Letter-24: How, When, and Where (Ahlul Bait/ Holy Prophet’s People of the House) saved the ‘Divine Empire’ from total annihilation


To Whom It May Concern

1. What is Karbala:

The city’s (also known as Karbala-e-Mualla) religious significance derives from the Battle of Karbala (680 CE), a one-sided contest in which Hussain Ibn Ali (one of the holy Ahlul Bait), grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, and his small party were massacred by forces sent by the Omayyad Caliph Yazīd I.

The battle for true Islam {Muhammad’s Deen (Religion) based on Truth and Justice (Haq and Adl)} against induced deviations by the Omayyad (specifically Yazīd I)  from its fundamental norms thereby infiltrating Injustice {(Zulm) into the (True Islamic concepts)} was decisively won by (Hussain Ibn Ali) at Karbala forever. No wonder, the commemoration of (Hussain Ibn Ali’s) sacrifice at Karbala continues unabated since then to this day and age.

> ” Allah is well pleased with them and they are well pleased with Him>>>”

Al-Quran: Chapter 30 (Bayyanah-98: 08)

Refers to the likes of Hussain Ibne Ali at Karbala.

2. Urdu poetic tributes to the holiness of Hussain Ibn Ali

(i) Gham ka ilaj iskey siva aur kuch nahin
(There is only one way to get relief from my Karbala related dreadful sorrow)
Khake-Shifa hai meri dua aur kuch nahin
(A Visit to the land of Khake-Shifa (Karbala) to pay tribute is my Wish)
Ghurbat ki teez dhoop sey bachney ke siva
(The time left after your duties towards earning your livelihood)
Parhtey raho Hadith-e-Kisa aur kuch nahin
(Spend it in the recital of (Hadith-e-Kisa) unabated)

Reference: islamic-governance.com/highlighted-quranic-listing/highlighted-quranic-listing-22#Flag_3_The_People_of_the_House_(Ahlul_Bayt)_thoroughly_purified_by_Allah_Himself_Hadith-e-Kisa_(Ahzab-33_33)

Mal-e-Kahdija, Zarbey Ali Sajdah-e-Hussain
[ Khdijah’s (holy Prophets first wife) wealth, Ali’s sword’s unique hit that killed Amr bin Abd Wudd {Battle of Trench (Khandaq)} and Hussain’s last prostration to Allah before his head was severed]
Islam mein bus iskey siva aur kuch nahin
(There is nothing else that depicts the genuine true Islam in full glare)
Gar Chahtey ho Fatima Ayey Bahisht sey
(Should you desire Fatima (holy Prophet’s daughter) to take time off from her paradise abode to grace your house)
Ghar mein Bichha du farshey aza aur kuch nahin
(Do nothing but a commemorative gathering in remembrance of Hussain (Majlis) in your house)
Usney kaha key Deen ki tarikh puri likh
(When compelled to write a detailed history of Islam)
Mein ney faqat Hussain likha aur kuch nahin
(I wrote nothing else but ‘Hussain’  thereby meeting the requirements in full)
(ii) Shah hast Hussain, Badshah hast Hussain
(Hussian is the King, Hussain is the King of Kings)
Deen hast Hussain, Deen Panah hast Hussain
(Hussain is Islam, Hussain is the Saviour of Islam)
Sar daad na daad dast, dar dast-e-yazeed
(Hussain offered his Head rather than accepting Yazid as the Islamic Head)
Haqqaa key binaaey ‘La ila’ hast Hussain
{Truth is that Hussain is the foundation of (Tawheed) which is the singular monotheistic Islamic concept of no god but God}

3. Who are Ahlul Bait (People of the Holy Prophet’s house)?


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