Letter-32: Self Purification Alert! Why?


To Whom It May Concern

1. Why ‘Truth’:

Only ‘Truth’ is the designated tool for ‘purification of the soul’ (tazkiyyat an-nafs)!

> ” That is because Allah – He is the truth>>>”

Al-Quran: Chapter 17: Hajj (22: 62)

2. Scale of Success or Failure in life!

If still in doubt! refer to Quranic elaboration:

> ” Verily he succeeds who purifies it”

Al-Quran: Chapter 30 (Shams-91: 09)

” Verily he fails who corrupts it”

Al-Quran: Chapter 30 (Shams-91: 10)

3. Musa (Moses) first assignment:

No wonder that ‘Purification’ was one of the first commands with which Musa (Moses)  was sent to Pharaoh.

> ” (saying): Go to Firawn; verily he has transgressed all bounds” 

Al-Quran: Chapter 29: (Naziat-79: 17)

> ” And say: Would you like to purify yourself (from infidelity)”? 

Al-Quran: Chapter 29: (Naziat-79: 18)

4. Self-purification stands out as an individual responsibility:

> ” Indeed he (alone) succeeds who purifies himself”

Al-Quran: Chapter-30: (Ala-87: 14)  

5. Whom the Lord (Allah) will not purify?

> ”  Verily, those who barter their covenant with Allah and their oaths at a paltry price, have no share in the hereafter, and Allah will not speak to them, nor look at them at the day of resurrection, nor He will purify them; and for them (shall be) a painful chastisement”

Al-Quran: Chapter 03: (Imran-03-77)

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6. How Muhammad ‘Purifies’ mankind?

> ” Even as We have sent among you a messenger from among you who recites to you Our signs, and purifies you, and teaches you the book and wisdom, and teaches you which you did not know”

Al-Quran: Chapter-2: Baqarah (2-151)

1. Interfaith Multicultural Self Purification:


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