The Contemporary Islamic Governance



This work is unique in the sense that all the submissions here are based on a single source which is none other than the Holy Quran, which is the treasured undisputed asset of all Muslims alike.
The highlighted sufficiency of the Holy Quran as the tool of governance:

” Verily We have propounded for mankind in this Quran examples of every kind so that they may contemplate”

Zumar-39: 27

To form an independent base for the development of the entire legislative framework and establishment of the Islamic Governance which should be acceptable to all with little or no resistance. The approaching of the desired governance based on this methodology eliminates reference to all integral disputes and confusions which had been haunting the Muslim Ummah for the past fourteen centuries or so.

The target, slogan, or the landmark, for the Contemporary Islamic Governance, is the only and unmistakable ‘Unity’ alone:

” And hold fast, all of you together, to the chord of Allah, and do not become disunited. And remember Allah’s bounty bestowed upon when you were enemies (of each other), and He united your hearts together so that you become brothers by His grace”

Imran-3: 103

The findings are reported in two distinct Chapters indicated below:

Data and Logic-based Chapter 1: Governance Fundamentals Based on Quran {Allah’sWay (Sunnat)}

Plan & Implementation Chapter 2: Proposed Charter of Governance Based on Quran {Allah’s Way (Sunnat)}