Highlighted Quranic Listing-7

Highlighted Quranic listing of the Seventh Separa (Wa Idha Sami-U) is here. An attempt has been made to simplify tracking of the desired information. At the outset, it is necessary to acknowledge innumerable sources used in compilation of this effort. No attempt has been made to list the references individually; but sincere thanks are due to all, individually and collectively. 

Road Map: 

  1. The list of (Flags) below is a subject-wise identification 
  2. Each (Flag) refers to the corresponding (verse or verses) and identifies (explanatory note), if any 
  3. Quranic verses of this (Separa) are listed and marked in a conventional way 
  4. For example (Anam-6: 120-125) refers to five verses (120-125) of (Surah Al-Anam) which is the sixth Surah of the Holy Quran 
  5. Each verse commences and ends marked as (> “—–“: (number of the verse) 
  6. >>> ” denotes the subject of the verse is continuing into the next verse (vii) All notes are numbered in parenthesis as (i), (ii), and so on 
  7. All a reader needs to do is review the listed (Flags), choose the desired subject and proceed to the indicated (Ayat) 
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Separa 07: Wa Idha Sami-U

Surah Al Ma-idah (83-120)
Surah Al An-am (01-111) 


Surah Al Ma-idah


> ” And when they hear what has been sent down (the Quran) to (our) messenger (Muhammad), you will see their eyes overflowing with tears on account of their recognising the truth; they say: Our Lord! We believe, so write us down among the witnesses (of the truth)”: (83)

> ” And what reason have we that we should not believe in Allah and the truth that has come to us, whilst we earnestly long that our Lord should admit us (in heaven) with the righteous”? (84)

> ” Therefore, Allah rewarded them for what they said, with gardens in which rivers flow, where they will live for ever, This is the recompense for those who do good”: (85)

Flag 1: Christians who recognised the Truth and their Reward: (Maidah-5: 83-85)

> ” But those who disbelieve and belie our signs – they shall be inmates of the flaming fire”: (86)

> ” O you who believe! Do not forbid good things that Allah has made lawful for you; and do not transgress the limits; verily, Allah does not love the transgressors”: (87)

> ” And eat what Allah has given you as food, lawful and wholesome, and fear Allah in whom you believe”: (88)

Flag 2: No place in Islam for self imposed prohibitions by priests and some people of the book: (Maidah-5: 87-88)

> ” And Allah does not call you to account for what is vain in your oaths, but he calls you to account for your deliberate oaths; so, expiation (for breaking an oath) is feeding of ten persons who are poor, food that you give to your own families, or clothing of them, or freeing a slave; but whosoever does not have the means (to do so), then (for him) is fasting of three days. This is the expiation of your oaths when you swear. And keep your oaths. Thus does Allah make clear His signs that haply you may be grateful”: (89)

Flag 3: Oath related aspects & Expiation (Kaffara) for breaking an Oath: (Maidah-5: 89)

> ” O you who believe! intoxicants and games of chance, (dedication of ) stones (for idol-worship), and (divination by) arrows, are an abomination, a handiwork of Shaytan, so keep away from them, so that you may be successful”: (90)

> ” Shaytan only desires, by means of intoxicants and gambling, to create enmity and hatred among you, and to turn you aside from remembering of Allah and from prayer. Will you then not abstain (from them)?” : (91)

Flag 4: Games of chance & intoxicants & associated implications: (Maidah-5: 90-92)

> ” Obey Allah, and obey messenger and be on your guard; but if you turn back, know that Our messenger’s duty is only to deliver a clear announcement (on our behalf)”: (92)

> ” On those who believe and do good deeds there is no blame for what they ate (in the past), when they safeguarded (against evil) with full awareness of divine laws and believed and did good deeds and they safeguarded themselves (against evil) and believe; and still they safeguard themselves (against evil) and do good; and Allah loves those who do good”: (93)

> ” O you who believe! Allah will surely try you with the game that you may reach with your hands and your lances, in order that Allah may know (prove) who fears Him unseen; and whoever exceeds (the limit) therefore, for him shall be a painful chastisement”: (94)

Flag 5: Reprieve for the believers on past deeds {with emphasis on belief (Ghaib: Unseen)} & Warning concerning games related aspects ( With hands, lances, etc): (Maidah-5: 93 & 94)

> ” O you who believe! Do not kill game while you are in the pilgrim garb; and whoever amongst you kills it intentionally has to give compensation like of what he has killed from the cattle, as adjudged by two just men among you, as an offering to be brought to Kabah, or by way of expiation the feeding of the poor, or the equivalent of it in fasting, in order that he may taste the wickedness of his deed. Allah has pardoned what he has gone by; and whoever does so again, then Allah will exact penalty from him, and Allah is mighty, Lord of attribution”: (95) 

