat generated by our greenhouse gas emissions, and absorb carbon dioxide itself, helping to reduce the impacts of climate chaos. 

(iv) Phytoplankton such as algae, for instance, transform dissolved carbon dioxide into organic carbon, which then forms part of the food chain. Gradually some of this sinks to the sea bottom where it is buried in sediment. Without the biological carbon pump that this entails concentrations of carbon in the atmosphere today would be about 50% higher. 

(v) The ocean’s biology is one of our best allies in the fight against climate. 

> ” He made subservient to you whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth, everything (and all) is from Him. Verily there are signs in this for those who reflect”: (13) 

> ” Say (O Muhammad) to those who believe to forgive those who do not have faith in the days of Allah, so that he may then requite the people for what they have been doing”: (14) 

> ” Whosoever does good does so for himself; and whosoever does evil does so against himself; then to your Lord you will all return”: (15)

> ” Verily We gave the children of Israil the book, wisdom and prophethood, and gave them goodly sustenance, and We favoured them above all people”: (16) 

> ” We gave them clear arguments of the affair (true religion), and they did not differ until the knowledge had come to them, through rivalry among themselves. Verily your Lord will judge between them on the day of reckoning in what they used to differ”: (17) 

Flag 71: Allah to deal with contentious Children of Israil on the day of Judgement (Jathiyah-45: 16-17)

> ” Then We set you (O Muhammad) on a clear path (definite code) of law; so follow it , and do not follow the vain desires of those who do not know”: (18) 

Flag 72: Quran: A comprehensive guide for successful management and conduct during life cycle: ( Jathiyah-45: 18:Dukhan-44: 04)


(i) The holy book (Quran) carries a complete code with respect to practicing (Social, business, trading, contracting, defense, jihad, legislative, judicial, political & government, governance, management & hierarchy, science & technology, others) norms. 

> ” Verily they shall not avail you in the least against Allah. Verily the unjust are each others friend, while Allah is the guardian of those who protect themselves against evil with full awareness of divine laws”: (19) 

> ” These are proofs for the people and guidance, and a mercy for the people who have sure faith”: (20) 

Flag 73: Allah’s assurance to (Muttaqin & Yuqinin): Surrender to Allah’s Way (Sunnat) and His signs: the highway to Allah’s Mercy: (Jathiyah-45: 19-20) 

> ” What! Do those who have committed evil deem that We will make them like those who believe and do good, – that equal will be their life and death? Evil is that which they judge”: (21) 

Flag 74: Judgement with truth: Corresponding & proportionate recompense for Good & Evil: (Jathiyah-45: 14-15 & 21-35) 

> ” Allah has created the heavens and earth with truth (for a purpose) so that every (soul) be recompensed for what it has earned, and no injustice will be done to them”: (22) 

> ” Have you then seen him who takes for his god his vain desire? Allah has despite (His) knowledge, left him astray, sealed his ears and heart, and veiled his eyes. Who can then guide him after Allah (has left him astray)? Will you not then reflect”? (23) 

> ” And they say: There is nothing but our life in this world; we die and we live, and nothing destroys us save time. They do not have knowledge of that; they do but guess”: (24)

> ” When our clear signs are recited to them, they have no argument but to say: Bring our fathers (back), if you are truthful”: (25) 

> Say (O Muhammad): Allah gives you life and makes you die, then He will gather you together on the day of reckoning of which there is no doubt. Yet most people do not understand”: (26) 

> ” Allah’s is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth; and the day the hour (of reckoning) shall be established – that day – the believers in falsehood shall lose”: (27) 

> ” You shall see every people kneeling down; and every people shall be called to its book. On that day you shall receive your recompense of what you used to do”: (28) 

Flag 75: Kneeling down on the ‘Day’: (Proverbial Pull-e-Sirat: by Tradition):(Jathiyah-45: 28: Maryam-19: 71-72)

(i) Each Soul to See and Pass over the Fire (Proverbial Pull-e-Sirat: by Tradition): (Maryam-19: 71-72) 

> ” There is not one of you but shall come to it; this is decisive decree of your Lord” 

(Maryam-19: 71)

> ” Then We shall deliver those who safeguarded themselves against evil with full awareness of divine laws, and We will leave the unjust therein fallen on their knees”

(Maryam-19: 72) 

(ii) Passing over, or by, or through fire decreed by the Lord. 

(iii) While true faithfuls shall be helped to overcome the disaster by Allah, others shall face the decreed consequences. 

(iv) The first and foremost being exempted from this test and trial (Anbiya-21: 101) 

> ” This is Our book. It speaks against you with justice. Verily, We used to record whatever you used do”: (29) 

> “So as for those who believed and did good deeds, their Lord will admit them to His mercy. That is the manifest achievement”: (30) 

> ” As for those who disbelieved, (it will be said): Were not My signs recited to you? But you acted arrogantly and you were a guilty people”: (31) 

> ” When it was said: Verily, the promise of Allah is true, and there is no doubt about the hour (of reckoning): You said: We know not what the hour is. We deem it naught but a conjecture, and we are not convinced”: (32) 

> ” The evil of what they did shall become manifest to them, and all that they used to mock shall surround (seize) them”: (33) 

> ” It shall also be said: Today We neglect you as you neglected the meeting of this day of yours. Your abode is fire and you have no helpers”: (34) 

> ” That is because you took signs of Allah in jest, and the life of the world deceived you. So they shall neither be taken out from there, nor they be granted any grace”: (35)

> ” All praise then be to Allah, Lord of the heavens and the Lord of the earth, Lord of the worlds”: (36) 

Flag 76: The Greatness (Kibriyae) is for Allah alone: (Jathiyah-45: 36-37) 

> ” His is the greatness in the heavens and the earth; He is the all-mighty, the all-wise”: (37) 

Separa-25 (Ilayhi Yuraddu) ends 

Surah Al Jahthiyah-45 ends