Letter-15: Multi-Religion and Multi-Cultural Peaceful Co-Existence-Missing Links


To Whom It May Concern

Identification of the existence of common grounds between faiths, religions, and cultures constitutes a ‘Breakthrough’ as a minimum but more like a ‘Game Changer’  in due course.
As an ‘Initiating’ milestone, this write-up explores the same.
The similarity of a few concepts between (Hindu) and (Muslim) faiths have been highlighted as below:

1. Vedanta based ‘Truth’ (Hindu Faith):

1.1 Vedanta defines the truth clearly: It is defined as that which never undergoes a change at any time.
1.2 Truth defined as (- sat-chit-ananda -):
1.3 Vedanta also defines that: Truth is nothing but your own self.
1.4 Hence the truth is called Brahman – meaning infiniteness.
1.5   (- sat-chit-ananda -) Sat means pure existence and Chit means pure consciousness and Ananda means bliss or happiness since any limited entity contributes to unhappiness.
1.6 The bible also tries to define the subject ‘I’ as ‘I am that I am
(Dr. K. Sadananda: Contribution Acknowledged with thanks).

2. Quranic Concepts (Muslim Faith):

2.1 Absolute ‘Truth’ and its Permanence: Al-Quran: Chapter 17:(Hajj-22: 62)
And the permanence of the ‘Everlasting Truth’:  Al-Quran: Chapter 26: (Qaf-50:29)
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2.2  Pure Existence or Self Purification: Al-Quran: Chapter-30: (Ala-87: 14-15)
2.3 Self-purification stands out as an individual responsibility. Al-Quran: Chapter 30 (Shams-91: 09)
2.4 ‘Self Purification’: A lasting gauge of success: Al-Quran: Chapter 30 (Fajr-89: 27)
2.5 Welcome to the righteous (tranquil soul): Al-Quran: Chapter 30 (Fajr-89: 28-30)
2.6 Self-purification perfection leading to a perfectly ‘Satisfied Self’ (‘Nafs mutma-inna’): 
Al-Quran: Chapter 30 (Bayyanah-98: 08)
2.7 Mankind’s Defence against Shaytanic Instigation:  Al-Quran: Chapter 29 (Qiyamah-75: 01-05)
2.8 Differentiating between friend and enemy:
Understand (Nafs lawwama: the self-accusing sincere friend) and (Nafs ammara: the enemy or the Shaytanic instigation)

3. Discussion & Conclusions:

The key! A better understanding of each other’s viewpoint!

(i) The unequivocal starting point of each and every faith and religion, as it exists today, must be the same.

(ii) Enroute, the existence of lost, or missing links, is logical and difficult to deny.

Imagine! With the ‘Missing Links’ in place?

Discover? ( https://islamic-governance.com/allah-quran-knowledge-and-the-surrender/chapter-2-allah-the-absolute-creator-his-divine-order-and-the-absolute-justice#3.14_The_Missing_Links )

(iii) All the existing faiths converging into one single entity, fully compliant with the ‘Divine order.

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(i) The mutual peaceful coexistence:

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