> ” The game of sea is allowed to you and eating thereof – a provision for you and for the travelers, and the game of the land is forbidden to you as long as you are in the pilgrim garb, and fear Allah to whom you shall be gathered”: (96)

> ” Allah has made Ka-bah, the sacred house, a sanctuary (a resting place) for the mankind; and (likewise) the sacred month, and the offerings, and (so also) the animals with garlands; this is so in order that you may know that Allah knows whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth, and that, verily, Allah is the knower of all things”: (97)

> ” Know that Allah is severe in punishment, and that Allah is oft-forgiving, merciful”: (98)

> ” There is nothing (incumbent) upon the messenger but to deliver (the message), and Allah knows what you reveal and what you conceal”: (99)

Flag 6: Sanctity of Kabah & the Offerings & Gaming Restraints while in (Pilgrim Garb: Ahram): (Maidah-5: 95-99)

> ” Say (O Muhammad): The bad and good are not equal, even though the abundance of bad may enchant you: So fear Allah O you men of understanding, that you may haply find success”: (100)

> ” O you who believe! Do not ask about things which, if made known to you, would distress you. If you ask about them while Quran is being revealed, they shall be made known to you (but it shall annoy you). Allah pardons that, for Allah is oft-forgiving, forbearing”: (101)

> ” A people before you have indeed asked such questions, and then disbelieving therein”: (102)

> ” Allah has not sanctioned ( anything superstitious like) a bahirah, or a sa-ibah, or a wasilah, or a ham, but those who disbelieve fabricate a lie against Allah; and most of them do not understand”: (103)

> ” And when it is said to them: Come to what Allah has sent down, and to the messenger, they say: Sufficient for us what we found our fathers acting upon. What! Even though their fathers knew nothing and were not (rightly) guided”? (104)

> ” O you who believe! On you rests (the responsibility) for your own selves. He who strays cannot hurt you so long as you follow the (right) guidance. To Allah is the return of you all, then He shall declare to you that which you used to do”: (105)

Flag 7: Good & Bad are not Equal: Frivolous questioning: Pagans superstitions (rites and dogmas) & Guidance Denial: (Maidah-5: 100-105)

> ” O you who believe! When death presents itself to you, at the time of making a bequest, let two just men among you be witness, or two men other than yours if you be travelling in the land and the affliction of death afflicts you. Detain the two (witnesses) after prayer, then if you doubt (them), they shall swear by Allah (saying) we will not sell (our oaths) for a price, even though he be a kinsman, and we will not hide the testimony of Allah, (if we do) certainly we should be of sinners”: (106)

> ” if, then, it be discovered that both of them have been guilty of a sin (perjury), then two others stand up in their place from among those who claim a (lawful) right, the nearest of kin, and they should swear by Allah: Certainly our testimony is true than the testimony of those two, and we have not exceeded the limits, (and if we do) then surely we should be the unjust”: (107)

> ” That is most suitable – that they give the testimony in its true nature (as it is) ; or (else) fear that their oaths (would be disapproved) by oaths given after them; so fear Allah and (listen to His commands); and Allah does not guide the transgressing people”: (108)

Flag 8: Bequest (Will: Wasiyat) and Witnesses: (Maidah-5:106-108)

> ” (Beware) of the day whereon Allah will assemble all the messengers and say to them: What was the response you received (from men to your teaching)? They shall say: We have no knowledge, verily you alone are the knower of the unseen”: (109)

Flag 9: The day when Allah will assemble all the messengers: (Maidah-5: 109)

” When Allah shall say: O Isa, son of Maryam, remember My favours on you and on your mother when I strengthened you with the holy spirit, (so that) you spoke to the people in the cradle (while yet an infant) and when grown up; and when I taught you the book and the wisdom and the Tawrat and the Injil; and when you made out of clay the figure of a bird by My leave, you breathed into it and it became a bird, by My leave, and you healed those born blind and the lepers, by My leave, and when you put life into dead by My leave; and when I held back the children of Israil from (hurting) you when you had come to them with clear signs, but then those of them who disbelieved said: this is nothing but clear sorcery”: (110) 

> ” And (recall) when I revealed to the disciples: Believe in Me and My messenger (Isa):They said: We believe, and we bear witness that we are Muslims (those who submit to Allah)”: (111)

> ” And recall when the disciples said: O Isa, son of Maraym! Is you Lord able to send down to us (a) table laid of food from heaven? Isa said: Fear Allah! If you are (true) believer”: (112)

