Letter-34: Quran & Knowledge of Spirit or Soul (Ruh)


To Whom It May Concern

> ” They ask you (O Muhammad) about the spirit (Ruh). Say: The spirit (Ruh) is from the command of my Lord, and you have been given the knowledge but a little”

Al-Quran: Chapter 15: (Bani Israil 17: 85)

(i) Spirit or Soul (Ruh) may be visualized as a no-material and non-dimensional entity commanded by Allah alone

(ii) The Spirit or Soul (Ruh), (Amr-e-Rabbi) and Allah’s Word (Kun Faya Kun: Be & it is) have all appeared in the holy Quran

(iii) The Creation of the Intellect, Ignorance, Adam, the Universe, Isa, revelation of Allah’s books (Tawrat, Injil, Quran) are only a few examples.

(iv) The spirit or Soul (Ruh) is Allah’s grace that he bestows it by His command for a fixed duration on all living beings.

(v) Without the Spirit/Soul (Ruh), all living beings are nothing but a shaped or unshaped, small or large quantity of mass similar to a heap of clay, stone, coal, iron, etc.

(vi) In a shape form the same material body, once Allah bestows His command as spirit/Soul (Ruh) turning it into a living being. Conversely, once the Spirit/Soul (Ruh) is extracted from the body of a living being, immediately, it turns into a collection of mass again.

(vii) Depending on the will of Allah, the bestowed Spirit/Soul (Ruh) may be intelligent or non-intelligent. In any case, all explanations concerning Spirit/Soul (Ruh) are essentially speculative at best, as Allah has already announced that its reality remains outside the knowledge of human beings.

2.  Allah’s decree (Amr-Rabbi), Spirit (Ruh) and Allah’s Word (Kun faya Kun: Be & it is):

(i) In simple words Allah’s decree (Amr-Rabbi); resulting in an infinitely massive scale creation which is called ‘Universe’; whereas at a miniature scale it is represented by the ‘Human being’.

(ii) Both being the result of Allah’s command ‘Be & It Is’ (Kun-fa-Yukun). While the scale of the two creations is infinitely different, both carry matching innovation in terms of complexity.

(iii) No wonder all the angels fell into prostration to Adam on Allah’s command on seeing a glimpse of the same.

(iv) Neither science nor any other religion, faith, cult, etc can have an answer other than the ‘Divine’ concept of ‘Kun-fa-Yakoon’ with regard to creation of the ‘Universe’ inclusive of that exists in it.

(v) Satisfy your thirst by understanding (Kun-fa-Yakoon, Word, Ruh): Al-Quran: Chapter-24 (Mumin-40: 68): Chapter-23 (Yasin-36: 82): Chapter-3 (Imran-3: 59 & 47): Chapter-1 (Baqarah-2: 117): Chapter-16 (Maryam-19: 35)

3. References concerning Spirit or Soul (Ruh):

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