Letter-13: The ‘Eternal Quranic Religion’!


To Whom It May Concern


Clip-60Search For Truth

1. Contents:

(i). List of Contents
(ii). Abstract
(iii). How can we define religion?
(iv). Listing of World Religions
(v) ‘Existentialism’ related Puzzle?
(vi) Conflict and Conflict Management during ‘Life Cycle’?
(vii). Question? Accountability!
(viii). The Competence Criterion?
(ix). Innermost thoughts and ‘Soul’ Searching?
(x). Your own ‘Lone’ and isolated ‘Self’!
(xi). Do you ever desire?
(xii).  Suggested Reading of a few Quranic Verses
(xii.i) Human desire for ‘Self’ greatness
(xii.ii) The unending desire for the worldly ‘Abundance’ (Plenitude)
(xii.iii)  Worldly Living Norms
(xii.iv) Guidance criterion
(xii.v) Understanding reality of the worldly life
(xii.vi)) No Sovereignty Sharing
(xii.vii) The ‘Continuity’ without Gaps & Pitfalls
(xii.viii)  Is ‘Big Bang’ not a product of ‘Be & it is’ (Kun-fayakun)?
(xii.ix) Rejection of the ‘Divine’ Sovereignty
(xii.x) Open Quranic Challenge? Explore ‘Denial’ basis & reasons?
(xii.xi) Your Life at a Crossroad: Think and answer a simple question?
(xii.xi.i) A crucial mathematical exercise?
(xii.xii) Failure to use intellect based knowledge (ilm)
(xii.xiii) Quran Authenticity & Genuineness
(xii.iv) The  Protected Quran
(xiii) Understanding the ‘Divine’ order(xiv) Quranic Eternal Religion (A Conceptual Categorisation)
(xiv.i) Understanding: ‘Eternal Quranic Religion’
(xv) Tracking Emergence of ‘Quranic Eternal Religion’
(xv.i) Guidance (Hidayat) based Development of Religions in Phases
(xv.ii) Lord’s first introduction of ‘Science’ to Mankind
(xv.iii) The Transition Phase and the ‘Divine’ Order
(xv.iv) The Abraham (Ibrahim) ‘Era’
(xv.v) The completion of the Mission
(xv.vi) The holy Prophet leads faithfuls to the Ultimate ‘Surrender’
(xv.vii) The ongoing flow of guidance culminating in the Quranic declaration
(xv.viii) Lord’s Way (Sunnat) Working Guidelines
(xvi) Discussion
(xvii) Conclusions
(xvii.i)  Mankind’s Defence: The self-reproaching conscience (Nafs lawwama)
(xvii.ii)  The Ultimate: ‘Completely Satisfied Self’ (Nafs mutma-inna)
(xviii) Gratitude and Acknowledgement
(xix) References

2. Abstract:

  • Definition of religion has been highlighted
  • A listing of ‘World Religions’ has been presented
  • The role of (Conscience) in decision making has been revisited
  • The categorised functions of the (Conscience) have been highlighted
  • The (Conscience) related questions have been highlighted
  • Reading of a set of relevant ‘Quranic’ verses has been proposed
  • The concept of ‘Quranic Eternal Religion’ has been highlighted
  • The phased development of the ‘Quranic Eternal Religion’ has been tracked
  • Evidence-based intellectual and logical evaluation of the ‘Quranic Eternal Religion’ has been discussed and proposed
  • The scale for ‘Winners’ in this World and the ‘Hereafter’ has been highlighted
  • The categories of the ‘Winners’ have been highlighted.

3. Conclusions:

(i) Remember! The World is for the ‘Seekers’ only which is equally applicable to both ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’.
(ii) The non-seekers are always at a loss.
(iii) Never expect ‘Good’ to automatically flow to you without an honest ‘Seeking’.
(iv) The law is equally applicable to the ‘Search for Truth’.
(v) The ‘Search of Truth’: Normally an unspecified obligation, stands out as an individual and/or collective act, not to be compromised on any account.

Zulqarnain, PhD
(literary id)