> ” They said: We desire to eat from it, that our hearts may be satisfied, and we may know that you indeed have spoken truth to us, and we may be witnesses (to the miracle)”? (113)

> ” Isa, son of Maryam, said: O Allah, Our Lord, send down to us from heaven a table laid with food, that it may be a recurring happiness for us, for the first of us and for the last of us, and a sign from You, and give sustenance, for you are the best of sustainers”: (114)

> ” Allah said: Verily I will send it down to you, but whoever of you shall disbelieve thereafter, surely I will chastise him with a chastisement wherewith I will not chastise any other of the worlds”: (115)

Flag 10: Recalling favours on Isa: Disciples asking for Miracle & Allah’s conditional acceptance subject to warning of chastisement for any one who disbelieves thereafter: (Maidah-5:110-115)

> ” And when Allah will say: O Isa, son of Maryam, did you say to the people: Take me and my mother for two gods besides Allah? He will say: Glory be to You, it was not for me to say that of which I had no right; if I had said it You would have indeed known it; You know whatever is in my heart, and I know not what is with you; verily You are the great knower of the unseen”: (116)

> ” I did not say to them aught except what You commanded me: Worship Allah, my Lord, and your Lord. I was a witness over them so long as I was among them; then when you did take me up, You were the watcher over them; and You are witness over all things”: (117)

> ” Should You chastise them, verily they are your servants: and should You forgive them, verily, You are almighty, all-wise” : (118)

> “Allah will say: This is the day when their truthfulness shall benefit the truthful. For them shall be gardens in which rivers flow where they will forever abide. Allah is well pleased with them and they are well pleased with Him – this a great achievement”: (119)

> ” Allah’s is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and whatsoever is in them; and He (alone) has power over all things” : (120)

Flag 11: Isa’s Denial Concerning Authorising (Trinity) & Subsequent Glad Tidings for His True Believers: (Maidah-5: 116-120) 

Surah Al-Maidah ends

Separa-7 (Wa Idha Sami-U) continues 


Surah Al An-am


> ” All praise be to Allah who created the heavens and earth, and ordained (put therein) darkness and light; yet those who disbelieve set up equals to their Lord”: (01)

Flag 12: Old Persian Theory of Duality based on Light & Darkness Refuted: (Anam-6: 01)


(i) The verse repudiates the theory of duality of old Persian theology, preached by the Magians, that the light and darkness were eternal.

(ii) Allah has created the contrast of light and darkness to enable man to distinguish between true from false.

> ” He it is who created you of clay, then decreed a term (of life for you) – and a term determined is with Him – even then you doubt”: (02)

> ” He is Allah in the heavens and earth, He knows what you hide and what you disclose, and He knows what you earn (of good and evil)”: (03)

Flag 13: Allah the great ‘Creator & Knower’ & Giver/Fixer of the decreed term of life: (Anam-6: 02-03)

> ” Never came there to them a sign of the signs of their Lord but they did turn away from it”: (04)

> ” They indeed belied the truth when it came to them; but very soon there will come to them the tidings of that which they used to mock at”: (05)

> ” Do they not see how many a generation We have destroyed before them, whom We had established in the earth as We have not (yet) established you? We sent down the clouds to pour down abundant rain on them, and We made rivers flow beneath their feet; yet We destroyed them for their sins, and raised up, after them, another generation”: (06)

> ” Had We sent down to you a book written on (sheets of ) paper, and they had touched it with their hands, surely those who disbelieved would have said: This is nothing but obvious sorcery”:(07)

Flag 14: Allah’s Signs & Guidance Persistently Negated by Mankind: (Anam-6: 03-07) 

> ” They say : ‘ Why has not an angel been sent down to him? ‘: And had We sent down an angel, then the matter would certainly have been decided, and they would have had no respite”: (08)

> ” Had We sent down an angel, We would have certainly made him a man, and We would certainly have obscured for them that which they (now) obscure”: (09)

Flag 15: Disbelievers Demand for Sending down angels to them & the Consequences: (Anam-6: 08 & 09)

> ” And certainly (many) messengers were mocked before you, but that which they mocked at recoiled on the scoffers amongst them”: (10)

> ” Say ( O Muhammad): Travel in the earth, then see what was the end of beliers”: (11)

Flag 16: Mocking & Denying Messengers: (Anam-6:10-11)

> ” Say: To whom belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and earth? Say: ‘To Allah’. He has prescribed mercy for himself. Most certainly He will gather you on the day of resurrection whereof there is no doubt. As to those who have lost their souls, they will not believe”: (12)

> ” To Him belongs whatsoever dwells in the night and the day. He is all hearing, all-knowing”: (13)

Flag 17: All that exists in the heavens & the earth: time & space belongs to Allah: (Anam-6: 12 & 13)

> ” Say: ‘ Shall I take a guardian besides Allah, the originator of the heavens and the earth, While He feeds (all) and is not fed? Say: I am commanded to be the first who submits himself (to Allah). Be not you of the polytheists” : (14)

Flag 18: Know the first of the Worshippers (Muslims) & the Command to discard polytheism: (Anam-6: 14-17)


(i)The Holy Prophet was the first worshipper (abid) of Allah among all His creations.

