Letter-33: Alert! Why Should People of Book (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) & Other Believers Differ?


To Whom It May Concern

1. The ‘Divine’ Declaration’!

> ” Those whom we have given the book recognise him (the Holy Prophet) as they recognise their own children; and verily some of them conceal the truth while they know”

Al-Quran: Chapter 02: (Baqarah-2: 146)

> ” Those to whom We have given the book recognise him (Muhammad) as they recognise their (own) sons; (yet) those who have lost their souls will not believe”

Al-Quran: Chapter 07: (Anam-6: 20)

2. The Most Weighty Testimony!

> ” Say ( O Muhammad): ‘ What thing is most weighty in testimony? Say: Allah is witness between me and you>>>” 

Al-Quran: Chapter 07:  (Anam-6: 19)

3. Alert! To Whom?

>>> ” and this Quran has been revealed to me that thereby I may warn you and whomsoever it reaches>>>” 

Al-Quran: Chapter 07:  (Anam-6: 19)

4. Think Again! Reconfirmation of Belief Sought?

>>> ” Do you really bear witness that there are other gods than Allah>>>? 

Al-Quran: Chapter 07:  (Anam-6: 19)

5. Muhammad’s Belief Reiterated!

>>> ” I bear no such witness. Say verily, verily I am clear of that which you associate (with Him)” 

Al-Quran: Chapter 07:  (Anam-6: 19)

6. Any and/or All ‘Divine’ religions incomplete without “Muhammad’:

> ” Muhammad is not the father of any man among you, but a messenger of Allah, and the seal of prophet, Allah is the knower of all things”

Al-Quran: Chapter-22: (Ahzab-33: 40)

7. Alert! Manifestation of Deliberately Concealed Details:

> ” O people of the book! Indeed our messenger (Muhammad) has come to you, manifesting to you much of what you had been concealing of the book; and he passes over a good deal>>>” 

Al-Quran: Chapter 6: (Maidah 05: 15)

8. Alert! Know Muhammad (Light & Kitab-um-Mubin):

> ” Indeed, there has come to you from Allah light and manifesting book (the Quran)”

Al-Quran: Chapter 6: (Maidah 05: 15)


(i) Light refers to Muhammad & Ali.
(ii) Manifesting book (Kitabum Mubin) refers to silent (samit) Quran, and speaking (natiq) Quran which refers to Muhammad and the Ahlul Bayt in an unbroken chain.

9. Will you still refrain from ‘Surrender’ to your Lord (Allah):

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10. Other Faithfuls (Believers in ‘One Supreme Lord’):

> ” And the messengers We mentioned to you before and messengers We have not mentioned to you>>>”

Al-Quran: Chapter 6: (Nisa-04: 164)


(i) Not all the ‘Messengers’ have been identified in the holy ‘Quran’ as indicated in the verse above (Nisa-04: 164).
(ii) Anyone believing in the ‘Supreme Lord’ and not practicing (Shirk i.e. associating anything with the ‘Supreme Lord’) may have (missing links) with one of the unnamed ‘Prophets’.

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11. Reward for any/all believers:

> ” Surely those who believe and those who are Jews, and sabeans, and Christians – whosoever believe in Allah and the last day and does good, no fear shall be upon them, nor shall they grieve”

Al-Quran: Chapter 6: Al Maidah (05: 69)

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