Letter-01: An Earnest Search for Truth


Children of Adam (Mankind) had always been curious in search of?

1.  What is the mechanism of creation of the universe and other species therein  including mankind?

Have an absolutely assured Answer!

Neither science nor any other religion, faith, cult, etc can have an answer other than the ‘Divine’ concept of ‘Kun-fa-Yakoon’ with regard to creation of the ‘Universe’ inclusive of that exists in it.
Satisfy your thirst by understanding (Kun-fa-Yakoon, Word, Ruh): Al-Quran: Chapter-24 (Mumin-40: 68): Chapter-23 (Yasin-36: 82): Chapter-3 (Imran-3: 59 & 47): Chapter-1 (Baqarah-2: 117): Chapter-16 (Maryam-19: 35)

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> ” On that day We will roll up the heavens as a written scroll is rolled up. As We began (started) the first creature, so shall We return it. (It is) a promise binding upon Us. Verily, We have been doing it”

Al-Quran: Chapter 17: Al Anbiya (21: 104)

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2. What is the purpose of creation of the universe and other species therein  including mankind?

Understand! Be not in doubt or under any false pretext or illusion:

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3. Why has the earth been historically so prone to violence, inequality and subjugation?

Get an emphatic ‘Alert! Wishful thinking, planning and self deceiving expectations lead to nowhere but ‘Hell’.

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4. Would this cycle ever end?

Get a ‘Glimpse’ into the future (Clip-73):


Is the approaching ‘HOUR’ not round the corner already? And what next? Clip 21:


5. A view into the unknown such as occurrences before birth?

(i) Each soul, arriving in this world, lands with a celestial promise with the Lord that it will exist only to fulfil the will of the Lord, and never shall rebel against His authority. This is known as the original or the latent (hidden) covenant.

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6. And after death?

  1. When all relationships and connections shall be rendered worthless except (His Mercy): Al-Quran: Chapter-25 (Dukhan-44:38-42)
  2. Turning heedless towards every other soul: Al-Quran: Chapter 30 (Abasa-80: 33-42)
  3. The joyful reading of their record by the ‘Doers’ of good! Al-Quran: Chapter-29 (Haqqah-69: 10-24)
  4. The reading of the ‘Evil Records’ with desperation, disgust & despair: Al-Quran: Chapter-29 (Haqqah-69: 25-37):

7. What is destiny and is there a way to get around it?

Know Your Destiny Yourself Clip-08:


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