(ii) It is wrong to say that the holy Prophet was first of the converts


> “Say (O Muhammad): If Arrahman had a son, I would certainly have been the first of worshippers”

Zukhruf-43: 81

> ” Say (O Muhammad): If I disobey my Lord, I fear the chastisement of a great day”: (15)

> ” From whomsoever ( the penalty) is averted on that day; indeed He has had mercy on him; that will be a manifest triumph”: (16)

> ” If Allah touches you with affliction, none can remove it but He; and if He touches you with good, then He has power over all things”: (17)

> ” He is the supreme (Lord) above His servants; and He is the all-wise, the all-aware”: (18)

Flag 19: The Supreme All-wise, All-aware Lord: (Anam-6: 18) 

” Say ( O Muhammad): ‘ What thing is most weighty in testimony? ‘ Say: Allah is witness between me and you; and this Quran has been revealed to me that thereby I may warn you and whomsoever it reaches. Do you really bear witness that there are other gods than Allah? I bear no such witness. Say verily, verily I am clear of that which you associate (with Him)”: (19)

Flag 20: The Most Weighty Testimony: (Anam-6: 19)

> ” Those to whom We have given the book recognise him (Muhammad) as they recognise their (own) sons; (yet) those who have lost their souls will not believe” : (20)

Flag 21: People of the book recognise Holy Prophet (Muhammad): (Anam-6: 20)

> ” And who is more unjust than he who forges a lie against Allah, or who belies His signs? Verily the unjust will not succeed”: (21)

> ” And on the day We shall gather all of them together, We shall say to those who associated (gods with Us): Where are your associate gods about whom you used to assert falsely”? (Anam-6: 22)

> ” Then they will have no excuse but say: By Allah, our Lord; we were not polytheists”: (23)

> ” Behold, how they lie against their own souls, and has vanished from them what they used to forge”! (24)

> ” Of them are those who hearken to you, but We have cast veils over their heart lest they understand it, and a heaviness in the ears; and even if they see all signs they will not believe in them; to the extent that when they come to you they only dispute with you; those who disbelieve say: This is nothing but fables of the ancients”: (25)

> ” They prohibit (others) from it, and (themselves) they keep away from it. They destroy their own souls but they do not perceive it”: (26)

> ” And could you see when they are made to confront the fire, then they will say: Would that we were sent back! Then we would not belie signs of our Lord, and we would be of the believers”: (27)

> ” Nay, what they used to conceal has now been manifested to them, and if they were sent back they would certainly return to what they were forbidden, most certainly they are liars”: (28)

> ” And they say: There is nothing save our life of this world, and we shall not be raised again”: (29)

> ” And could you see when they are made to stand before their Lord, He will say: Is this not the truth? They will say: Yes by Our Lord! He will say: Taste then the agony of the chastisement of what you had disbelieved”: (30) 

> ” They indeed are the losers who disbelieved in meeting with Allah until, the hour comes to them suddenly, they will say: Alas we neglected it! And the shall bear their burdens at their backs. Indeed evil is that which they shall bear”: (31)

Flag 22: Plight of Disbelievers (Ultimate Losers) on the Day of Judgement: (Anam-6: 21-31)

> ” The life of this world is nothing but frolic and frivolity, and certainly the abode of the hereafter is the best for those who safeguard themselves (against evil) with full awareness of divine laws. Do you not then understand?” : (32)

Flag 23: Life of this World: (Anam-6: 32)

> ” Indeed We know that certainly that which they say grieves you, but verily it is not you they belie, (it is) the signs of Allah the wrongdoers deny”: (33)

> ” Most certainly (Our) messengers, before you, were belied, but they persevered in spite of having been belied and persecuted until Our help came to them, and there is none that alter the words of Allah; and most certainly the tidings of the messengers has come to you” : (34)

> ” And if their turning away is hard for you, then, if you can, seek an opening (going deep) into the earth, or a ladder (reaching out) to the heavens, so that you bring them a sign (even then they will not believe). If Allah desired, He would certainly have brought them all to the right guidance, so do not be of the ignorant” : (35)

> ” Verily, only they, who listen, will accept; and as to dead, Allah will raise them; then to Him shall they return”: (36)

> ” And they say:  Why has not a sign from his Lord been sent down to him? ‘ Say: Verily, Allah is Able to send down a sign, but most of them know not”: (37)

Flag 24: The depth & Extent of Denial: (Anam-6: 33-37)

> ” There is not an animal (that moves) on the earth, nor a bird that flies with its two wings, but they are communities like you, We have not left out anything in the book; then to their Lord they shall (all) be gathered”: (38)

Flag 25: Animals and birds are communities: (Anam-6: 38)


(i) On the day of judgment all entities, including animals, shall present themselves before the Lord.

> ” And those who belie our signs are deaf and dumb, in utter darkness, Allah allows whomsoever He wills to go astray, and whomsoever He pleases leads to a straight path” ; (39) 

> ” Say (O Muhammad): Have you thought if the wrath of Allah or the Hour (of doom) came upon you, would you call to any other than Allah”? (Answer) if you are truthful” : (40)

> ” Nay you will call Him alone and if He pleases He clears away that for which you had called Him; and you would forget (the false god) which you associate (with Him)”: (41)

> ” And most certainly We sent (messengers) to many a people before you, then We seized them in distress and adversity, so that they might humble themselves”: (42)

> ” Why then, when Our punishment came to them, did they not humble themselves? But their hearts were hardened and Shaytan made fair-seeming to them what they did”: (43)

> ” When they forgot that of which they had been admonished, We opened for them the doors of all things, until, they rejoiced in what they were given, We caught them unaware, and then lo! they were in utter despair”: (44)

> ” So the roots of the people who were unjust were cut off; and (all) praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds” : (45)

Flag 26: Disbelievers: Deaf & Dumb & their roots cut off: (39-45)

> ” Say: Think you, if Allah takes away your hearing and your sight, and seals your hearts, what god, other than Allah can bring it (back) to you? See how We display (explain) the signs, yet they turn aside” :(46)

Flag 27: Allah’s Explaining His Signs & Invitation to Believe While the Option exists: (Anam-6: 40-46)

> ” Say (O Muhammad): Think you, if the chastisement of Allah comes to you suddenly or openly, will any be destroyed except the unjust people”? (47)

> ” And We do not send messengers except (as) heralds of glad tidings and warners. Then, whomsoever believes and does right, they shall have no fear, nor shall they grieve”: (48)

> ” But (as for) those who belie Our signs , chastisement shall afflict them for what they used to transgress”: (49)

> ” Say (O Muhammad): I do not say to you (that) with me are the treasures of Allah, nor do I know the unseen, nor do I say to you that I am an angel; I follow only what is revealed to me. Say: Are the blind and seeing alike? Why, then, you do not reflect”? (50)

Flag 28: Muhammad brings forward only what is revealed to him: Are the blind and seeing alike? (Anam-6: 47- 50)

> ” Warn those who fear through this (Quran) that they shall be gathered before their Lord, and there shall be no guardian or intercessor besides Him, in order that they safeguard themselves (against evil) with full awareness of divine laws”: (51)

> ” And do not drive those who call upon their Lord morning and evening seeking His countenance. You are not answerable for anything on their account, nor are they answerable for anything on your account. If you drive them away you will become unjust”: (52)

> ” Thus have We tried some of them by others so that they may ask: Are these they whom Allah has favoured from among us? Does not Allah know best who are grateful”? (53)

Flag 29: Recognising Allah’s Favourites: (Anam-6: 51-53)


(i) The above verses refer to less fortunate but sincere and devout companions (Ammar, Bilal, Salman, Abu Dharr, Miqdad and Suhayb) whereas some influential and rich Quraysh thought it beneath their dignity to listen to Holy Prophet in their company.

> ” And when those who believe in Our signs come to you, say you ‘Peace be on you’ (Salamun Aalykum). Your Lord has prescribed mercy for Himself; (so that) if any one of you does evil out of ignorance, then turns repentant (to Allah) thereafter, and amends (his conduct), then verily He is oft-forgiving, merciful”: (54)

Flag 30: “Salamun Alaykum”: An-All-Inclusive Worship (Ibadat): (Anam-6: 54)


(i) The customary behaviour of those (rich and those on elevated position) who expect to be saluted first is negation of the requirement. Similarly not taking lead in saluting ladies of the house and minors is not a desirable act.

> ” Thus do We explain the signs in detail that the way of sinners may become manifest”: (55)

Flag 31: Way of Sinners: (Anam-6: 35, 43-44 & 55)

> ” Say (O Muhammad): I am forbidden to worship those whom you call upon besides Allah. I do not follow your inclinations, for then indeed I shall go astray, and I will not be of those who are rightly guided”: (56)

Flag 32: To You Your Religion & to Me Mine: (Anam – 6: 56 & Kafrun – 109: 6)

> ” Say: Verily I have a manifest proof from my Lord and you have belied it; I do not have that with me to which you hasten. Judgement belongs to Allah alone; He declares the truth and He is best of the deciders”: (57)

Flag 33: Judgement Belongs to Allah Alone: (Anam-6: 57)

> ” Say: If I had that with me which you wish to be hastened, certainly the matter between me and you would have been decided; and Allah knows best those who are unjust” : (58) 

Flag 34: Hastening of the Qiamat: (Anam-6: 57 & 58)


(i) Infidels challenged the Holy Prophet to hasten the curse on them. The Holy Prophet replied that he had no authority and the judgment to hasten or otherwise rests with Allah alone.

> ” And with Him are the keys (treasures) of unseen. None but He knows them; and He (alone) knows what is in the land and the sea. Not a leaf falls but He knows it, and there is not a grain in the darkest (recess) of the earth, nor anything wet or dry but in a clear book (Kitabum Mubin)”: (59)

Flag 35: Allah’s Unbounded Knowledge: The Unseen (Ilm-al-Ghaib) and (Kitabum Mubin): (Anam-6: 59)


(i) Also see (Yasin-36: 12) with reference to (Imamum Mobin). (ii) Further reference to (Nahjul Balagha) which carries a very detailed elaboration of this verse.

> ” It is He who takes you away at night (in sleep), and He who knows what you do in the day, then he raises you therein, that the fixed term (of life) be fulfilled; then to Him is your (ultimate) return, then He will declare to what you used to do”: (60)

Flag 36: Allah Takes You away in Sleep: (Anam-6: 60)

> ” And He is the supreme (dominant) over His servants, and He sends guards over you until, when death comes to one of you, Our messengers (angels) take him away, and they do not neglect”: (61)

> ” Then they are returned to Allah, their Lord-master, the only reality. Beware ! His indeed is the judgement, and He is the most swift of the reckoners” : (62)

Flag 37: Allah sends guards to protect you till the appointed time of death: (Anam-6: 61-62)

> ” Say: who delivers you from the darkness of the land and the sea, (when) you call upon Him humbly and in secrete? (Saying): If He delivers us from this certainly we shall be of the grateful”: (63)

> ” Say: Allah delivers you from this and every distress, even then you associate partners with Him”: (64)

> ” Say: He has power to send you chastisement from above you or from beneath your feet, or to bewilder you with dissension and make (some of) you taste the violence of one another. Behold! How repeatedly We display the signs that they may understand”: (65) 

Flag 38: Repeated Display of Allah’s Authority & Signs to Induce Mankind to Understand: (Anam-6: 63-66)

> ” And your people have belied it, though it is the truth. Say (O Muhammad): I am not a guard over you”: (66)

> ” For every prophecy there is a fixed time and soon shall you know it”: (67)

Flag 39: Quranic Prophecies & Fixed Time for Each Occurrence: (Anam-6: 67)

> ” And when you see those engaged in vain talk about Our signs, keep away from them until they engage in talking some other things. And if Shaytan causes you to forget (this), then do not sit after the recollection, with the unjust people”: (68)

> ” Those who safeguard themselves (against evil) with full awareness of divine laws are not accountable for them, but should remind them, so that they (too) may safeguard themselves against evil”: (69)

> ” And leave those who have taken their religion as a play and vain sport and whom the (temporal) life of this world has beguiled. Admonish them with this (Quran) lest a soul be destroyed by what it has earned. For it, there shall be no protector or intercessor besides Allah, and if it seeks to give every compensation, it shall not be accepted from it; these are they who are destroyed by what they had earned. For them shall be a drink of boiling water and a painful chastisement for what they used to disbelieve” : (70)

Flag 40: No Participation in Vain talks & against Allah’s Signs & Avoiding Company of the ‘Beguiled’: (Anam-6: 68-70)

> Say (O Muhammad): Shall we call on that, besides Allah, which neither profits us nor harm us, and shall we go back on our heels, after Allah has guided us, like him whom the devils have infatuated to wander perplexed in the earth, who has companions who invite him to guidance (saying): Come to Us? Say verily the guidance of Allah is the true guidance, and we are commanded that we should submit (ourselves) to the lord of the worlds”: (71) 

> ” And that establish prayer and fear Him. And He it is to whom you shall be gathered”: (72)

Flag 41: True Guidance & Submission to Allah Only: (Anam-6: 71 & 72)

> ” He it is who created the heavens and earth with truth. And the day (when) He says ‘Be’ it is: (73)

Flag 42: Kun-fa-Yakun (‘Be’ & ‘It is’): (Anam-6: 73: Imran-3: 59: Yasin-36: 82) 

> ” His word is the truth. His is the kingdom on the day when the dead will be breathed into (the trumpet will be blown). Knower of the unseen and the seen, and He is the all-wise, the all-aware”: (74)

Flag 43: ‘The Truth (Haq)’: ‘His is Kingdom’: ‘Knower of Un-Seen & Seen’: ‘All-Wise & All-Aware’: (Anam-6: 74)

> ” And when Ibrahim said to his father, Azar: Do you take idols for gods? Verily I see you and your people in obvious error”! (75)

Flag 44: Ibrahim to Azar & Step forward towards understanding of the ‘Divine Order’ : (75-76)


(i) Azar was Ibrahim’s uncle, who brought him up, not his real father.

> ” Thus did We show Ibrahim the kingdom (the governing laws) of the heavens and the earth, so that he could be of those who are sure” : (76)


(i) The Ibrahim ‘Era’ could be identified as the true prelude to launching of the ‘Divine Order’ in full force and the upcoming advent of successive prophets and messengers of increasing significance.

> ” Then when the night grew dark on him he saw a star. He said: This? my lord! Then when it set, he said: I do not love the setting ones”

(Anam-6: 77)

> ” Then when he saw the moon rise all aglow: he said: This? My Lord! Then when it set, he said: If my Lord had not guided me, I would certainly have been of those who have gone astray”:

(Anam-6: 78)

> ” Then when he saw the sunrise all resplendent, he said: This? my lord! (Through) this is the greatest. Then when it set, he said: O my people! I am clear of what you associate with Allah”

(Anam-6: 79)

Flag 45: Ibrahim at the Cross Road: (Anam-6: 77-79)

> ” Verily I have truly turned my face to Him who originated the heavens and the earth, upright, and I am not of the polytheists”

(Anam-6: 80)

Flag 46: Ibrahim’s Turning: (Anam-6: 80)

> ” And (when) his people disputed with him, he said: Do you dispute with me about Allah while indeed He has guided me? I do not fear what you associate with Him, save anything that my Lord wills. My Lord comprehends everything in His knowledge. Will you not then be mindful”? (81) 

> ” How should I fear what you have associated with Him, while you do not fear to have associated with Allah that for which no authority has been sent down to you? Which then of the two parties have greater right to security, if you (only) know”? (82)

> ” Those who believe and do not intermix faith with injustice, they are those for whom there is security, and they are the ones who are rightly guided”: (83)


(i) For rightly guided, faith remains unchanged and firm without any trace of intermixing with injustice (Zulm).

> ” This is our argument We gave to Ibrahim against his people. We exalt (in rank by degree) whomsoever We please. Verily your Lord is wise, all-knowing”: (84)

Flag 47: Ibrahim’s arguments to disbelievers: (Anam-6: 81-84)

> We gave him (Ibrahim) Ishaq and Yaqub; each one We guided; and Nuh We guided before, and in his progeny, Dawud and Sulaynam, and Ayyub and Yusuf and Musa and Harun; and thus We reward those who do good”: (85)

> ” And Zakariyya and Yahya and Isa and Ilyas; each one was of the righteous”: (86)

> ” And Ismail and Al-Yasa and Yunus and Lut; and each one of them We exalted over (the other people of) the worlds”: (87)

> ” And (some of) the fathers and their descendants and their brethren, and We chose them and guided them to the right path”: (88)

Flag 48: The rightly guided descendants of Nuh & Ibrahim (85-88)

> ” This is Allah’s guidance; He guides with it whomsoever of His servants He pleases; and if they associated others with Him, certainly vain would have been all they did”: (89)

Flag 49: Associating anything with Allah wipes out all the good deeds: (Anam-6: 89)

> ” These are they to whom We gave the book and the authority and the prophet hood; so if these (people) disbelieve in it, indeed We have (already) entrusted it to a people who are not disbelievers in it” : (90)

> ” These are they whom Allah has guided, therefore follow their guidance; say (O Muhammad): I do not ask you any recompense for this. It is naught but a reminder to the worlds” : (91)

Flag 50: Know those Who are already guided and Follow them: (Anam: 90-91)


(i) Already guided refers to thoroughly pruified by Allah:Muhammad & Ale Muhammad (Ahzab-33: 33)

(ii) Refer to {>>> ” Say O Muhammad): I do not ask of you any recompense for it (the toils of prophet hood) save love of my relatives>>>”: Shura-42: 23)

> ” They do not estimate Allah with the estimation due to Him when they say: Allah did not send down anything to any man! Say (O Muhammad): Who sent down the Book which Musa brought (as) a (light) and guidance to the people, but you make it into a (separate) sheaf of paper, part of which you show, and most of which you conceal, and you were taught what you did not know, neither you nor your fathers? Say: ‘Allah’, then leave them to the sport of engaging in vain discourse”: (92)

Flag 51: Denial of disbelievers arguments & their concealing the truth exposed: (Anam-6: 92)

> ” This is a book We have sent down, blessed, confirming which has been before it, that you may warn (the people of ) the mother of cities and those around it; and those who believe in the hereafter believe in it, and they are (constant) guiding their prayers”: (93)

Flag 52: The Blessed Book: (Anam-6: 93)

> ” And who is more unjust the he who forges a lie against Allah, or says: Something has been revealed to me” : (94)

Flag 53: Fake claim of receiving revelations: (Anam-6: 94)

> ” And indeed you will come to Us bare and alone as We created you at the first, and you have left behind your backs what We bestowed on you, and We do not see with you your intercessors whom you imagined were (our) associates in your affairs. Indeed, the ties between you are now cut off, and gone from you is that which you used to assert”: (95)

Flag 54: To Allah: Bare and alone: (Anam-6: 95)

> ” Verily (it is) He who split the seed-grain and the date-stone (for sprouting). He brings forth the living from the dead, and the dead.from the living. That is Allah ! How then are you deluded away (from the truth)?”: (96)

> ” (He is) the cleaver of the dawn, and He has made the night for rest, and the son and the moon for reckoning. This is the measuring of the almighty, the all-knowing Lord”: (97)

> ” And He it is who made the stars for you that you may be guided by (observing) them in the darkness of the land and the sea. Indeed have We made plain the signs for a people who know”: (98)

> ” He it is who has produced you from one soul, then there is a receptacle and a depository. We have made plain the signs for a people who understand”: (99) 

> ” He it is who sends down water from the sky, then We bring forth with it buds of every kind; then We bring forth from it green (foliage) from which (We) produce grain, piled up, and out of the sheaths of palms clusters of dates hanging low and near, and gardens of grapes, and olives, and pomegranates, alike and unlike, Look at the fruit when they bear fruit, and its ripening. Verily in this are the signs for a people who believe”: (100)

Flag 55: Understand Allah! How little you know? ‘That is Allah’! (Anam-6: 96-100)

> ” And yet they make jinn associates of Allah, although He created them, and they falsely, having no knowledge, ascribe to Him sons and daughters. Glory be to Him. Much too exalted is He for what they attribute to Him”: (101)

> ” Originator of the heavens and the earth! How could He have a child when He has no spouse? He created all things, and He has knowledge of all things”: (102)

> ” That is Allah, your Lord, there is no god but He, the creator of all things, therefore worship Him, for He is guardian over all things”: (103)

Flag 56: That is Allah: Originator of the heavens and the earth: Much too exalted: Only & Only to be Worshipped: (Anam-6: 101-103)

> ” Vision perceives Him not, but He perceives (all) vision. He is the subtle, the all-aware”: (104)

Flag 57: That is Allah! The Unseen Who sees all: (Anam-6: 104)

> ” Indeed clear proofs from your Lord have come to you; so whoso sees, it is (for the good) of his own soul; and whoso is (willfully) blind is blind to his own hurt. Say: I am not a keeper over you”: (105)

> ” And thus do We display the signs that they may say: You have been taught: and that We may make it clear to people who have knowledge” : (106)

> ” Follow what has been revealed to you from your Lord, there is no god but He, and turn away from the polytheists”: (107)

> ” And had Allah willed they would not have been idolaters. We have not made you a keeper over them, nor are you their guardian”: (108)

> ” And do not abuse those whom they invoke besides Allah, lest they, out of ignorance, exceed the limits and abuse Allah. Thus have We made fair-seeming to every people their deeds. Then to their Lord is their return, (and) then He will inform them what they used to do”: (109)

Flag 58: No retaliatory abuse for invoking associates: (Anam-6: 109)

> ” And they swear by Allah with the strongest of their oaths that if a sign came to them, they would most certainly believe in it; Say (O Muhammad): ‘ Verily signs are with Allah’. What will make you know that when it (a sign) comes they will not believe?”: (110) 

> ” And We will turn (aside) their hearts and their visions, even as they did not believe in it the first time, and We will leave them to wander on blindly in their obstinate disobedience”: (111)

Flag 59: Understanding Allah’s Signs & His Way: (Anam-6: 105-111) 

Separa 07 (WA-idha Sami-U) ends

Surah Al An-am (112-166) continues in Separa-08 (Wa Law Annana)